Monthly Archives: December 2015

Redbet Live at Prague Poker Festival!

On Monday, 7th December 2015 King’s Casino Prague kicked of Prague Poker festival with a Redbet opening event! The opening event had a buy-in at €150 + €20 and with 155 players joining in there were almost three times as many participants as last year, this is very promising.

The Prize pool ended up €22,553 which was divided by the 18th top players. In the end the greek player Emmanouil Chalkiotis took home the first prize of €5,810.

On Wednesday at 18:00 the €315 + €35 Redbet Live Main event kicks off but before that there is the Mini event on Tuesday at 18:00 with a buy in on €155 + €20. This tournament goes on for 2 days with the starting stack on 50,000 and the levels at 25 minutes each with a possible re-entry.

Also there will be a High Roller at 18:00 with a whopping €10,000 + €600 buy-in. This tournament comes with a 10,000 starting stack and levels at 20 minutes each. Even if you have the money, a re buy is not allowed.

Those who want to learn more about Prague Poker Festival, all information is available on our site and Facebook.