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Redbet LIVE Hunter Malta 15-17 April Final Day

69 players made it through from days 1A and 1B to battle it out on the final day. As the combatants fell one after one we ended up with an exciting final table and by the end of it all Antonio Intravaia and Mark Vella decided to shake hands and make a deal to walk away with € 4,500 each and just made it a pride fight for the last € 615 and the bigger trophy.

The hungriest player of the tournament, with a staggering 10 eliminations, was Mark Vella who brings home a € 350 seat for Redbet LIVE Malta in September!

Congratulations to everyone who went home with a piece of the prize pool!

1st Antonio Intravaia € 5,115.00
2nd Mark Vella € 4,500.00
3rd Johan Karlsson € 2,111.24
4th Clement Manquat € 1,567.76
5th Jacques Balzan Demajo € 1,191.49
6th Taivo Sillaste € 961.56
7th Luciano Guarnieri € 857.04
8th Nils Gustafsson € 710.72
9th Benedetto Caruso € 564.39
10th Maciej Rachwaniec € 438.97
11th Victor Olinger € 418.07
12th Simon Zammit € 418.07
13th Christos Pittordou € 418.07
14th Marko Tabak € 418.07
15th Jean Beunas € 418.07
16th Jackie Cacha € 397.16
17th Carl Redemo € 397.16

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Winners table-3488 Winners table-3483 Winners table-3481

Winners table-3480 Winners table-3478 Winners table-3477

Winners table-3476 Winners table-3473 Winners table-3472

Redbet LIVE Hunter Malta 15-17 April Day 1B

Day 1B was even more of a success with a total of 77 entries bringing it up to a total of 135 for the entire event. EPT winner Griffin Benger joined in for the action without advancing but ended up having much more fun in the All in or Fold side event anyway. 42 brave souls made it through the day and can look forward to bring their chip stacks to the final day.

 Johan Ludvig Karlsson258400
 Ronald Arthur Boothby196200
Melvin Matheus Marianne Schroen195700
Sascha Manns176300
Pierre Butin153200
Luciano Guarnieri142300
Mahir Karakartal137700
Antonino Intravaia134400
Victor Samson Olinger124100
Neville Grech122300
Taivo Sillaste122200
 Marco La Grutta115500
David-John Calleja112100
 Bogdan-Romulus Belciug109900
Antony Deguara105300
 Samule William Grafton101200
Clint Sammut100000
Mats Gustav Villern Karlsson99000
Benedetto Caruso97400
Wiktor Edmund Depta95600
Jacqueline Cachia95200
 Alessio Corsini93500
Yoan Suarez90000
Martin Rottem Dahle88400
James Noonan75000
Christos Pittordou74900
Carmelo Argento72900
Thomas Harvey67200
 Anna Catrin Maria Colley60700
Francesco Maglia59000
Elliot Rhys Weacver57000
 Shaun Decesare51400
Daragh Davey48500
Patrik Alexander Nilsson44000
Magdalena Barczak42800
Stefan Ebinger35800
Antoine Degiorgio33100
Ina Pavlova28800
 Adam William Kay27700
Charlo Azzopardi26800
 Santina Spedalieri23300
 Domenico Tortomasi10800

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untitled-3099 untitled-3096

untitled-3139 untitled-3165

untitled-3161 untitled-3152 untitled-3067

Redbet LIVE Hunter Malta 15-17 April Day 1A

We are very pleased with the results of the Redbet LIVE Hunter Series for the first day. This event we upped the game and had a total of 58 entries for Day 1A. After some blood sweat and bad flops we narrowed the field down to 27 players who advanced to Day 2.

Lars Jonas Larrson199900
Anthony Borg199400
Filip Karol Gburczyk175700
Carl Petter Alexander Redemo161800
 Mark Anthony Vella160500
Jan Blahynka158500
Lars Marcus Larsson136700
 Maurizio Autellitano136400
Maciej Krzystof Rachwaniec136300
Mohamed Almani130600
Clement Brunet Manquat129600
Andrea Stellato124600
Jacques Balzan Demajo114500
David Laurance111000
Mats Gustav Villern Karlsson99000
Jacqueline Cachia95200
Nils Emil Jonas Gustafsson90400
Daniela Micallef76000
Jake Allen75700
Jean Charles Michel Beunas73600
Gabriel Corral Carrillo71100
Mark Pisani55000
Matthew Mamo53800
Simon Zammit51700
Vambo Laud51200
Marko Tabak31200
Natale Cracchiolo12200

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