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Redbet Live – Tough Viking Malmö!

Tough Viking Malmö 2015, a dirty and hard obstacle course taking place in south of Sweden in Malmö. With over 25 obstacles involving fire, water and a lot of mud this is sure to test the limit of even extreme athletes. The course will make you crawl, jump, climb, hang, swim and of course run.

The Malmö event took place 3 weeks after Tough Viking Stockholm, Redbet Live team were on place to take part of the action and boost the people running. You could find us by our big Redbet tent handing out some amazing merchandise.


Redbet Live Dublin – Final Table!

When the table opened up and the players sat down a huge crowd had gathered to check out the final.

The chip count was following:

  1. Konstantin Kostyakov – 2,735,000
  2. Daniel Chutrov – 1,720,000
  3. Francisco Fernandez – 1,680,000
  4. Michal Falar – 1,050,000
  5. Damien Porebski – 1,040,000
  6. Theodor Steimer – 740,000
  7. Dermot Allen – 735,000
  8. Radoslaw Wesierski – 730,000

Konstantin Kostyakov from Ukraine came into the final table with a clear lead. With almost 1,000,000 more chips than the second best, Daniel Chutrov many thought this would be a Ukraine domination. Dermot Allen came in second to last in Chip Lead but quickly gained momentum when he was able to defeat the Swiss player Theodor Steimer.

Allen put in 50,000 on the button to play, Steimer with the small blind raised to 110,000 and a third player, Francisco Fernandez called from the big blind. Allen called and there were 3 players on the flop which showed J 7 6.  Steimer decided to go all-in, Francisco floped and Allen called. Allen showed A 7 but looked troubled when Steimer showed his strong K K.

Steimer’s confidence grew when the turn was a brick, however that quickly faded when Allen was saved by another showing itself on the River. Steimer was the first to leave the table with his 8th position winnings of €1,825.

Radoslaw Wesierski lasted for 30 minutes more until he was crushed by the leader Kostyakov. 6 players remained and Wesierski went home with €2,520.

A few hands later Allen completely dominated the board and managed win a big hand versus Damien Porbeski where he was once again saved by an A on the flop. His chip count now climbed to a massive 4,000,000 chips that kept on growing, the Irishman had now gone from 7th position to a solid 1st!

In the end Allen managed to beat Michal Falar again with an A saving him on the flop, Michal with his 7 7 did not manage to get another one and admitted defeat. Now there were only 2 players left, Dermot Allen with a stunning 8,400,00 chips and Konstantin Kostyakov with 1,900,00 chips.

The final hand saw Allen with 9 7 pushing Kostyakov with his 9 9. The flop showed 4 5 6, a flush for Allen! On the turn another 9 showed up and Kostyakov got some last hope!
Kostyakov led with 200,000 and Allen raised enough to get his opponent all-in and it was over.


Allen Dermot was the Redbet champion of Dublin and took home the first prize of €15,570.


Join us next time in Prague!
Read more about it here:


Redbet Live – DAY 2 in DUBLIN!

Redbet Live DAY 2(In reality the fourth day of the event) had 99 players returning to fight about eight seats at the final table and of course a piece of the big cookie. DAY 2 started of intense as players tried to survive the bubble burst.

The bubble did burst when the Elizabeth Elving finished on 24th place, she was dealt A+Q and joined in on 16,000. The flop showed K+Q+4 and her competitor Tully decided to go all-in for a total of 200,000. Tully showed his J+J which turned in to a three of a kind on the turn and this was what ultimately defeated Elizabeth.

After that hand Elizabeth was way down and held on for a little bit longer until she finally bust.

8 players remained when DAY 2 finished. The final table is played tomorrow at 14:00 CET.

Elizabeth Elving, first row second image.
Dermot Allen, second row first image.


The third day of Redbet Live Dublin started off great! The action took of and the players were excited to join in, it was once again time for some world class poker.  At the big table, 8 players fought in front of the camera to make it to the next day and then ultimately to the final table. The big table was live streamed on Twitch with our expert commentator Roland Boothby.


amiPorebski leads as 17 of 39 survive RedBet Main Event Day 1A!

Polish native Damian Porebski finished top of the pile in an unusually sunny Dublin after day 1A of the €350 Redbet Main Event in the Irish capital. The numbers were “around expectations” in the words of promoter Stephen McClean. It is an event built around the recreational player, which meant a Thursday start was not going to be a very busy day. There are still many live and online qualifiers due to play over Friday evening and Saturday which will get the final numbers up to ~300 and hopefully a nice €100,000 prize-pool.

The players who made it through can now relax for the next couple of days, maybe play some of the side events, or take in the rich culture around Dublin which will probably involve a drop of the black stuff. Dublin is always a great spot for some poker action with a vibrant pub scene and many tourist attractions to keep you occupied when not on the felt. This is the reason that it has always been a successful city for poker events, if you bust the event you can always hit the town and have the Irish “craic” any day of the week.

After 10 levels of play Damian rose to the top of the pile. He, along with 16 others have made it through to Sundays Day 2 in the hope of making Mondays final table.

Damian Porebski

Damian glided his way through the day amassing 285000 chips with ease. All day he was very comfortable but late on he really sparked to life with the knockout of well known Irish pro Declan Connolly. Declan was in the big blind and all the action happened on the river as usual:

10 7 5 2 K

Declan check-shoved over Damiens 15000 river bet for 85000 which Damien tank called it off with QQ which beats Declans bluff with 7h6h. I’m sure Declan will re-enter tomorrow to have a another crack at making day 2


Hummer Limousines, Champagne and great atmosphere, nothing else was to be expected when Redbet Live entered Poland and specifically Warsaw to witness the Europa League final between FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk and Sevilla! Making our move towards the National Stadium in one of the worlds largest Hummer limousines it was already then sure to be a fantastic day. We brought VIP’s from several European countries, and everyone enjoyed it to the fullest. Great food at the VIP section of the arena and popping champagne bottles by the hours made this an event no one is likely to forget. After a great game of footy the game ended 2-3 to Sevilla, and the party wouldn’t stop until sunrise!