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Battle of Malta, Official Player Party!

The Battle of Malta official player party was off the charts! Starting at 22:00 in Sky Club, the party was intense. The unfortunate players that didn’t manage to survive until day 3 finally had a chance to relax and enjoy an evening of party.

You could find the Redbet Table up the stairs in the V-VIP area. Our package holders as well as players from other sponsors gathered around to see what the fuss was about. At the Dj booth, DJ Ruby played the latest tunes and on the dance floor we joined our lovely Redbet hostesses dancing. Once we pissed off the bouncer guarding the strip pole(An actual guard making sure no one went crazy on the strip pole.) we went up for some more drinks. We did manage to get some pictures though!

When the party ended later the real veterans headed into Paceville, the famous Maltese party area. What happened there we’ll never know…



Battle of Malta 2015 – DAY 2!

From the 1804 players that entered the tournament, only 584 managed to survive the entry days. With the prize pool breaking last years record, managing to reach a massive €874,940, the players were pumped. However, once the tables opened up at 13:00 and the 580 players started to stream in, the atmosphere changed. The players felt comfortable at the poker table and you could see their confident grow, day 2 were on its way!

As time passed in the main hall of the tournament, the 584 players that made it through were quickly diminishing. Getting kicked out now would hurt, no more chances to re-entry and just before the bubble would burst. 180 players were still going when the bubble did burst, a big murmuring were heard throughout the hall, the players stood up and high-fived, they made it!

The 400 players that got kicked out after only 7 levels now had a chance to rest or try the side events. The side events offered some interesting action. A smaller tournament with a €225 buy-in called Siege of Malta or if you would rather go big, you could join the Grandmaster High-Roller with a €1320 buy-in.

The day finished a lot earlier than expected. After only 10 levels there were 88 players left and Day 3 was ahead of them. Everyone knew they were in on the money, but only the final table would do for the ones looking to greatly increase their payout!


Battle of Malta 2015 – DAY 1C!

The waiting lines were massive when players queued to register for the final entry day of Battle of Malta 2015. A total of 445 players had registered when the play started at 14:00 but would grow to 859 players when the registration closed after the sixth level, putting the total entries at a stunning 1804 and the prize pool at €874,940! That is quite an increase compared to last years entries of 1447.

At the Redbet Live stand you could enter our raffle to win your buy-in back worth €550, not bad making the tournament a freeroll. We also introduced the players to our Chip Stack competition where you had to stack 60 chips in 3 equal piles under 30 seconds. Sounds easy, right? It is harder than you think, but if you made it under 30 seconds you won some sweet Redbet gear.

At the end of the day, 272 players out of 859 made it trough to Day 2 were the real test began, would you be able to make it to the money and more importantly to the final table? Tomorrow, over 580 players will battle it out but not all of them will receive a piece of the pie.

Battle of Malta 2015 – DAY 1B!

The second day of Battle of Malta is on its way, with 530 entries when the tournament opened up we’re looking at most likely 700 entries on day 1B. And the most crazy part about it is that tomorrow we’ll see even more players! From Day 1A we saw 98 survivors of the 305 entries, how many will make it to day 2 today?

Rasmus Ericson playing for Redbet managed to end day 1A on 176k chips placing him 3rd in the total! Well done, the true test lies in day 2 and 3.



Battle of Malta 2015 – DAY 1A!

Battle of Malta has started! The atmosphere is already amazing, you take one step into the main hall and the sound of chips being scrambled is like music to your ears.

The Redbet Players that decided to go full out and start on day 1A all currently look very confident, we have a few that’s been increasing their stack and with one hour left until the first break things are looking good. Would not be surprised to see nearly all of them competing in day 2. Go Redbet!

This year 31 players qualified trough Redbet and another 10 is representing Redbet.

Stay tuned for more Redbet LIVE – Battle of Malta 2015!