redbetLIVE at Dragonara Malta: Event 1 Day 2

The bags are out on the table, the TD is setting up the optimal payout structure because with

redbetLIVE at Dragonara Malta: Event 1 Day 1C

The view from the poker room at night is just as beautiful as during the sunlight hours here at Dragonara, which is nice as we prepare for our second flight of the day!Clock will start slightly late due to a crossover period between flights.Lvl 1 25/50 – 10 playersClock start at 8:45pm with 10 players,

redbetLIVE Dragonara Malta: Event 1 Day 1B

Day 1B start time has been pushed back to 1:30pm to allow a few more entries.There’s six so far, but it’s hardcore playing that short at this time of the day, so we’re starting a bit late.People like to sleep late in Malta! We can’t understand it! We’ve been up since 7am and done some

redbetLIVE Dragonara Malta: Event 1 Day 1A

It was nice to walk into a small, local cardroom on a Friday afternoon and see three full cash tables!There was already a friendly vibe here before the clock even started. Lvl 1 25/50 – 26 playersClock started at 20:35 after accommodating a few players.The first hand was dealt to 26 players and there were four

Poker Blog #2: The Magic Computer Fairies

I’ve played online poker for years. It’s really easy.You turn on your computer, you download a poker client

Poker Blog #1: Brave New Poker World

Hello all!My name is Kat Arnsby and I’ve just taken over as poker manager at Redbet!Feel free to add me on FB, (Kat Redbet) or on Twitter (@Redbet_Kat); I’m usually friendly, especially if you love a bit of poker!I’m a proper poker geek; the majority of my recreational time is taken up with playing online

RedbetLIVE Malta: Main Event Day3

Lvl 23 – 12k/24k/3k – av stack 820k15 players will start Day3 (full chip counts available at the bottom of the Main Event Day2 post).Sebastien Joel Le Port starts the day as chip leader with 2,724,000 and Andrzej Zakrzeswicki will have some work to do as short stack with 300,000.The players are opening their bags with Gerard Serra

RedbetLIVE Malta: Main Event Day2

Lvl 13 – 1200/2400/300 – av stack 106kAction is underway here at Casino Malta, with 2 eliminations before

RedbetLIVE Malta: Main Event Day 1A

Lvl 1 50/100 – av stack 50k25 players seated at the start of Day 1A, and as is normal with such deep starting stacks, players are being fairly cautious and keeping the pots small.There is a calm atmosphere in the room, although there is some noise and banter coming from the freeroll satellite table; nothing

RedbetLIVE: Player’s Perspective

At RedbetLIVE we’re proud of our low-stakes festival schedules because they include a wide variety of events and

Redbet LIVE Hunter Malta 20-22 May Day 1B

Day 1B went on smoothly for our players and here you have the chip count going in to

Redbet LIVE Hunter Malta 20-22 May Day 1A

The first day of the third Redbet LIVE Hunter in Malta in completed and we have 20 runners who made it through to the final day out of the 49 entries. We are happy to see so many eager Redbet fans joining us for these fun events. Here is the final chip count from the

Mikalea Vs. Ivana!

Mikalea defended her World Welterweight Championship title vs the Croatian boxer Ivana Habazin. This is a recap of the fight that only went on for 3 rounds!

RedbetLIVE Rozvadov Main Event Final Day Round Up

Today started with 16 players at blind levels of 50k/100k/10k and the average stack at 2.77m.As the short

RedbetLIVE Rozvadov Main Event Day 2: Close Of Play

Day 2 of the Main Event closed on a hard stop at 16 players. They were 15 minutes into level 28 with blinds 50k/100k/10k; play will resume tomorrow at 1pm and the game will play to conclusion.Each of the remaining players is guaranteed at least €2271, but none of them will want that, every player

RedbetLIVE Rozvadov Main Event Day2: The Bubble Approaches!

There are now 92 players left in the Main Event and 87 will be paid a minimum of €800;