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RedbetLIVE Malta: Main Event Day3

Lvl 23 – 12k/24k/3k – av stack 820k

15 players will start Day3 (full chip counts available at the bottom of the Main Event Day2 post).

Sebastien Joel Le Port starts the day as chip leader with 2,724,000 and Andrzej Zakrzeswicki will have some work to do as short stack with 300,000.
The players are opening their bags with Gerard Serra Retamero watching over them; the clock will start in just two minutes.

Mateusz Fajdasz is working for it as he 3-bet jammed 439k against a 65k open from Le Port. Le Port eventually folded.

Raigo Aasmaa was clearly a bit frustrated as he opened a pot from the button with KJ to be called by Michal Wdowiarski from BB with K3 on every street and then eventually chop the pot after the board ran out AhKh4dAcJh. Nobody loves a chop pot, except the guy who was miles behind, he really loves it!

Le Port eliminated Marcin Koziarek after he open shoved with QQ UTG for around 400k and Le Port found AK in the BB. Le Port spiked his over, and Koziarek was no more, but he did get to pocket €900.

Nicos Sotiriou

Nicos Sotiriou

Nicos Sotiriou went for gold when he re-shoved allin for 310k from c/0 after Wdowiarski opened for 45k. Wdowiarski called with QJ and was happy to see Sotiriou with J10.
The 9s6dQd flop gave Sotiriou some hope, but As on turn and Qs on river sent him home, cashing for €900.

Lucas Blanco Oliver raised UTG to 50k and was called by Wdowiarski UTG+1 and Aasmaa in BB.
The flop was Ah7sKh and Oliver bet 75k which cleared out Wdowiarski. Aasmaa thought for a while, before raising allin for around 650k.
Oliver immediately called and showed AcKc for top two, Aasmaa sighed as he turned As9s. He was dead on the 6c turn and the river was 9c to add insult to stack injury. Aasmaa was eliminated in 13th place and collected €1000.

Le Port is paining his opponents on table 1, by opening many, many pots. With his stack of almost 3m, few players are willing to tango with him; he is a force to be reckoned with, and he knows it!

Lvl 24 – 15k/30k/3k – av stack 1m

12 players remaining.

Jacek Pustula decided to have a go at Roland Ekstroem from the button, raising to 320k, which covered Ekstroem’s 243k stack. Ekstroem took a moment to decide, but called the bet and showed 5d5s, which was in good shape against Pustula’s 10d5h.

Jacek Pustula

Jacek Pustula

The board ran KhAh3cJcAd and Ekstroem had a nice double, whilst Pustula was left with only 4 big blinds.

Pustula was forced to shove his 4 bigs from the HJ two hands later with A4os and was called by Andrzej Zakrzeswicki from bb with KJ. Zakrzeswicki spiked a J and Pustula was bustula in 12th place for €1000.

Mieszko Krzysztof Bartz opened from c/o and Bartosz Piotr Ferenc jammed in his 259k from SB.
Bartz had Ac8d and Ferenc had Ah7s. Every single card on the board was a heart, and Ferenc slapped the table with joy when he turned the nut flush.
359k was but a small dent in Bartz’s stack, and he did not look too worried about doubling Ferenc up. Poker players are good at hiding their emotions though, so maybe he was crying on the inside.

Andrzej Zakrzeswicki is fully on the make as he opened 75k from the button and was called by Mateusz Fajdasz from BB.
Zakrzeswicki bet 80k on 4dQc9c and Fajdasz quickly raised all in, covering Zakrzeswicki, who called just as quickly.
Zakrzeswicki had AdQs and Fajdasz had KdQd. Zakrzeswicki’s hand held and he doubled.

The next hand, Fajdasz shoved his remaining 400k from small blind and was called by David Roderick Dyson who had pocket tens in BB. The flop was K high which worked wonders for Fajdasz’s K5os and Dyson could not re-draw, leaving him very short with less than 200k

David Dyson: Brexit.

David Dyson: Brexit.

Dyson found a spot he liked a couple of hands later and launched his 181k into the middle UTG. He was quickly called by Ekstroem from UTG+1 and that was enough to get rid of the other 3 players.
Ekstroem turned AdKd and Dyson showed up with 7s8h. The board started bad and got worse for Dyson as the dealer peeled off Jd2c9dJc6d, giving Ekstroem the nut flush and sending Dyson back to Britain with €1000.
Ekstroem has managed to grind his stack up to over 600k.


Lvl 25 – 20k/40k/4k – av stack 1.2m

Bartz and Oliver are playing a few pots against eachother, with chips flying back and forth between them. The action is always similar to a pot they just played where Bartz opened for 80k from c/o and Oliver called from BB. Bartz bet 65k on the 2dKs7c flop and Oliver called.
They both checked the 4d turn and Oliver led the river for 140k, earning a fold from Bartz. Oliver currently holds around 1.9m and Bartz is sitting on around 1.6.

Ekstroem doubles again after getting 480k in pre-flop with 55 against Wdowiarski’s AsKs. No spike for Wdowiarski and he was left in critical shape with less than 400k.
Winning the flips is Ekstroem’s speciality today!

Two hands in quick succession take us to the final table.
De Laat raised allin UTG with Jd10d for a total of and was called by Ferenc who had 5c5h and was just covered by De Laat with a stack of 446.

Bas Wilhelmus Cornelis De Laat

Bas Wilhelmus Cornelis De Laat

The board of 8cAd7h7cKc was a little bit sweaty for Ferenc, but he doubled up and left De Laat with less than 100k.

The next hand, Bartz raised all in on De Laat’s big blind from the button and De Laat called blind. When he looked he had 8h9c which was in good shape against Bartz’s 2d2s.
There was nothing for De Laat on the 4hAd10d3s3d board, and he bubbled the final table, but collected €1000.


Retamero sent the final table players for a break, and they will return at 16:30 to commence the last battle.

Table positions and chips stacks for the final table:

#1FranceSebastien Joel Le Port3,530,0003-3
#2PolandMieszko Krzysztof Bartz2,143,0003-4
#3SpainLucas Blanco Oliver2,043,0003-5
#4PolandAndrzej Zakrzeswicki1,041,0003-9
#5PolandBartosz Piotr Ferenc968,0003-8
#6PolandMateusz Fajdasz786,0003-2
#7PolandLukasz Grzegorz Skora756,0003-7
#8Swedenroland Ekstroem650,0003-6
#9PolandMichal Robert Wdowiarski482,0003-1


Final Table

Final Table

Final table underway and Oliver puts pressure on Ekstroem first hand, putting him allin on his BB from SB. Ekstroem folds, showing 2s

Oliver pushes allin again next hand from button. Ekstroem and Skora fold, although Skora thought about it for a while.

Wdowiarski doubles to over 900k through Ferenc after shoving UTG+1 with AcQd and getting called by Ferenc from BB with AsKd. Board ran AdQc10s4d4h and Ferenc lost an important pot leaving him with less than 400k.

Bartz adds 600k to his stack after Le Port opened from MP and he called the 100k. Le Port bet 71k on the 2c3h10c flop and Bartz called. Le Port kept going on the 10s turn and Bartz stayed with him for 115k.
Le Port checked 10d on river and Bartz bet 355k; Le Port did not think for long before folding.

Ferenc shoved from HJ and was quickly called by Fajdasz from SB.

Bartosz Piotr Ferenc

Bartosz Piotr Ferenc

Ferenc turned 9d9c and Fajdasz flipped KdKs to have a big advantage, “Now I need some luck.” said Ferenc, ruefully.
The board was 3dAsJdJs2c, so no luck for Ferenc and he was eliminated in 9th place for €1250.
Fajdasz increased his stack to just over 1.2m.

Lvl 26 – 25k/50k/5k – av stack 1.5m

Fajdasz raised to 110k from HJ and was Le Port raised him to 260k. The blinds folded and Fajdasz called the raise.
The flop was 5sAc6s and both players checked to the Qd turn. Fajdasz checked and Le Port bet 160k, which was quickly raised to 320k by Fajdasz; Le Port called.
The river was 10c and both players checked to showdown; Fajdasz had 9h9s and Le Port had Ah10s to take another nice pot to add to his 3.8m stack.

Oliver is not messing about as he jammed nearly 2m from HJ to take down the blinds and antes.

Bartz gets a walk with 2-7 off… nice work if ya can get it!

A 3-way flop as Le Port opend from c/o for 130k and was called by Bartz on the button and Ekstroem from BB.
All three players checked the Jc8c7c flop and 9s showed up on the turn. Ekstroem checked and Le Port bet 160k, which only Bartz called.
They went heads-up to the river, which was 4c, and Le Port bet 300k. Bartz called with As10s for a Jack-high straight, which beat Le Port’s 10-high straight with his 5d6d.
Le Port now sits on around 3m, and Bartz holds 3.6m.

A pot between Bartz and Oliver as Bartz limped to Oliver’s big blind. Oliver checked and the flop was 7d6h9d. Bartz bet 50k and Oliver called, the turn was 10d. Bartz bet 115k and Oliver called again. They both checked the 4d river and Bartz showed 6s8h for a straight, Oliver mucked.

Ekstroem: Up and down and up again.

Ekstroem: Up and down and up again.

Ekstroem still giving a masterclass in clinging to tournament life as he just doubled by shoving with pocket tens UTG and getting called by Bartz who had 66. A ten on the flop meant Ekstroem was comfortable, and he stayed that way- he now has a stack of nearly 900k.

The very next hand, it passed to Ekstroem in SB and he jammed into Skora who called off his 600k stack with pocekt nines, which held against Ekstroem’s Q10, and left Ekstroem with just 280k.

Ekstroem jammed the 280k from the button next hand, and Zakrzeswicki called with As7h and was gutted to see Ekstroem had AcKh. A king came on the flop and Ekstroem stayed ahead; Zakrzeswicki was left with less than 400k.

Zakrzeswicki shoved his 400k from SB into Wdowiarski’s BB and was called, as Wdowiarski held pocket Queens.



Zakrzeswicki saw he was in bad shape with his Ac2s and he could not spike the Ace he needed.
Zakrzeswicki  was eliminated in 8th place for €1500.


#1FranceSebastien Joel Le Port3,695,0003-3
#2PolandMieszko Krzysztof Bartz3,060,0003-4
#3SpainLucas Blanco Oliver1,825,0003-5
#4PolandMichal Robert Wdowiarski1,280,0003-1
#5PolandLukasz Grzegorz Skora970,0003-7
#6PolandMateusz Fajdasz655,0003-2
#7Swedenroland Ekstroem595,0003-6

Lvl 27 – 30k/60k/5k – av stack 1.7m

Ekstroem adds a much needed 200k to his stack after Le Port raised his BB from c/o. Ekstroem shoved for 585k total, and Le Port asked:
“You have a pair?”
“It’s possible… 50% chance,” replied Ekstroem. Le Port thought for a moment, and then folded. Ekstroem did not show his cards, and he’s back up to 800k.

An expensive pot for Wdowiarski after he called Bartz’s MP raise to 120k from BB.
The flop was Kc10sJd which Wdowiarski checked and Bartz bet 85k. Wdowiarski raised to 225k and Bartz called to see 8c on turn.
Wdowiarski led the turn for 330k and Bartz raised all in, well covering Wdowiarski, who folded.
Wdowiarski sits on a stack of 700k.



When Oliver opened from MP for 125k, Fajdasz thought he may have found a spot with 6s6c and jammed 560k from BB. Oliver called and showed QsQc.
There was no help for Fajdasz as the board was 2h10dJc9dJh, and he was eliminated in 7th place for €2000; Oliver’s stack is now 2.3m.

Oliver jammed from SB, putting Ekstroem all in on BB. Ekstroem hesitated, but called his 700k stack with Ac7h. Oliver looked sheepish as he turned over Qh3s.
The board was 5s2cKhJd8d and Ekstroem doubled to 1.5m with Ace high. Oliver now holds 1.9m.

Skora 3-bet jammed Bartz’s UTG 315k open for 855k. Bartz thought, but folded, taking Skora to over 1m chips.

Wdowiarski found a hand in c/o and shipped 550k. Le Port created a bit of drama before calling from the button and the blinds folded out.
Wdowiarski had AhKc and Le Port had KsKh.
Wdowiarski was thrilled to see a flop of 7sAs5h and Le Port muttered something French towards the sky. The 10c turn and 7h river changed nothing and Wdowiarski was back up to over 1m chips.
Le Port now playing just over 2.5m.

Bartz and Oliver had a tussle when Bartz opened UTG+1 for 120k and Oliver called from MP.

Lucas Blanco Oliver: Working hard.

Lucas Blanco Oliver: Working hard.

Flop was 10c4c3h and Bartz continued to 145k, which Oliver called. The turn was 7d and both players checked.
The river appeared as 10d and Bartz checked. Oliver bet 250k which was quickly called by Bartz. Oliver turned over 8d8c and Bartz mucked. Oliver now back up over 2m.

DINNER BREAK – 45 mins

Lvl 28 – 40k/80k/10k – av stack 2m

#1FranceSebastien Joel Le Port3,695,0003-3
#2PolandMieszko Krzysztof Bartz3,060,0003-4
#3SpainLucas Blanco Oliver1,825,0003-5
#4PolandMichal Robert Wdowiarski1,280,0003-1
#5PolandLukasz Grzegorz Skora970,0003-7
#6Swedenroland Ekstroem595,0003-6

Oliver raised c/o to 170k and Wdowiarski shoved allin from BB for 960k.
Oliver called instantly and showed Ah10s. Wdowiarski had Kd7h and the flop looked good for Oliver as 6h3s2s. The turn was 7c, which gave Wdowiarski a pair, and the 5d river did not help Oliver out.
Wdowiarski doubled to 2m and Oliver was left with 2.3m.

Two hands later, Wdowiarski opened UTG+1 160k and Bartz raised to 390k from button.



Wdowiarski thought for some time before shoving all in for 1.2m and Bartz snapped him off. Bartz turned KdKs and Wdowiarski groaned as he showed Ah10s.
The 3sJd7sQc7h board did nothing for Wdowiarski, and he was eliminated in 6th place, taking home €2700.

Tough play five handed, with lots of pots being opened and 3-bet without any further action.


Much amusement in one pot as Oliver opened from c/0 for 160k and Skora shoved allin. Oliver casually folded his cards and took his 160k back! “Nice move!” said the dealer, after making Oliver put the 160k back into the pot!
It’s been a long day for everybody, maybe Oliver is just getting a bit tired!

Le Port raised c/0 to 200k and was re-raised by Bartz from the button to 410k. Le Port quickly shoved allin for 1.9m and Bartz called instantly with 10d10c.
Le Port turned KdQd and the flop was, precariously for Bartz, 3d4hJd.
The turn was the safe as houses 4s… but the river… always the river… was Ks to double Le Port up to over 4m and take Bartz down to 2m.

Ekstroem and Oliver went at it when Oliver raised UTG to 160k and Elkstroem was the only caller from c/o. Oliver bet 190k on the Qc5h8s flop and Elkstroem raised to 400k, which Oliver called.
The turn was As and both players checked to the 2d river.
Oliver checked and Elkstroem bet 850k and put his head in his hands. Oliver thought for a while, and did not look very happy about calling, but he did. Elkstroem turned AcQd for top two and Oliver mucked.

Skora jammed allin from the button for 1m with Qc9c and was called by Bartz from BB with Ac7d.



On a board of 2d8h4s4c3c, Ace-high was good, and Skora was eliminated in 5th place for €4000.

Ekstroem whispered excitedly in our ear that he has average chips for the first time in the tournament!
Since he’s had 10 big blinds since about 2pm yesterday, we applaud this as a very strong achievement!

Lvl 29 – 50k/100k/10k – av stack 3m

The players are keeping the pots small, and with such a large jump between 4th and 3rd place payouts, it makes sense.
Oliver has 1.6m, Bartz had 2.5m, Ekstroem has 3.3m and Le Port has 4.1m, but anything can happen with the flip of a card.

Gentle tango between the two largest stacks as Ekstroem limped from the small and Le Port checked.
The flop was 5s4d9d and Le Port bet 100k which Ekstroem raised to 300k. Le Port called.
The turn fell 8s and both players checked. Elkstroem bet 400k on the river and Le Port called, showing Jc9c for a pair of nines, which beat Ekstroem’s pair of eights with A8.

A cheeky double for Oliver after he jammed Bartz’s SB min-raise with Kc6c and Bartz called him with AhQs. Oliver found a 6 on the flop and Bartz couldn’t find anything to redeem his hand.
Oliver now has 3.1m and Bartz has been reduced to just over 1m.

A small pot between Ekstroem and Bartz as Bartz raised to 200k from the button and Ekstroem calls from BB.
The action was checked to the river, by which time the board was QcJcJh3d7c. Ekstroem bet 150k and Bartz called, mucking his hand when Ekstroem showed Qd10s for top pair.



The Ekstroem magic continues as he manages to get Oliver to pay his 1.25m into a pot of 800k.
Oliver mucked his hand, but Ekstroem had pocket Aces on As7d6c6d9h.
Ekstroem is now chipleader with over 5m.

Bartz jammed allin for 2m from SB and was called by Oliver from BB. Bartz showed Qd4h and Oliver showed Kd9s.
The board was Ks9c5sAs3c, doubling Oliver up to 4m and leaving Bartz with just 150k.

Bartz trebled his 150k the next hand when he jammed it in with Ad9d and was called by Ekstroem and Le Port with KQ and KJ respectively.

Two hands later, Bartz shoved again for 500k with Q10os and was called by Oliver with K10 and Ekstroem with As10s. Nothing doing for Bartz as the board ran out 3c5sKc4cAh.

Bartz's bustout face.

Bartz’s bustout face.

Bartz was eliminated in 4th place and earned €5500.

Oliver doubled last hand before the break after he raised Ekstroem’s BB from SB and Ekstroem put him in for 1.9m with Ad 7s.
Oliver called with pocket nines and they held strong, allowing him to even out the chipstacks.


Lvl 30 – 60k/120k/10k – av stack 4m

The three remaining players have agreed a deal of €12k each from the remaining €39 prizepool.
This leaves €3k and the trophy to play for.

FT Deal

Ekstroem raised from button and was called by Oliver in BB. The flop was AcJc8d and both players checked to see 2h on the turn.
Oliver checked and Ekstroem bet 300k, which Oliver called. Oliver bet the 3h river and Ekstroem raised.
Oliver quickly moved all in and Ekstroem called, showing down 2s2d for a set of deuces; this was no good against Olivers straight to the five with 5h4h, and Oliver scooped a 6.5m point pot, leaving Ekstroem trailing with just over 1m.

Ekstroem 3-bet jamed 1.85m against Oliver’s open from SB. Oliver looked like he was flipping a coin in his head, and, in good spirits, decided to call.
It was a coin-flip situation with Ekstroem holding 2c2s and Oliver having Kd10c.
The flop was not the best for Ekstroem when it appeared as 7cQcJs. The Qd on turn gave Oliver a few more outs, but, true to Ekstroem’s form today, the river was 2h and he doubled! Ek-strong!

Lvl 31 80k/160k/20k

Ekstroem and Oliver have around 5m each, and Le Port has about 2.5m.

Le Port limped from SB and Oliver raised to 400k from BB. Le Port immediately shoved allin for 2.5m and Oliver called him twice as quickly, flipping over AdAc.

Le Port

Le Port

Le Port may have said a rude word in French, before turning over Ah8h. The dealer laid out 2h10d2d8cQc, and Le Port was eliminated in 3rd place, winning €12k as a result of the deal.

Oliver has around 8m to Ekstroem’s 4m as we go into heads-up play.

Oliver limped from the small and Ekstroem checked. The flop was Jh2d4h and Ekstroem bet 500k, which Oliver called.
The turn was Ah and both players checked to see the Jc river. Ekstroem bet 500k and Oliver called again; he mucked his cards when Ekstroem turned Jd10s for trips.
Ekstroem has made up some of his deficit, despite Oliver being the more aggressive player, and Oliver is now playing 7m to Ekstroem’s 5m.

Lvl 32 – 100k/200k/20k

Ekstroem sneaks into the lead as he manages to find a call with middle pair after Oliver bluffed 1m into 1m pot at the river with a busted flush draw.

Oliver and Ekstroem heads-up.

Oliver and Ekstroem heads-up.

Oliver won a few small pots by being aggressive pre-flop, but then decided to limp from SB and Ekstroem checked. They then both checked the 3d2sKh flop and Ekstroem checked the 5h turn.
Oliver bet 200k and Ekstroem raised him to 500k, which Oliver called. They both checked the Qs on river and Oliver mucked with a wry smile as Estroem turned Q8 os.
Ekstroem has 7.5m and Oliver has 5m.

After losing a few smaller pots, Oliver raised to 1.1m after Ekstroem flatted from SB.
Ekstroem raised all in and Oliver instantly called. Oliver had KsKh and Estroem had 5h5c. The board ran Ac7d8cAh8h and that put the two players back to dead on even stacks with 6m each.

Lvl 33 – 150k/300k

Both players agreed to dodge out for a five minute smoke break.

Ekstroem is back up to 8m after consistently applying pressure pre and on flops.

They are back to even stacks because Oliver has been seeing more flops and raising check/raising more of Ekstroem’s bets. Both players are getting tired now, Ekstroem’s shoes are off and this has become as much about mind-games as card games.
Not one pot has reached the river for over 30 mins of play.

Just as we were typing the above sentence…

Oliver limped from the button and Ekstroem checked. The flop was 3s5c7c and Ekstroem bet 300k.
Oliver raised to 900k and Oliver quickly went allin for 5.8m.
Ekstroem thought for a moment, and then called the bet; he turned Ah7h for top pair, top kicker. This was in bad shape against Oliver’s 7s3s.

Ekstroem: Played an absolute blinder!

Ekstroem: Played an absolute blinder!

Both players seemed to be holding their breath as the 8c turn and Ks river were laid on the table, Ekstroem was left with just 60k

He doubled to 120k next hand when his 62os outran Oliver’s KQos.
We joked that it would be poker story of the century if Ekstroem got back to even stacks… Oliver remembered Ekstroem’s form throughout the day and gave us a look that would melt steel.

The story had an abrupt ending next hand when Ekstroem was in with his 120k and K7os. Oliver had A2os and flopped two pair on Ah5h2s, giving Ekstroem only the thinnest of backdoor chances. No joy for Ekstroem as the turn was Qs and river Qh.
It was an inglorious end to a to a glorious day for Ekstroem, who told us in the last break that he was a break even player at best, and he did not consider himself to be very skilled.

A great result for Oliver, and he seemed very pleased to have collected €15k and the RedbetLIVE Malta Main Event trophy.
A lot of players had hung around to rail, and it was a diverse rail with people from all over Europe who met during the event and made new friends, such is the nature of low-stakes poker!
They’re all heading to the bar to make a dent in Oliver’s €15k… and we intend to join them!

See you at the next RedbetLIVE event!

Lucas Blanco Oliver: RedbetLIVE Malta Main Event Winner

Lucas Blanco Oliver: RedbetLIVE Malta Main Event Winner

RedbetLIVE Malta: Main Event Day2

Lvl 13 – 1200/2400/300 – av stack 106k

Action is underway here at Casino Malta, with 2 eliminations before we could even publish the first post.
Panagiotis Fantousis and Georgi Bozhidarov have made early exits, but with other side events to play today, they needn’t get bored. With late entries, 116 players started Day2.

_MG_4399The levels are 60 mins long today, and the atmosphere in the room is different to the Day1s. Maybe this is because players know eachother from meeting on previous days, maybe it’s because they are all one step closer to the money!

It’s absolute carnage here as short stacked players get it in and try to double up… the move proved unsuccessful for the following players who have been eliminated: Christos Leantzis, Jacques Balzan Demajo, Jean Bertrand Fabre, Szymon Kuczerski, Quentin Olivier Thierry Loic Laugt, Georgiou Georgios, Norbert Berent and Sean Sammut.

Nam Giao Pham got it allin against Konstantinos Kotsaris after Kotsaris opened from MP for 6k and Pham 3-bet shoved for 41k. Kotsaris called without hesitation and it was a good old race as Pham showed AhKs and Kotsaris turned pocket 10s.

Konstantinos Kotsaris

Konstantinos Kotsaris

Kotsaris was happy until the turn but the river dropped an Ace for Pham to get his double up.
Kotsaris was clearly frustrated, as he banged his chips on the table; it’s to be expected, because these crucial flips make the difference between winning the tournament or busting early. Kotsaris was left with around 20k, and we hope he can now fall on the right side of a few flips!

Pham busted 2 hands later after getting involved with big stack, Lukasz Grzegorz Skora on a flop of 8h4s3d with Ah4h. Skora called his allin bet on the flop with pocket fives and Pham did not improve.

Angelov Rosen managed a nice double up against Szymon Jakub Bujok after getting it all in with AdQd against Bujok’s KQos. Ace high was good enough for Rosen to put more power in his poker punch.

After an initial mad flurry of exits, it has calmed down a bit here on Day 2. The tournament team has broken 3 tables and there are now ten tables left in play.

Kyriakos Papadopoulos

Kyriakos Papadopoulos

Dennis Berglin proves he is not scared of big stack, Kyriakos Papadopoulos after 3-betting Papadopoulos’s open and continuing on 6c4dJs. Papadopoulos called the c-bet on the flop, but when Berglin went all in for 50k in a 60k pot, you could see Papadopoulos wanted the chips, but could not call Berglin’s bet. NO FEAR is the key to NLHE!

Lvl 14 – 1500/3k/300 – av stack 136k

90 players remaining, and the last bustouts in lvl 13 were: Piesiewich Bartojl, Kim Devos, Efstathios Komitas, Anthony Elemoso, Karl Jonas Pontus Magnusson, giulio antonio Spampinato, Arnaud Enselme, Alessandro Pichierri, Nam Giao Pham, Dawid Borkowski, Clint Sammut, Petros Theodosiou, David Laurence Kilmartin Lappin, Kamil Mateusz Szoen, Vicente Delgado Zamorano and Marios Mansour.

Like we said, lvl 13 was CARNAGE!

TD “Like a Boss” Retamero has announced the payout structure and it is as follows:

# 119,000.0025.48%
# 212,400.0016.63%
# 38,000.0010.73%
# 45,500.007.38%
# 54,000.005.37%
# 62,700.003.62%
# 72,000.002.68%
# 81,500.002.01%
# 91,254.201.68%
# 101,000.001.34%
# 111,000.001.34%
# 121,000.001.34%
# 131,000.001.34%
# 14900.001.21%
# 15900.001.21%
# 16900.001.21%
# 17900.001.21%
# 18900.001.21%
# 19800.001.07%
# 20800.001.07%
# 21800.001.07%
# 22800.001.07%
# 23800.001.07%
# 24800.001.07%
# 25700.000.94%
# 26700.000.94%
# 27700.000.94%
# 28700.000.94%
# 29700.000.94%
# 30700.000.94%
# 31700.000.94%

A nice pot for Luca Beretta as he raised all-in for 130k after Mateusz Fajdasz bet 30k into an 85k pot on a board of 7s7c6h7d9d.  Fajdasz clearly hated the bet from Beretta, as he sighed, asked for a count of Beretta’s stack, counted his own chips, sighed again, rubbed his eyes and looked generally pained.
Eventually, Dennis Berglin called the clock and Retamero began the 60 second countdown. Fajdasz folded reluctantly about half way through the clock, and Beretta did not show his cards, which we are VERY sure that Fajdasz would have loved to see!

There was a very interesting hand on table 7 after Marcin Tomasz Szewczyk opened UTG for 6200 and was called by Raigo Aasmaa from MP, Jacek Marek Zielinski from the button and Angelov Rosen from BB.

Raigo Aasmaa

Raigo Aasmaa

The flop was 4hJdKd and all four players checked to the turn which appeared as 7d. Rosen and Szewczyk checked and Aasmaa bet 13k which did not deter Zielinski, but got rid of the other two.
The heads-up river was 10c and Aasmaa checked. Zielinski bet 45k and Aasmaa groaned and quickly counted his remaining chips, he would have to put around half his stack in to call.
Aasmaa did call, and Zielinski showed him Ad5h for ace high, Aasmaa showed JhQs for a pair of Jacks.
“I knew had A of diamonds,” said Aasmaa, “the only hand I’m realistically scared of there is J10.”

Hubert Ryszard Olszewski: hanging in there.

Hubert Ryszard Olszewski: hanging in there.

There was a fun hand on table 8 after Hubert Ryszard Olszewski opened allin UTG for 36k, Jan Sederman called from MP and Fernando Perez Castro shoved over the top for a total of 75k.
Castro accidentally showed his cards, which were pocket kings. Perhaps Sederman did not see them, or perhaps he just fancied a punt, because he called anyway… Olszewski then showed the other two Kings and Sederman turned pocket nines.
Castro sweated when the turn brought a third spade, with Olszewski holding Ks, but the fourth one never came, and Olszewski and Castro profited from Sederman’s call.


Lvl 15 – 2k/4k/400 – av stack 165k

74 players remaining as the following contenders were booted from the party during lvl14: Francois Guillaume Narbonne, Alexis Wicen, Torgny Per Rikard Andersson, Simon Anthony Forster, Michal Zdzislaw Baranowski, Daniel Nathan Wood, Antoine Degiorgio, Robert Hana, Oihan Ruiz De Laramendi, Marcin Spychalski, Szymon Jakub Bujok, Dariusz Marcin Szoen, Konstantinos Kotsaris, Wiktor Edmund Depta, Piotr Pawel Mank and Angelov Rosen.

Mateusz Fajdasz

Mateusz Fajdasz

Unfortunate times for Daragh Davey as he bet 18k on a flop of JdQh3c and Mateusz Fajdasz min-raised him; Fajdasz initially put in an under-raise of 35k but was corrected by the dealer.
Davey re-raised to a total of 65k and was quickly called by Fajdasz. Davey showed AhAs, but was sickened to see that Fajdasz had 3s3d for bottom set.
The turn was 9d and the river Ks, which was no help to Davey and he was eliminated in 71st place.

Mate J Adamic

Mate J Adamic

A huge pot developed between Rafal Lubczynski and Mate J Adamic as action limped to Adamic on SB and he elected to just call the 2k.
With his stack of nearly 300k, Lubczynski wasn’t having it, and raised to 11k, which Adamic called.
The flop was Qc3cQd and Adamic checked; Lubczynski continued for 7500, which Adamic raised to 21k. Lubczynski called his opponent’s check-raise, and the turn was 5h.
Adamic bet 45k on the turn and caused Lubczynski to think carefully for a couple of moments before raising all in; he easily covered Adamic’s 131k stack.
Adamic called instantly and turned over Qh6h for trips, which had Lubczynski dead with Queens and fives; the river was Ad just to give Lubczynski an unnecessary rub-down and Adamic earned himself a massive double-up.

Lvl 16 – 2500/5k/500 – av stack 194k

63 players remaining after the following casualties in lvl 15: Salvatore Ritrovato, Wing K Tang, Marko Tabak, Daragh Davey, Jacek Marek Zielinski, Neville Grech, Eleftherios Sinnos, Johan Axel Soderberg, Krzystof Andrzej Stuchlik, Pawel Michal Hymos and Mark Anthony Vella.

Kamil Lukasz Walus jammed his teeny-tiny stack of 13.8k UTG and Raigo Aasmaa raised to 25k UTG+1. Jan Sederman then 4-bet cold allin for 160k, which got rid of Aasmaa.

Kamil Lukasz Walus

Kamil Lukasz Walus

Walus had Ac2s and Sederman had AsKd. Walus flopped a deuce and trebled his micro-stack after the dealer couldn’t find a King for Sederman. Sederman seemed mildly annoyed, but he still profited from the hand, if only marginally!
A very anoyed Aasmaa said he had folded 88 pre-flop. Walus’s treble still left him very short stacked, and he busted next hand; still, the dream was alive for a few minutes longer, which is something… sort of… okay, not at all.

The play here at the Main Event is getting more aggressive, sometimes in difficult spots.
Dennis Berglin started the day as a short-stack, and has worked hard to keep himself in. He opened a pot from HJ for 11k and was 3-bet to 33k by Luca Beretta, who is a strong, aggressive player.
Berglin wasn’t about to be bullied by the bigger stack, and instantly 4-bet shoved allin for around 110k with 4s4c. Beretta snapped the shove and turned JhJs. The Jc5d5c flop all but murdered Berglin, and there were no miracle back-door quads for the guy who’d worked so hard to build his stack.


Lvl 17 – 3k/6k/500 – av stack 254k

48 players remaining.
The players kissing the rail during lvl16 were: Oloph Niklas Wernersson, Nils Johannes Jarefjall, Piotr Walkowicz, Arkadiusz Rasiak, Kamil Lukasz Walus, Kyriakos Papadopoulos, Jan Tomasz Przysucha, Alfonso Carlos Timoteo Rubias, Michal Falar, Jonatan Ireneusz Kula, Igor Bogdan Turowski, Jan Sederman, Fernando Perez Castro, Kamil Damian Wolski and Dennis Berglin.

Sebastien Joel Le Port

Sebastien Joel Le Port: smashing it.

Walks are rare at this stage, but we saw Sebastien Joel Le Port get one on table 2. His approximate stack count is in excessive of 700k… so we wouldn’t fancy taking him on either!
He started the day with just above average stack, and we’re not sure if he’s getting lucky or playing like a God, but either way, he’s got more chips than a 2000 yr old vase!

Some blind on blind action between Raigo Aasmaa and Marcin Koziarek, who started the day as chip leader, and still has a power stack of almost 400k.
Aasmaa limped from SB after it folded to him, and Koziarek checked.
Aasmaa bet 6500 on the 7h9c3h flop and Koziarek called him. Both players checked the 8d on the turn.
The river was 3s and Aasmaa checked. Koziarek bet 12.5k and this was a thinker for Aasmaa, who eventually found a call; he mucked his cards when Koziarek turned over 5c3c for trips.

Bas Wilhelmus Cornelis De Laat

Bas Wilhelmus Cornelis De Laat

Bas Wilhelmus Cornelis De Laat is not afraid to take on the big stack when he raised from SB to 28k after Marcin Koziarek limped UTG and two other players follow him.
Koziarek called De Laat’s bet, and the other two limpers folded. The flop was 4d10d5s and De Laat continued for 27k, which did not phase Koziarek, who paid to see the turn, which was 9s.
Both players checked to see the 7h river and both players checked again. Koziarek mucked when De Laat showed Ks10c for a pair of tens.

Lvl 18 – 4k/8k/500 – av stack 292k

41 players remaining. The players are aware of the bubble approaching, and the atmosphere is tense and excited.
There are a few players who don’t care about the bubble, because they busted in lvl 17; those players are: Lukasz Jan Pietraszko, Hubert Ryszard Olszewski, Eirini Kokoni, Emil Sylwester Misiolek, Marcin Bukowinski, Ina Pavlova and Johan Stig Arne Creutz.

Shaun De Cesare

Shaun De Cesare

Action on table 1 as Lucas Blanco Oliver, playing a stack of around 400k opened from HJ for 16.5k and found one caller, Shaun De Cesare, from BB. The flop fell as Qd,3c,9s and Cesare moved all in for 85.5k.
Oliver asked for a count, and then called the bet; he turned over Jc9c for a pair of nines and Cesare showed Js10s for an up and down straight draw and back-door flush draw.
The 6d on turn killed the dream of a flush, and Cesare exclaimed “Oof”, like he’d been punched in the stomach, when 9d came on the river to eliminate him in 40th place. Oliver added some more chips to his high-rise chip stack.

Lukasz Grzegorz Skora

Lukasz Grzegorz Skora

Lukasz Grzegorz Skora, who started the day as one of the top five chipstacks, found himself allin UTG for 90500.
Andrzej Zakrzeswicki was UTG+1 and had a good, long think before finally passing his cards.
Skora found a caller in Luca Beretta, who put the chips over the line and turned AcJc.
Skora showed 7d7h and he visibly sagged with relief when the dealer flopped Kh7c4h. The 4d turn killed any skinny chance of Beretta outdrawing, and Skora was scooping in his chips as the inconsequential 6h came on the river.
Beretta still had a stack of over 200k, and did not seem to concerned about losing the flip, but if you cry about losing flips then NLHE will surely destroy your soul!

5 players to go until the bubble, the players are getting sweaty and Retamero is prowling like a sharp-eyed guard dog. The atmosphere is tense, everybody wants to make the money, but not everybody can, such is the nature of tournament poker!
There are only 15mins of play until the dinner break, so the players may have a chance to feed and water themselves before the bubble actually bursts.


Krzystof Chojnowski: The Bubble Boy

Krzystof Chojnowski: The Bubble Boy

Krzystof Chojnowski was the RedbetLIVE Main Event Bubble Boy after he pushed all in for 100k preflop with AsJd. He was called by Mieszko Krzysztof Bartz who had AhQs.

Mieszko Krzysztof Bartz: Eliminated Krzystof Chojnowski.

Mieszko Krzysztof Bartz: Eliminated Krzystof Chojnowski.

The board ran out as QdQh7c8c9c and Chojnowski was eliminated in arguably the worst spot of the tournament.
All players are now in the money and are guaranteed to take home at least €700.


Lvl 19 – 5k/10k/1k – 407k

30 players remaining after the following people were eliminated in lvl 18: Bart Boris Kuiper, Shaun De Cesare, Marcin Tomasz Szewczyk, Dariusz Piesiewick, Krzysztof Jacyk, Marek Pigula, Pawel Chojnowski, Dominik Martan, Michal Jurgielewicz, Krzystof Chojnowski (bubble) and Rafal Lubczynski (€700).

Blind on blind action between Jiri Smitek and Mateusz Fajdasz when Smitek min-opened from the SB and Fajdasz called. The flop was AhKs6s and Smitek bet 25k, which was quickly raised to 50k by Fajdasz.
Fajdasz had Smitek covered by over 100k and both players checked the 2c turn to see the 5s on the river; Smitek then bet 67k which earned a fold from Fajdasz.

Sylwia Renata Pietraszko

Sylwia Renata Pietraszko

Sylwia Renata Pietraszko found 88 in late position and shipped in for 150k, she was instantly called by Andrzej Zakrzeswicki who had KK.
There was no hope or salvation for Pietraszko on the 10cJc6h4s2c board, and she was eliminated in 29th place.

Lucas Blanco Oliver is playing (and winning) a lot of pots as he terrorises his table with his 1.6mil chipstack. This accounts for about 15% of the chips in play with 23 players remaining!
He may be getting dealt a massive amount of juicy cards, but we suspect an element of bigstack aggression as well.

We watched him open from MP to 25k and get 2 callers, Luigi Knoppers from the c/o and Roland Ekstroem from the BB.
All three players checked the 2c2h9h flop.
Oliver went for his c-bet on the 10d turn and met no resistance from the other two players.

Lucas Blanco Oliver: Building towers!

Lucas Blanco Oliver: Building towers!

With less than 100k left, Ekstroem needed to win a pot, but obviously felt he could not contend against Oliver’s stack, or his game.

Action on table 2 as Piotr Dominik Wiecek moved in UTG+1 for 110k with Ah9d and was called by Mieszko Krzysztof Bartz who held KK.
The board did not help Wiecek at all, running out 8s5s4c8dJh, and he was eliminated in 23rd place.
Bartz has been a power stack all day, starting Day2 with 260k; he now sits on 1.2mil and is not too far behind the current chip leader, Lucas Blanco Oliver.

Lvl 20 – 6k/12k/1k – av stack 555k

22 players remaining and the players eliminated during level 19 were: Dawid Paczka (€700), Sylwia Renata Pietraszko(€700), Jakub Jozef Filipowski(€700), Michael Andre Jensen(€700), Jaroslaw Chmiel(€700), Sami Aleksi Pulliainen(€700), Apostolos Stylianou(€800) and Piotr Dominik Wiecek(€800).

Raigo Aasmaa is grinding hard with his 450k stack after opening a pot from MP for 25k. He got one caller, table chip lead Lukasz Grzegorz Skora (who we saw allin with 11 bigs just two levels ago!) who had 900k at the start of the hand.
The flop was 7h10c9h and Skora checked, letting Aasmaa continue for 35k. Skora called the flop bet and the turn was 4d, which Skora checked. Aasmaa kept up the aggression and bet 78k, which gave Skora pause for thought, but he eventually called. The river was Kd and Skora checked a the final street, Aasmaa also checked and showed down Ad10s for a pair of tens which was enough to beat Skora’s busted flush draw with 5h3h.

Not many pots are making it to showdown at this stage. It is clear that the players are tired, and very conscious of not making a foolish error.

Roland Ekstroem: The Survivor

Roland Ekstroem: The Survivor

In addition, with average stack being 40 bigs, there is still a lot of play in this low-stakes game, and nobody wants to bingo it off.

We’re impressed with Roland Ekstroem’s survival skills, because he had less than 100k over an hour ago, and he’s still clinging in there. He is currently tournament short-stack, but he’s obviously harder to get rid of than a family of raccoons living in your attic. How long can he keep his life?


Lvl 21 – 8k/16k/2k – av stack 555k

22 players remaining as absolutely no players bust during lvl 20.

Mate J Adamic open jammed from c/o with As6c for 203k and was called by Mateusz Fajdasz from BB with AdJs.
The flop was 6d3c9s and Adamic perked up straight away. He was insta-crushed on the turn when Jd fell, and the 8c on the river meant he was eliminated in 21st place.

Bartosz Piotr Ferenc just had a tasty double against Lucas Blanco Oliver after jamming his Jack high flush draw on the flop for 329k and getting there on the turn. Ferenc now has over 700k, and Oliver holds around 1.5mil.

Roland Ekstroem doubled after 3bet jamming 166k from SB into Bas Wilhelmus Cornelis De Laat’s button open.
Ekstroem had 66 and De Laat called with Ac2c. Ekstroem turned a 6 and doubled up to over 300k.

Luigi KnoppersAn ugly double elimination on table 2 after two short stacks, tempted by Mieszko Krzysztof Bartz’s UTG limp, got their stacks allin. Luigi Knoppers jammed from SB with A8os and Pawel Wakuluk re-jammed with Ah10h; Bartz snapped them both with KK.
Both the short stacks flopped their kickers on the 10h flop, but there were no more 8s,10s, or Aces to be found and Bartz eliminated two players in one hand, winning him a nice pot and taking his stack to over 1.5mil.


Lvl 22 – 10k/20k/2k – 715k

17 players remaining after five players were eliminated in lvl 21. Those players were: Jakub Franciszek Szczotka (€800), Mate J Adamic(€800), Adam Plicner(€800), Luigi Knoppers(€800) and Pawel Wakuluk(€900).

Luca Beretta came a cropper on a flop of 6d4c7d after he c-bet into the 230k pot and was raised by Mateusz Fajdasz. Beretta instantly re-raised allin for 400k with AsKd and was snapped by Fajdasz who held 7c7s. The turn brought no diamond and Beretta was half-way out the tournament room before the river was even dealt.

David Roderick Dyson won a lovely pot after he jammed allin for 350k on a board of 6c5c5s8s5d with a pot of nearly 500k.

David Roderick Dyson

David Roderick Dyson

Nicos Sotiriou was the only other player in the hand, and he clearly had a tough decision to make.
Sotiriou eventually found a fold and Dyson chipped up to almost 900k.

A pot exploded between Sebastien Joel Le Port and Michal Robert Wdowiarski after action passed to Le Port in SB and he limped to Wdowiarski on BB.
Wdowiarski  checked and the flop was 9h4h7d. Le Port checked and Wdowiarski  bet minimum; Le Port called.
The turn was Ac and Wdowiarski bet 45k after Le Port checked, Le Port called again.
Le Port took the lead on the 4s river, betting 75k but Wdowiarski raised to 150k. Le Port considered his options and then called; he mucked his hand when Wdowiarski turned over 4c2s for trips.

Some sick action after Retamero called last 3 hands of the day with 16 players remaining.
Firstly on table 1, Jiri Smitek doubled his microstack after shoving 75k from SB and getting called by Lucas Blanco Oliver with 75os from BB. Smitek had KK and they held.
The very next hand, Smitek 3bet jammed his 165k stack after Roland Ekstroem opened for 45k. Ekstroem called and showed AdKd to race with Smitek’s 5h5d an Ace on the flop sealed Smitek’s fate and he never improved; he was eliminated in 16th place.

An absolute monster of a pot happened on table 2 when Sebastien Joel Le Port, Mateusz Fajdasz and Bas Wilhelmus Cornelis De Laat went 3 ways to a flop of 5c10d3d after De Laat opened for 45k and the other players called.
Mateusz FajdaszFajdasz checked the flop and De Latt bet 75k. Le Port raised to 170k and Fajdasz re-raised to 400k.
De Laat called Fajdasz and the Le Port raised allin for 1m39k!
Fajdasz called instantly and De Laat did not take long to fold.
Fajdasz turned over pocket threes for bottom set and Le Port flipped pocket tens for top set!
No miracle for Fajdasz, and he was left with 390k to play tomorrow. Le Port ended the hand with a massive chipstack of well over 2m chips. A crazy hand, right at the end of the day!

Eliminated players during lvl 22 were: Luca Beretta(€900) and Jiri Smitek(€900).

15 players made Day3 which will start tomorrow at 1pm. The chipcounts are:

#1FranceSebastien Joel Le Port2,724,000
#2SpainLucas Blanco Oliver1,604,000
#3PolandMieszko Krzysztof Bartz1,085,000
#4United KingdomDavid Roderick Dyson851,000
#5PolandMichal Robert Wdowiarski830,000
#6PolandLukasz Grzegorz Skora756,000
#7Swedenroland Ekstroem698,998
#8EstoniaRaigo Aasmaa586,000
#9PolandBartosz Piotr Ferenc575,000
#10MaltaBas Wilhelmus Cornelis De Laat538,000
#11PolandMarcin Koziarek507,000
#12PolandMateusz Fajdasz378,000
#13CyprusNicos Sotiriou344,000
#14PolandJacek Pustula300,000
#15PolandAndrzej Zakrzeswicki300,000

RedbetLIVE Malta: Main Event Day1C

Lvl 1 – 50/100 – Av stack 50k

15 players are seated as the inimitable Retamero announces “shuffle up and deal” on the final entry day of the RedbetLIVE Malta €350 buyin Main Event.
Late reg/re-entry is open for all 12 levels of play today, and will remain open until the clock starts on Day2, which is tomorrow at 1pm.

LadiesAs is standard at the beginning of deepstack events, the play is gentle. There are a few sleepy faces, which may be a result of the Saturday night party atmosphere in this part of Malta.
While the island does have a rich history, and some beautiful spots to visit, there are also a plethora of bars, clubs and restaurants that open late into the night.
Close to Casino Malta there are also a few “Gentleman’s Clubs” where perhaps some of the RedbetLIVE players visited last night to discover the ladies’ opinions on art and politics… or something!

Lvl 2 – 75/150 – av stack 50k

43/43 players remaining.


Sergeevich Ulanov: robbed of a free flop.

Michal Jurgielewicz limped from MP and it was raised to 1500 by Filip Maksym Szeszula from the c/o. Eugene Sergeevich Ulanov was on the BB and looked disappointed at not getting a free flop, aren’t we all?
Jurgielewicz called the raise and the flop was 8c7c6d which both players checked to see the 3s turn. Jurgielewicz bet 1900 and Szeszula folded.

Lvl 3 – 100/200 – av stack 50k

50/50 players remaining.

We caught a pot on table 2 between Petros Theodosiou in the HJ and Jaroslaw Chmiel in the c/o. We arrived at the table with the flop of 10d2d3s, a pot of 1350, and action was on Theodosiou. He bet 900 and Chmiel raised to 2025, which Theodosiou called.
The turn was 7c and Theodosiou checked. Chmiel bet 3100 and we could see Theodosiou’s brain working before he called.

Petros Theodosiou: He shook it off, like Taylor Swift.

Petros Theodosiou: He shook it off, like Taylor Swift.

The river was 8h and both players checked. Chmiel turned Js10h for a pair of tens and Theodosiou angrily flipped AdJd. He stood up in frustration, clearly not impressed with the action, but like all good players, he shook off his annoyance quickly, and sat back down, ready to battle on.

We saw an interesting pot develop between Anthony Elemoso and Dawid Topolinski when we arrived at table 3 on the turn, with a pot of 3k and action on Elemoso after Topolinski checked the 3h10c5s6d board.
Elemoso bet out 1300 and was raised to 2900 by Topolinski. Elemoso thought for a while, and then called.
The river was 9h and Topolinski immediately bet 4350.
Elemoso is a very deliberate player, and he takes his time over decisions. We could see his head bobbing about as he tried to recall the exact action and do some maths; we could also see the other players fidgeting as Elemoso took his time, and then laboriously cut out the chips required for the call.Anthony Elemoso
Elemoso eventually pushed the chips across the line and Topolinski  instantly mucked his hand; Elemoso picked up a nice pot, and did not have to show his cards.


Lvl 4 -100/200/25 – av stack 52.9k

51/54 players remaining.
Bustouts from lvl 3 are: Mats Gustav Villern Karlsson, Bartosz Jakub Ziolkowski and Patryk Damian Czarnecki.

Accumulating chips in a tournament is key to staying alive, and that’s exactly what Mieszko Krzysztof Bartz just did in a pot against Costas Kalogirou. Bartz was aggressive pre flop and kept the aggression up on all three streets, finally betting just under pot of 6500 on the river and forcing Kalogirou to pass.


Mariusz Jerzy Czarnojan

Meanwhile, on table 7, there was a bit of action when Mariusz Jerzy Czarnojan opened the pot from the button for 625. Wojociech Szczytkowski stayed with him from the BB and the flop was 7hJs3c; both players checked.
The turn put the 6s out there and Szczytkowski checked, letting Czarnojan bet 1100, which Szczytkowski called.
The river was 3s and Szczytkowski again check/called Czarnojan’s bet of 2500.
Czarnojan showed down Ks9s for a King-high flush and Szczytkowski mucked his cards.

Lvl 5 – 150/300/25 – 52.5k

59/62 players remaining, as everybody managed to avoid the rail in lvl 3. PHEW!

Petros Theodosiou is getting jiggy on table two after it folded to Jakub Franciszek Szczotka on the button and he opened for 800. Francois Guillaume Narbonne re-raised to 2550 and both Theodosiou and Szczotka called.
The flop fell as 10hAc4d and Narbonne bet 3600, a bet that Theodosiou thought about for a bit before calling, and Szczotka quickly folded to.
The heads-up turn was 3s and Narbonne checked. Theodosiou neatly stacked 8750 (around 1/2 pot) worth of chips and placed them delicately across the line. Narbonne folded, showing Ad.
Theodosiou whispered in our ear that he was holding pocket 10s and as we all know, poker players never, ever lie.

Lvl 6 – 200/400/50 – Av stack 54.6k

63/69 players remaining, and the fallen soldiers from lvl 5 are: Dmitriy Manylov, Eugene Sergeevich Ulanov and Christos Leantzis.


Filip Maksym Szeszula: keeping his cards, and his face, a secret.

On table 1 Bo Evert Green  opened UTG+1 with a bet of 1100,  Filip Maksym Szeszula called from MP and Piotr Dominik Wiecek called from BB.
The flop popped with QcJs4s and Green bet 1600 after Wiecek checked. Szeszula folded and Wiecek stayed in.
The turn was 10s and both players checked to the 9c river, which also went check/check.
Wiecek turned 5s3s for a baby flush and Green showed pocket fours for a ruined set. Did Wiecek miss some value there, or did Green smell his flush from miles away?

Some raggy action on table 5 as Marcin Spychalski opened UTG+1 for 800 and was raised by Grzegorz Michal Tomaszewicz in the HJ who made it 2k to carry on. Sean Sammut called from the SB,

Szymon Jakub Bujok in the BB also paid the monies and Spychalski felt the need to see that flop as well.
The flop was Ac5cQs and all four players checked, saving their energy for the 5s turn.

Szymon Jakub Bujok : expert level duck hunter.

Szymon Jakub Bujok : expert level duck hunter.

Tomaszewicz bet 2k after Spychalski checked, Sammut min-raised to 4k after some misunderstanding with the chips, perhaps he meant to raise more? He’s probably glad he didn’t because Bujok quickly 3-bet cold to 10k.
Spychalski got out of the way at high speed and Tomaszewicz almost immediately shipped his entire stack of 36k. Sammut passed and Bujok called.
Tomaszewicz showed 10d5d, which was just ahead of Bujok’s 5h2h. If Bujok was wondering why he deserved such coldness from the deck, he wasn’t feeling that way for long, because the dealer slapped out 2d on the river to give Bujok a full house and eliminate Tomaszewicz.
Bujok organised his 71k stack, a stack he owes to that cheeky little river duck. Tomaszewicz left the tournament room with admirable dignity and grace, given how ugly that river was!


Lvl 7 – 300/600/75 – 57.2k

63/72 players remaining after  Uwe Schrieber, Grzegorz Michal Tomaszewicz and Dawid Topolinski went bust during lvl 6.

Play is getting more serious here, with more pots being 3bet/4bet preflop and more aggression on the flop.
Players are still registering for the Main Event in a steady stream and the 6-max Omaha and €100 Malta Adventure are underway. There is also a Main Event satellite playing, so it’s wall to wall poker in this room.

Table 3 might be a brutal if you get moved there!

Table 3 might be a brutal if you get moved there!

If we were playing the Main Event, we would not want to be on table 3, as Nordic Poker Champion, Mats Gustav Villern Karlsson is sitting in seat9, and the table is quite tough.


A big pot developed on table 2 after Marek Pigula, Jakub Franciszek Szczotka and Lukasz Grzegorz Skora went 3ways to a 8d3d6s flop. Pigula bet 3200, Skora folded and Szczotka called.
The turn was 10c and Pigula thought for a moment before betting 8k, leaving around 15k behind his bet. Szczotka’s quick raise put Pigula all in, and he called. Pigula turned Js10d which was dead to Szczotka’s set of sixes.

Lvl 8 – 400/800/75 – av stack 59k

67/79 remaining after 3 players were evicted from the Big Poker House during level 7. Those players were: Alessandro Pichierri, Sean Sammut and Marek Pigula.
Re-entry open for five more levels including lvl 8, lads, plenty of time to jump back in with a very healthy stack!

Marcin Bukowinski

Marcin Bukowinski

Marcin Bukowinski opened for 2k UTG on table 8 and it folded to Alessandro Pichierri in the small blind who 3bet to 6200. Bukowinski called and the flop was 2d5h10c. Pichierri  checked and Bukowinski bet 8k, which Pichierri  called.
Pichierri  also checked the 6c flop and Bukowinski kept going, betting 15k.
Pichierri  quickly moved all in for 30k total, which Bukowinski covered and called. Pichierri  was at risk as he turned AsKh and Bukowinski showed JsJd; Pichierri  could not find an out, and was eliminated for the second time today.

Lvl 9 – 500/1000/100 – av stack 62.7

63/79 remaining due to four players hitting the rail in lvl 8. Those players were: Costas Kalogirou, Alessandro Pichierri, Doris Maria Andersson Murro and Georgios Vidakis.

The prizepool is now over €70k and there is a more serious air about the game today compared to Days 1A and 1B. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everybody, with the big party from Cyprus still causing havoc all over the place! They travelled far to play RedbetLIVE Malta, and they certainly brought the noise! GO TEAM CYPRUS!


Eleftherios Sinnos

Eleftherios Sinnos hunted us down by the buffet table to complain that we’d missed three big hands that he’d played to take him to a stack of over 120k. We found him at the table in a pot with Anthony Elemoso after Elemoso raised from the HJ and Sinnos called.
They both checked the Q high flop to the river and Sinnos casually bet 2k into 5k. Elemoso folded and Sinnos showed KQos; the table seemed very friendly and in good spirits as they joked with each other.

It’s definitely a myth that “everyone loves a chopped pot” as we saw on table 5 when Afshar Omidi and Adam Plicner went against eachother, with Omidid being the aggressor preflop and on the flop on 2s9c2d. They both checked 5c turn and 2h river and both turned over AK. We think both of them would have preferred to win the pot, but maybe they were happy with a chop. Maybe.

Wiktor Edmund Depta

Wiktor Edmund Depta

Maciej Kowalski opened UTG for 2100 and was called by Wiktor Edmund Depta from the c/o and Oliver Richard White from BB.
The flop came 4cQh10d and White checked. Kowalski bet 3500, which Depta was happy to call, but White was not. The turn was 9h and Kowalski bet 7k; Depta asked to see his remaining stack which was a total of 13k. Depta immediately put Kowalski all-in and the bet was called.
Kowalski turned over pocket Aces, but Depta showed up with Qd9s for two pair. The dealer couldn’t find a 4, 10 or Ace for Kowalski  and he was ejected. Feels bad to bust with AA, feels real bad.


Lvl 10 – 600/1200/100 – av stack 70.1k

57/80 players remaining after lvl9 proved to be a busy level for bustouts. The players who tripped up and out in the last level were: Petros Theodosiou, Caro Husein Hasic, Jan Sysel, Wojociech Szczytkowski, Antony Paul Hallam, Maciej Kowalski and Oliver John Moses Said.

The current top three chip stacks with three levels of play left today are: Mateusz Fajdasz with 138k, Marcin Spychalski with 127k and Igor Bogdan Turowski with 126k.
The short stack is Brynjar Baadhaug with 17k… grind it up!

Michal Jurgielewicz

Michal Jurgielewicz

 Monster pot on table 1 after Michal Jurgielewicz opened from the button for 3k and was called by Bo Evert Green from the SB and Filip Maksym Szeszula from BB.
The flop put Qd9h10s in front of the players and Green and Szeszula checked. Jurgielewicz bet 4k and Green raised to 12k. Szeszula passed to the raise, but Jurgielewicz called it.
The turn was 9d and Green quickly went allin for around 40k. Jurgielewicz called and flipped over Qs9s which meant Green was dead. No-one paid attention to the river, least of all Green, who pushed all his chips towards Jurgielewicz before the dealer had even peeled the card.

Lvl 11 – 800/1600/200 – av stack 75.5k

53/80 players remaining due to Radoslaw Kurczewski, Radoslaw Matyjaszczyk, Bo Evert Green and Jakub Tomasz Kocowski being eliminated in lvl 10.

.Oloph Niklas Wernersson

Oloph Niklas Wernersson: Will Ferrell called, and he wants his face back

Impotent action on table 2 as Francois Guillaume Narbonne and Wing K Tang get it all in preflop… both holding KK. The rainbow flop ensured the chop… what a waste of cowboys.
Oloph Niklas Wernersson 3-bet folded the red Queens preflop, so he was pleased with the fold, especially when the board did not deliver a Queen! We haven’t seen Wernersson play many pots today, but he’s holding a stack of around 100k now, so he must be doing something right!

We can see that Szymon Jakub Bujok is trying to cause havoc on table 5. We already knew that he was a satellite monster, as he’s always winning packages and seats RedbetLIVE events via, but he’s consistently proved that he’s a force to be reckoned with in any tournament format.
That said, his tablemate Kyriakos Papadopoulos is clearly not intimidated, and is fighting back against him as in the last pot we saw them play where Bujok opened UTG for 3600 and Papadopoulos raised him after it passed to him on the button.

Kyriakos Papadopoulos

Kyriakos Papadopoulos: he is not afraid.

Bujok called, but check>folded to Papadopoulos’s 5100 c-bet on 4s8d8s. Papadopoulos has a large stack of around 150k, and we guess Bujok thought there would be easier targets.

Lvl 12 – 1k/2k/200 – av stack 85.1k

47/80 players remaining in the last level of the day after lvl 11 destroyed the stacks of: Konstantinos Terzakis, Krzystof Andrzej Stuchlik, Oliver Richard White, Uwe Schrieber, Mats Gustav Villern Karlsson and Wojociech Szczytkowski.

Brynjar Baadhaug was the shortest stack in the tournament at the last break, and he’s still hanging in, now with a (still short) stack of 35k. Doesn’t matter how weak your life is, as long as you still have one!

On table 1 Piotr Dominik Wiecek limped UTG and Filip Maksym Szeszula figured he’d found a spot to jam his 25k stack allin with 3c3d. Dawid Borkowski called his bet from MP and that action was enough to get rid of Wiecek.
Borkowski flipped AhJh to give Szeszula a 50% shot at doubling up. The flop of 7cQh10h reduced that shot to 35% and Szeszula knew it was sweaty and stood up. The Jc on the turn took him down to less than 3% and the 2s river sent him packing. Everyone knows that winning these crucial flips is the only way to take down tournaments; not to be for Szeszula, at least not this time.

Szymon Kuczerski

Szymon Kuczerski

A late, and much needed double up for Szymon Kuczerski who launched his 11k stack UTG with KcQd. The only player to offer him action was Anthony Elemoso who had just 9k to call when it passed to him on the BB. He obviously didn’t love that he felt he had to call with 9c5c, and he loved it even less when Khigh was good enough by the river.

Meanwhile, on table 5, Marcin Spychalski raised UTG to 4k and after Daniel Nathan Wood called from UTG+1, Kyriakos Papadopoulos 3-bet to 7600.
Spychalski 4-bet to 12600, and this was enough to get rid of Wood. Papadopoulos  called and the flop was Js8d5s, which both players quickly checked. The turn was 5c and Spychalski bet 14k. Papadopoulos  considered his options for a short while, but then gave up his hand, letting Spychalski win a nice pot late in the day.

Retamero has just announced last four hands of the level, so players are very close to bagging their chips and returning for Day2 tomorrow.

39/80 players made it through to Day2 which starts tomorrow (Monday 17th at 1pm). Here are the qualifying chipcounts from Day1C:

#1PolandMieszko Krzysztof Bartz259,800
#2PolandLukasz Grzegorz Skora214,800
#3CyprusNicos Sotiriou208,500
#4PolandMateusz Fajdasz200,200
#5GreeceKyriakos Papadopoulos164,700
#6Mate J Adamic153,400
#7PolandMarek Pigula148,200
#8Simon Anthony Forster142,200
#9PolandPiotr Walkowicz128,600
#10SwedenKarl Jonas Pontus Magnusson124,700
#11PolandJacek Marek Zielinski123,600
#12PolandMarcin Spychalski122,300
#13PolandPiotr Dominik Wiecek120,400
#14Eleftherios Sinnos116,300
#15PolandAdam Plicner116,000
#16PolandLukasz Jan Pietraszko105,500
#17PolandSzymon Jakub Bujok103,900
#18FranceNam Giao Pham103,400
#19PolandJakub Franciszek Szczotka92,900
#20NetherlandsWing K Tang92,600
#21EnglandDaniel Nathan Wood86,000
#22SwedenOloph Niklas Wernersson85,100
#23PolandMarcin Bukowinski70,000
#24MaltaShaun De Cesare64,800
#25PolandDawid Borkowski64,500
#26PolandIgor Bogdan Turowski63,000
#27PolandJaroslaw Chmiel62,900
#28Quentin Olivier Thierry Loic Laugt62,600
#29Francois Guillaume Narbonne55,000
#30Jakub Jozef Filipowski54,600
#31SwedenTorgny Per Rikard Andersson46,800
#32PolandWiktor Edmund Depta46,000
#33Hubert Ryszard Olszewski45,300
#34PolandMichal Jurgielewicz41,400
#35RussiaAnthony Elemoso31,400
#36BulgariaGeorgi Bozhidarov28,500
#37GreeceEirini Kokoni21,800
#38PolandSzymon Kuczerski19,700
#39PolandEmil Sylwester Misiolek14,200


RedbetLIVE Malta: Main Event Day1B

Lvl 1 – 50/100 – av stack 50k

Cards are in the air on Day1B of the €350 buyin RedbetLIVE Malta Main Event. Registration is open for all 12 levels of play today, and will remain open until the clock starts on Day2 (Monday at 1pm).

16 players started today, and after 74 entries yesterday, the prizepool currently stands at just under €28000.

Not much action in lvl 1; pots are small and players are not willing to get too involved in big pots with marginal holdings early on.
Given that there’s players from all over the world, who have different native languages, there is a lot of banter already! Most players opt to communicate in English.

_MG_7388Iannelli Ferdinando is having a laugh on table 4 as he said he raised to 500 from the bb blind because he “couldn’t be bothered to get change”! Anyone who thinks the fun has gone out of live poker should get themselves involved in a low-stakes festival instead of a nose-bleed one… this is where the fun is!

Lvl 2 – 75/150 – av stack 50k

36/36 players remaining.

On table 1 Charlo Azzopardi raised to 775 from the SB after a limp from Sebastien Joel Le Port in the c/o. Christos Leantzis called the raise from the BB and Le Port stayed in too.
The flop appeared as Jh4d8h and Azzopardi c-bet 1500. Leantzis got out the way and Le Port called.
Azzopardi bet 3500 on the 2c turn and Le Port called.
The river was 10h and Azzopardi checked, Le Port checked behind and Azzopardi showed AA; he obviously didn’t like that 3rd heart on the river, but Le Port mucked.

We caught up with David Roderick Dyson, who came 6th/62 players in Thursday evening’s €55 Deepstack Turbo. He took down a 4 way pot on the turn with a delayed c-bet and then told us that he enjoyed the Deepstack Turbo event, and the structure was a lot of fun.
He had a swingy time on the FT of the Deepstack, trebling up in one hand, but then losing two big hands shortly after; “that’s poker”, as they say!

Lvl 3 – 75/150 – av stack 50k

45/45 players remaining.
Gerard Serra Retamero is the TD for RedbetLIVE Malta, and his experience is clear as he deals with table breaks, player issues and computers all at the same time!
It’s very relaxed here, and nice and cool in the air-conditioned conference suite at Casino Malta/The Intercontinental Hotel. Thank goodness for the air-con because it is HOT outside! Sunbathe or play poker? What a nice choice to have!

Hubert Ryszard Olszewski

Hubert Ryszard Olszewski

Scary Man

Maciej Krzystof Rachwaniec

Action on table 5 as Hubert Ryszard Olszewski limped from the HJ and Maciej Krzystof Rachwaniec raised to 700 from the BB. They went heads-up to the 10d4c7c flop and both checked to see the 5d turn.
Olszewski bet 700 and Rachwaniec raised to 2k. Olszewski thought for a moment and then called, moving his hands and chips slowly and deliberately.
The river was 7d and Olszewski led out for 3200. Rachwaniec gave him an intense stare, that was actually a little bit scary, but passed his hand; Olszewski did not show.

Eirini Kokoni is back in action today after winning a €40 flip for a seat yesterday. She cheekily limped from UTG and Tomasz Doktor raised to 450. The small and big blinds called.
“It’s 450?” Kokoni asked in a sweet voice, before 3betting to 2550; everyone folded!


Chipping Up competition during the break.

Chipping Up competition during the break.

Lvl 4 – 100/200/25 – av stack 51.9k

54/56 remaining, with Karim Zerrougui and Stefan Topor having been eliminated just before the break.

A hand developed on table 2 between Nam Giao Pham and Filip Tomasz Stojanowski when Stojanowski raised UTG+1 to 600. 5 players went to the Qc5c10h flop, including Pham.
It checked to Stojanowski, who bet 1600 and everybody folded except Pham.
The turn was 6c and Stojanowski checked; Pham bet 3500 and Stojanowski called quickly.
Stojanowski bet 10k on the Ah river and Pham looked pained. He thought for long enough for another player to call the clock and Retamero agreed that Pham had had enough time and gave him 60 seconds to make his decision.
Pham used nearly all his time and called the bet with just 3 seconds remaining. Pham mucked when Stojanowski turned over KJ for a straight to the Ace and shouted “F**k YEAH!”.

The €110 entry Deepstack is now underway with 17 players and 6 levels of late reg/re-entry.

Lvl 5 – 150/300/25 – av stack 52.5k

58/61 players remaining as Panagiotis Fantouisis was eliminated during the last level.


Georgiou Georgios

Costas Kalogirou limped UTG+1 on table 4 and Pawel Michal Hymos raised to 800 from the c/o. Marko Tabak called from the button, Georgiou Georgios called from the SB and Kalogirou hung around after his limp.
The flop was Jc2d2h and action checked to Tabak who bet 800. His bet was quickly raised to 3100 by Georgios and the other two players folded.
The turn was 9c and both players checked.
The river was Ah and Georgios confidently bet 4300. Tabak didn’t think for long before calling.
Georgios flipped 88, and seemed pretty happy… but then Tabak showed J9 for a better two pair.

Lvl 6 200/400/50 – av stack 52.5k

59/62 players remaining, no eliminations during the last level.

Ina Pavlova

We just caught Massimiliano Rosi getting eliminated after he 4bet jammed 20k into Ina Pavlova’s 3bet. She snapped him off and flipped QQ, Rosi looked a bit defeated as he turned KdQd. With two diamonds on board by the turn, he saw a glimmer of hope, but the black 9 on the river sent him packing.
“Straight!” He joked, but Pavlova wasn’t even slightly amused, and stacked her chips impassively.

Konstantinos Kotsaris

Konstantinos Kotsaris

An interesting hand developed on table 1 as Michal Zdzislaw Baranowski raised to 1k UTG. Alexis Wicen called from MP, Konstantinos Kotsaris called from the SB and Charlo Azzopardi called from the BB.
The flop popped out as KdKs10d and it checked to Baranowski who bet 2k. This bet cleared Wicen and Kotsaris stayed around to see the turn of 9c.
Kotsaris gave Baranowski a sideways glance as he looked at his cards and then gently checked. Baranowski bet 3600 and Kotsaris re-raised to 7900.
This did not go down well with Baranowski who began muttering and then said “straight, right?” before launching his cards at the dealer and walking away from the table in obvious frustration.


Lvl 7 – 300/600/50 – av stack 55.9k

59/66 players remaining after we lost the following players in lvl 6: Jakub Franciszek Szczotka, Massimiliano Rosi, Nam Giao Pham and Marcin Tomasz Szewczyk.

The top three chipstacks are Jan Sederman with 143,000, Sami Aleksi Pulliainen with 122,450 and David Roderick Dyson with 102,800.
Costas Kalogirou is the current short stack with just 6,800, but miracles happen and a few good spots will get him back in the game.

Anthony Elemoso just had a nice double up after 4-bet jamming AcQc and getting a call from 3-better Turgay Akin with 7d8d.

Anthony Elemoso

Anthony Elemoso

Elemoso was probably a bit nervous about his chances of claiming the 33k pot as Turgay flopped an open-ender, but it came to nothing and Elemoso survived.


Jacek Pustula opened a pot from the HJ for 1350 and Pawel Michal Hymos called from the BB.
The flop was 8h7c9c and Hymos donked for 1800, Pustula called. The turn was 5d and both players checked.
The river showed up as 3s and, again, both players checked. Hymos flipped over A6 of clubs and Pustula mucked. Maybe Hymos missed some value, maybe Pustula just gave up with absolute rubbish… who will ever know?
Obviously, Pustula does, but we doubt he’ll tell!


Lvl 8 – 300/600/75 – av stack 57.3k

61/70 players remaining after Jaroslaw Chmiel and Costas Kalogirou were eliminated in lvl 7.

Antonino Intravaia

Antonino Intravaia

Fun blind on blind pot between Antoine Degiorgio and Antonino Intravaia after Intravaia limped from the SB and Degiorgio raised to 3800. Intravaia called and the flop was 3s5c10d. Intravaia checked and Degiorgio c-bet 4500 in a neat and precise stack, which Intravaia called with a messy splash.
The turn was 8s and both players checked; they also both checked the 6d river and Intravaia flipped over 5d6s for two pair. Degiorgio chuckled and showed one of his cards, Ac.
“Small blind versus big blind I always call with 56,” said Intravaia, “it’s heads up!”

 We also saw Jakub Franciszek Szczotka putting pressure on short stack Maciej Krzystof Rachwaniec by forcing him to decide to call for his life on a board of 7sKh6hJd. The pot was around 20k, which was near enough equal to Rachwaniec’s remaining chips. Rachwaniec was obviously deeply pained and it took him a while to get to the fold. Szczotka decided not to show him, obviously; maintain the pain!

Jakub Jozef Filipowski opened from MP on table 2 and was called Marcin Koziarek from the c/o. They went heads-up to the flop of 9dQd7d.
Filipowski carried on the action and bet 2200, which Koziarek called. The turn was 10c and both players checked to the Jh river. Filipowski  had another go for 6500 and Koziarek  didn’t hesitate before calling.
Filipowski flipped pocket threes and Koziarek  showed J9c for two pair. Filipowski shrugged a small shrug, but didn’t look particularly bothered.

Lvl 9 – 500/1000/100 – av stack 61.8k

59/73 remaining after these eliminations during lvl 8: Maciej Krzystof Rachwaniec, Turgay Akin, Michal Falar, Tomasz Doktor and Hubert Ryszard Olszewski.

One of those “WTF?” hands just happened on table 2 between Sami Aleksi Pulliainen and Jakub Gurtler.
Gurtler open raised to 2200 and Pulliainen was the only caller to the Ah5h10c flop. Gurtler bet 3200 and Pulliainen called to see 2s on the turn.

Jakub Gurtler.

Jakub Gurtler.

Gurtler bet 6500 and Pulliainen called. The river popped out as 8d and this is where sh*t got weird… Gurtler bet 1k. Yep, just 1k.
Was it a mistake, or was it an evil ploy?
A couple of the players at the table chuckled to themselves. Pulliainen obviously thought it was weird too, because he tanked for a bit and then raised to 11.1k. Gurtler called immediately, but quietly mucked when Pulliainen turned over 8s10s for two pair.


 Lvl 10 – 800/1600/100 – av stack 67.5k

57/77 remaining, and the bustouts from lvl 9 are: Iannelli Ferdinando, Charlo Azzopardi, Tristan Francois Erwan Chevalier, Krzysztof Jacyk, Sotiris Sotiriou and Gareth William Chantler.

Sebastien Joel Le Port opened for 2500 from HJ on table 1 and was 3bet to 7600 by Michal Zdzislaw Baranowski from the SB. The player on the BB, Christos Leantzis, 4-bet jammed for a total of 31,500 and Le Port got out of the way.

Leantzis's cannon.

Leantzis’s cannon.

Baranowski counted his own stack, scratched his head, played with his chips and considered his move for a moment before folding.
Leantizis picked up his lucky charm, a cannon and shot at Baranowski, before declaring that he had two black Aces, but without showing his cards. Do we believe him?

Lvl 11 800/1600/200 – av stack 78k

50/78 entries remaining after lvl 10 proved to be the death for: Efstathios Komitas, Mariano Xiberras, Hubert Ryszard Olszewski, Dennis Berglin, Jakub Jozef Filipowski, Nicos Sotiriou, Adela Pechackova and Maciej Krzystof Rachwaniec.

We’re now in the last two levels of the day, and players are looking to grow a stack or bust. This event does offer the stack-surrender facility and registration/re-entry is open right up until the clock starts on Day2, which is Monday at 1pm.

There was a hand of much tanking and thinking on table 1 as Michal Falar opened UTG+1 to 3k. Eleftherios Sinnos raised from MP to 8200 and action zipped back round to Falar, who tanked for a bit before 4-betting to 18200. Sinnos went for the re-tank before asking how much Falar had behind, which was about 40k. Sinnos elected to call.
The flop was Kc5d5h and Falar had another little think before checking. Sinnos considered life and then bet 12700, which Falar looked at for a while, before calling.

Michal Falar

Michal Falar

The turn was 2 spades, and Falar checked relatively quickly compared to the fashion of this hand. Sinnos had his mouth covered with his hand, and we wondered if he’d stopped breathing when he finally bet 11,500. Falar paused for a moment before pushing the rest of his chips across the line, Sinnos insta-called.
Falar turned KhKd and Sinnos showed Ac5c, giving him just one out, an out that did not come; a nice late double up for Falar, in a hand with more tanks than a WWII land offensive.

In other news, the €33 entry “Allin Or Fold” tourney has just started, and with 90mins of late reg/unlimited re-entry, there will be time for players to register for this game after the clock is stopped on Day1B.
Players joke about poker being “bingo” sometimes… this will definitely be bingo, and a lot of FUN!
RedbetLIVE manager Marcin Jablonski is trying his luck in this game, he’s a massive fish, so this format will suit him nicely!

Lvl 12 – 1k/2k/200 – av stack 90.6k

43/78 remaining with the following players becoming tournament casualties in the penultimate level of the day: Gavril Daniel Hutuleac, Antonino Intravaia, Jakub Franciszek Szczotka, Stefan Topor, Doris Maria Andersson Murro, Tomasz Doktor and Mikhail Filatov.

Robert Hana

Robert Hana

Funny hand on table 4 between Marko Tabak and Robert Hana when Tabak opened UTG to 4200. It folded to Hana on the button who 3-bet to 12k, the blinds folded, but only after Marcin Tomasz Szewczyk had a good think on the BB.
Tabak called the 12k and the flop showed as Ac9h6d. Tabak checked and Hana bet 8k, Tabak instantly raised to 20k and Hana folded faster than faulty sun lounger, giving Tabak a thumbs-up as he did.

Retamero has just announced last 3 hands.


A very sexy double up for Pawel Chojnowski after he bet 15k into 20k on Kc5dJh8d and got put to it for his remaining 45k by big stack Jakub Gurtler.
Chojnowski was clearly pained as he finally made the call with AsQc and felt the pain subside when Gurtler turned over 9s10s. Chojnowski manged to fade all of Gurtler’s outs, and was clearly very happy to win the pot at such a late stage. Good bet from Gurtler, great call from Chojnowski; there is real poker at low-stakes, absolutely no doubt!
Gurtler clearly wasn’t happy to sit on his remaining 60k as he 3bet jammed with J6 a hand later against Dominik Martan, who snapped him with AK, which held to take Gurtler out on the second to last hand of the day.


36/78 players made it throught from Day1B to Day2 which starts at 1pm on Monday 17th October.


#1PolandMarcin Koziarek328,200
#2Rafal Lubczynski228,800
#3PolandKrzysztof Jacyk209,100
#4Czech RepublicDominik Martan198,200
#5BulgariaIna Pavlova179,300
#6Marcin Tomasz Szewczyk174,900
#7PolandJan Tomasz Przysucha174,100
#8EstoniaRaigo Aasmaa141,900
#9PolandPawel Chojnowski137,400
#10MaltaSalvatore Ritrovato133,300
#11Jan Sederman117,400
#12PolandJacek Pustula116,300
#13FranceSebastien Joel Le Port115,600
#14FinlandSami Aleksi Pulliainen113,600
#15MaltaNeville Grech110,500
#16Michal Zdzislaw Baranowski102,700
#17Czech RepublicMichal Falar96,000
#18Czech RepublicRobert Hana95,900
#19CroatiaMarko Tabak92,700
#20MaltaAntoine Degiorgio91,800
#21Pawel Michal Hymos88,100
#22SwedenAlexis Wicen83,900
#23Jacques Balzan De Maio83,400
#24SwedenJohan Stig Arne Creutz80,000
#25GreeceEirini Kokoni76,700
#26PolandPiotr Pawel Mank71,400
#27David Roderick Dyson68,800
#28Michal Robert Wdowiarski63,800
#29GreeceKonstantinos Kotsaris59,800
#30roland Ekstroem51,600
#31Italygiulio antonio Spampinato49,900
#32CyprusGeorgiou Georgios47,800
#33SwedenDennis Berglin37,700
#34FranceJean Bertrand Fabre36,600
#35CyprusChristos Leantzis32,000
#36RussiaAnthony Elemoso22,100

RedbetLIVE Malta: Main Event Day 1A

Lvl 1 50/100 – av stack 50k

25 players seated at the start of Day 1A, and as is normal with such deep starting stacks, players are being fairly cautious and keeping the pots small.
There is a calm atmosphere in the room, although there is some noise and banter coming from the freeroll satellite table; nothing puts people in a good mood like free stuff!_MG_7287

We’re in a conference room at the Intercontinental Hotel Malta, which is adjacent to Casino Malta, and it is a plush room, thankfully with good air con as the weather is hot and sticky in Malta today!

Casino Malta have made sure there are refreshments and valet staff here, and the massage girls will arrive shortly. The photographer has already been asked not to post photos of some players if they’re having a massage in case they get in trouble at home! Sounds like the photographer might be able to make some money from bribes…


Lvl2 75/150 – av stack 50k

Pawel Chojnowski and Mieszko Krzysztof Bartz got involved in a decent sized pot; we joined the pot on the river where Bartz had bet in position on a board of 9cJd9sKh6d and Chojnowski check raised him. Bartz thought for less than a minute before letting his hand go, and Chojnowski did not show.
We’ll never know what he had, but he’s above average stack now with 62k.

_MG_4080Now 35 players seated, late entry/reg for the RedbetLIVE Malta Main Event is available right up to the start of Day2, giving players maximum opportunity to enter.
Entry on Day2 is €350 and players will get the starting stack of 50k.
This facility is not encouraging players to go crazy though, there is still a lot of thought going into every hand here; that’s how RedbetLIVE events play out… people have fun, but they still take the game seriously!

 Lvl 3 100/200 – av stack 50k_MG_4077

36 players now with bums on seats, no eliminations as yet.


Marcin Cybinski hanging with our hostesses with the mostesses.

There was an interesting hand between Marcin Cybinski and Markos Kyprianou when Cybinski raised to 500 from the HJ and Kyprianou 3bet to 1250 from the button; Cybinski decided to call and checked the flop of 3c5d6h which Kyprianou opted to c-bet for 1500. Cybinski called.

The turn was 10h and Cybinski  checked. Kyprianou bet 3050 and Cybinski  quickly raised to 7200, which was called just as quickly.
Cybinski  checked the As river and Kyprianou bet 13k. Cybinski  didn’t look happy, and seemed to be reluctant in his fold. “Nice hand” he said to Kyprianou.

We saw Kyprianou’s hand as we were standing right behind him, but he didn’t show the table and asked us not to reveal it yet… what do you think he had?


Lvl4 100/200/25 – av stack 50k

Now 40 players registered, and still 40 players seated.

The pots are getting bigger now as the blinds are going up, but also as players get more comfortable with eachother’s playing style._MG_7315
A big pot developed on Table 5 which went four ways to the flop after Michael Andre Jensen opened UTG for 500, Kamil Damian Wolski called from MP, Arnaud Enselme called from the button and Lech Konrad Rudnicki 3bet to 1900… no-one felt like respecting the 3bet and all four players saw the 4h4sKd flop.

Action checked to Rudnicki and he c-bet 2800, which Jensen called, although he seemed slightly hesitant. Wolski  thought for a few seconds and then folded, and Enselme  insta-folded. They were heads-up to the 2h turn.
Rudnicki bet 8k; Jensen scratched his ear, looked thoughtful and then called the bet.


Precarious coffee!!

The river landed 6d and Rudnicki checked. It didn’t take long for Jensen to bet 12k and it took less time for Rudnicki to fold to the bet; Jensen added a nice pot to his stack giving him a total of around 76k. Nobody showed anything… the mystery of poker persists…

Lvl5 150/300/25 – Av stack 50k


Martan and Kolkoni before the carnage.

48/48 players remaining.

BOOM! 1st elimination from Table1.
Eirini Kokoni limped UTG+1 and Roland Boothby raised in late position. There was a 3bet from Dominik Martan on the button which Kokoni 4bet, getting rid of Boothby but keeping Martan in.
The flop came 4h2hKs and Kokoni checked. Martan bet out, Kokoni re-raised all-in and Martan called it.
Kokoni turned AA and Martan turned Ah3h… the only thing he hit was the rail and Kokoni pulled together her 95k stack.

Lvl 6 – 200/400/50 – av stack 51k

52/53 players remaining.
There will be a 1hr dinner break after this level… although there has been a snack buffet available all day and that has been systematically destroyed!
Still, poker players need their carbs and protein to survive the tough life of sitting and playing poker all day.

56/59 remaining, Giorgio De Cillis and Sean Sammut have been eliminated. Nevermind boys, plenty of time for re-entry! Regroup and return!


Tournament management team looking busy.

We’ve just seen Marcin Cybinski be eliminated by Eirini Kokoni after she limped from UTG with Kd10d and Cybinski jammed 10k with 55. He was happy until the river when Kokoni spiked a K! She admitted it was a “lucky river” and said she was pleased to have a good stack; 130k is definitely a good stack! Kokoni is chopping down wood all over the forest at the moment!


Sensory deprivation helps concentration.

Interesting hand happened on table 2 when Salvatore Ritrovato opened from MP to 1k. He was called by Apostolos Stylianou from the c/o and then Szymon Jakub Bujok 3bet to 3500 from the BB. Ritrovato folded and Stylianou came along for the ride after asking to see what Bujok’s stack was.
Flop came 6hKsJh and Bujok bet 3600, Stylianou called.
Turn was 4h and the action went check-check.
The river was 2c and Bujok checked, Stylianou quickly bet out 12k. Bujok had a good, long think; it was clear he was torn and hated his poker life at that exact moment. He finally called and mucked when Stylianou showed 5s6d for a pair of sixes! “So sick!” said Bujok, and Stylianou did look a bit surprised to have been called and won the pot giving him a stack of around 91k.



Lvl 7 300/600/75 – av stack 53.5k


_MG_4131Players have just sat down after their dinner break with 57/61 remaining.
During the break the €150 Omaha cup started and 27/29 players remain there. Remember to check on FaceBook and Instagram for all photos from all events at RedbetLIVE Malta.

Top three chip stacks after the dinner break are: Jonatan Ireneusz Kula, 150k. Eirini Kokoni with 114k. Krzystof Chojnowski with 106k.

Hands are coming thick and fast on all tables, with late position steals consistently getting through.
Didn’t happen for Jiri Smitek who opened to 1500 and was 3bet by Luca Beretta from the HJ to 4500. All fold and Smitek called.
Flop hit 6hKd10s and Smitek checked. Beretta c-bets 3500 and Smitek passed.


Kyprianou wishing he was the guy with KK.

We’ve just seen Dawid Paczka get dealt KK! He played aggressively pre and got action from Markos Kyprianou.
The Qhigh flop went check/check and Kyprianou bet 2.8k when the As fell on the turn, Paczka called.
Paczka bet just 1500 into 9k and Kyprianou called with KQ; always nice to win any pot with KK on an Ahigh board!

 Lvl 8 400/800/75 – av stack 55k


Does this look like a man who’s up for juggling the tournament equipment?

60/66 players remaining.
Tomasz Doktor and Fernandez Gonzalo have been eliminated in the last level; they may want to stick around and re-enter, which they can do until the end of play today (lvl 12).

Alternatively, they may want to check out Kim Devos juggling chips on table 2. He was nailing three chips, but came unstuck when he had a crack at four chips, there were 25point chips all over the place!
He’s lucky that Gerard Serra Retamero, the tournament TD and internationally recognised poker master didn’t catch him doing that! Probably a penalty situation right there.

Lvl 9 500/1k/100 – av stack 60.3k

58/70 players remaining. We lost Jakub Gurtler, Lech Konrad Rudnicki, Bartosz Piotr Ferenc, Nicos Sotiriou, Bas Wilhelmus Cornelis De Laat and Arkadiusz Rasiak during lvl 8.

Retamero has just announced there will be a 9handed, €40 flip for a RedbetLIVE Main Event seat, and the crowd went wild! The nine seats filled up within seconds, and it had the vibe of feeding time in the monkey house on jumbo peanut day.
The TD, Retamero dealt the cards face up, and it’s no wonder he got promoted to TD because he deals TERRIBLE hands. After a misdeal, the best hand he managed to pull out of the deck was A4os… total bag of rags!
After a lot of shouting and madness, the eventual winner was Eirini Kokoni, who is on fire today!
“YEAH BABY!” she shouted as the €350 seat was hers for minimal outlay and effort. Everyone loves a flip!


Piotr Mank

Just caught a hand between Sylwia Renata Pietraszko and Piotr Pawel Mank when P raised to 2500 from HJ, Mank called from the BB and the flop was As3c3s.
Pietraszko bet 2500 and Mank quickly called. Turn was 4d and Pietraszko bet 4100, which Mank also called with an air of resignation.
The river was 7h and both players checked; Mank turned over 5s6s for a straight and Pietraszko mucked. Did he miss value by checking, or do you think she was on it from the start?

We’ve just lost GPL Commentator Roland “In The Booth” Boothby after he 3bet jammed 20bigs into Johan Axel Soderberg’s AA with KJ.
We asked him what he was thinking and he told us that he had Soderberg pegged as a bit of a maniac because he’d been playing and winning a lot of pots. Boothby also said he’d lost a few big hands himself, and not won a pot since the break, so there may have been a shadow of tilt there too. Unlucky Roland, now back to your booth!


Lvl10 600/1200/100 – 72.5k

49/71 players remaining. We lost Markos Kyprianou, Martyna Dorota Kwella, Arkadiusz Rasiak (after re-entry), Eirini Kokoni, Niklas Mac Peter Forsberg, Piotr Pawel Mank, Lech Konrad Rudnicki, Jakub Franciszek Szczotka, and Karol Kaminski in the last level.

_MG_7390The Omaha event is hotting up and the €45 entry satellite for RedbetLIVE Malta Main Event is underway, with the €55 entry (€25 bounty) Real Hunter game starting in just 30mins.
It’s all about the poker here… and the banter… and the food… and the beer-pong… and the loud and crazy flips! We don’t know what it’s all about, but we’re loving it!

 Good hand between Dawid Paczka and Bartosz Piotr Ferenc after it folded to Ferenc and he raised to 3k from the SB. Paczka called and the flop fell as Ks3d8s.
Ferenc bet out for 2300 and was quickly called. He bet out again on the Qd turn for 4800 and was called again, just as quickly.
The river was 6h and that proved to be a bit of a thinker for Ferenc who tanked for about two minutes. During this time Retamero came and broke the table, so the two players were left alone with the dealer. Eventually, Ferenc bet 17500 and Paczka started muttering in Polish, even if we could translate it… we probably wouldn’t want to!
After about 30 seconds of angry mumbling, he called and Ferenc insta mucked. Paczka showed Kd10d.

Lvl11 800/1600/200 – av stack 82k


His other hobby is actual fishing.

44/72 players remaining.
In the last level the players who became acquainted with the rail were: Pawel Chojnowski, Panagiotis Fantousis, Marek Pigula, Lukasz Jan Pietraszko, Radoslaw Matyjaszczyk, and Salvatore Ritrovato.
We’re now in the last two levels and we’re entering that weird stage of Day1 where big stacks don’t want to donk off too many chips and small stacks are getting more aggro.

Krzystof Andrzej Stuchlik shoved all-in for 19k from UTG and Bartosz Piotr Ferenc asked for a count from the HJ. The dealer went for Stuchlik’s stack and dislodged his “lucky coin” that was balanced on top; big mistake, dealer, Stuchlik was not happy with the alien contact with his lucky coin!
Ferenc didn’t care at all about the coin and re-raised to 41k, all folded and they went HU to the flop. Stuchlik turned AJ and Ferenc showed 99.

The flop and turn were no help to Stuchlik and as the dealer peeled the river, he shouted “come on coin!”. The river was a J to double Stuchlik and make Ferenc believe in the power of the coin.

Lvl 12 1k/2k/200 – av stack 97k

This is the last level of the day and 38/74 remain.
Eliminated players in the last level are: Mieszko Krzysztof Bartz, Jill Alva Gunnel Mellstrom, Tommy Andre Sorensen, Luigi Knoppers, Sean Sammut, Dalibor Nydecky, Konrad Abela and Marcin Koziarek.

The €55 entry (€25 bounty) Real Hunter is underway, and is predictably loud and crazy! This is a really fun event, and many of the players who have busted the Main Event are giving it a go, presumably to chill out after a day of more “serious” poker.

Retamero is currently giving the dealers instruction to deal the last three hands. Day1A players have almost made it!
They can surrender the stack if they are not happy with it, and entry to this tournament is open until the clock starts on Day2.
Chip counts will be published as soon as Retamero releases them… he is an international man of mystery after all!

A couple of good hands from the last three whilst we’re waiting for closing chip counts:

_MG_4160Firstly, a nice double up for Irish Poker legend DK Lappin as he 3bet jammed 37k from the BB after Marios Mansour opened to 5500 UTG and Krzystof Andrzej Stuchlik called from the SB. Mansour called the allin instantly and Stuchlik folded. Lappin had 77 which held strong against Mansour’s AK.
Is there any better feeling than doubling up in the last hands of the day?

We also saw Michal Falar go for the last minute double when he open jammed his 20k stack with 9h6h from EP. Unfortunately for him, Lucas Blanco Oliver woke up with AA on the button. There was a bit of a sweat for Falar as the 7h and 10h were on board by the turn to give him a straight flush gutter, but the ball never dropped and he was eliminated.

Day 1A Chip Counts

#1PolandKrzystof Chojnowski306,900
#2PolandJonatan Ireneusz Kula217,400
#3NorwayMichael Andre Jensen205,700
#4SpainLucas Blanco Oliver204,300
#5SpainAlfonso Carlos Timoteo Rubias200,500
#6PolandArkadiusz Rasiak160,900
#7PolandSylwia Renata Pietraszko150,700
#8Czech RepublicJiri Smitek142,200
#9SpainFernando Perez Castro139,500
#10PolandPawel Wakuluk131,100
#11NetherlandsBart Boris Kuiper129,000
#12PolandBartosz Piotr Ferenc120,400
#13CyprusApostolos Stylianou119,700
#14IrelandDaragh Davey115,200
#15PolandDawid Paczka102,200
#16ItalyLuca Beretta96,500
#17PolandKamil Damian Wolski94,500
#18NetherlandsLuigi Knoppers92,200
#19SpainVicente Delgado Zamorano91,600
#20MaltaBas Wilhelmus Cornelis De Laat90,700
#21MaltaClint Sammut90,000
#22David Laurence Kilmartin Lappin85,000
#23SpainOihan Ruiz De Laramendi81,900
#24SwedenJohan Axel Soderberg77,800
#25PolandKrzystof Andrzej Stuchlik75,900
#26PolandKamil Lukasz Walus73,100
#27FranceArnaud Enselme63,700
#28SwedenNils Johannes Jarefjall51,700
#29CyprusMarios Mansour51,100
#30MaltaMark Anthony Vella44,000
#31BelgiumKim Devos25,600
#32Italygiulio antonio Spampinato20,000


Day2 starts at Monday 17th October at 1pm

RedbetLIVE: Player’s Perspective

At RedbetLIVE we’re proud of our low-stakes festival schedules because they include a wide variety of events and formats with buyins that are affordable for recreational players and in keeping with the buyin of the Main Event (€350).

Freelance poker blogger Kat Arnsby will be playing tonight’s €55 entry deepstack turbo and blogging her RedbetLIVE side event experience from the tables so you can get a first hand feel for RedbetLIVE festivals.


19:00 lvl1 25/50

 Time for the off here! 25 e ntries to start and there’s 6x15min levels for re-entry/late reg.

I like a deepstack tourney, but I’m also in the mood for a bit of a punt and some fun, so I’m looking forward to the deepstack turbo stucture.image
I’ve been to low-stakes festivals before that don’t have much in the way of side events, so pleased to see RedbetLIVE offering a decent schedule.

My table looks pretty serious… but I’m sure I can get them giggling, probably by playing badly!!!

It’s a pretty aggro table, one orbit in and most pots have been 3bet pre, I suppose with a turbo structure, we gotta gt moving!

I just tried to rob a pot with a K7c on the turn (board 2s4hQc6c) after it limped to my bb and flop was checked.
Got one caller and turn was 6h. Fancied K-high was good enough to check it… he had a deuce. Oh well!

I’m in seat1 which I hate, but at least the dealer smells nice!!!


19:20 lvl2 50/100

Now 40 players and I’ve got a nice fish to my right.

imageAlso made a new friend, called Tommy (pictured), who’s sitting next to me on my left. He’s a Maltese local but players here have come from all over Europe, which is really cool!

I just took a 2k pot after a small  2bet took 5 players to the flop on my bb. I didn’t look pre and it turned out I’d flopped trips! I checked flop blind and there was a bet and a call. With a flush draw there I raised pot thinking I might get a follower, not to be.

Everyone folds when girls bet! I showed the trips, so let’s hope they keep it up!


19:45 lvl3 75/150 – 35.7k

Nipped a nice pot with 1010 after rivering a flush to outdraw flopped straight. What a luckbox!

Overall standard seems pretty low on my table, which is making me feel comfortable because I’m a micro-online player and €55 is a pretty big buyin for me!

The valet table service is pretty good and it’s nice to have massage girls knocking about in a €55 game!


19:50 lvl4 100/200 – 36.8k

Up to 43 players and the fish on my right is playing 90% of hands pre! I WANT HIS CHIPS!!

Just folded A9h in a nice 3bet spot cos I had a bad feeling about an open from the only guy at the table who hasn’t played a pot yet. He had AA and my new pal Tommy decided to bet into him on every street with 55.

Feeling nice and settled now, but could do with winning some pots as blinds are going up!!

Fish to my right has busted after paying off AK with A10, all in on flop of A63. DON’T PLAY TOO MANY HANDS, KIDS!


lvl 5 150/300/25- 36k

A new player takes up the fish’s empty seat and he’s a lot of fun!

Banter level going up!

Just tried a late pos steal with 910os, course the button’s got KK! At least he’d showed me, eh?

Just lost a few beans by trying to be creative with 67s and not having the stones to follow it through on the river. The guy who’s only played AA stayed with me though, so I’m not sure my river check was the worst play I ever made!


lvl 6 200/400/25- 27.2k

53 players now and last level for re-entry/late reg.

Table is nice and friendly now and I’m having fun! Stack not having much fun, but you can’t have everything!



Final entries = 62

Prizepool = €3k


lvl 7 250/500/50 – 26.2k

Really nice vibe here, the room is busy and fun.

Just took the blinds after raising utg on the bb of a guy who told me “never to limp preflop”. Duly noted, sir!

The dealer is nice because I keep failing to put my ante in because I’m typing on my iPad, so he’s doing it for me! Gotta love a friendly dealer!


lvl8 300/600/50 – 25k

I am not doing much; pretty card dead, so need to get creative, but lots of 3bet pots. Not sure I’ve got the skillz to go for cold 4bets pre with 94os. Hard to worry too much when I think I’ll get value if I ever get a hand worth betting for value!

Have just witnessed a 100bb pot allin pre with AK v 1010. Khigh flop and no salvation. These guys are not afraid of a punt!


lvl9 400/800/100 – 22.5k

Played one pot last level. Flopped top two pair with A9 after an utg open from a regular raiser.
He called my small 3bet and I was hoping he’d bet into me. He did, but only after he’d rivered a set… Horrors!


lvl10 500/1000/100 – 23.9k

Robbed a pot pre with 73os… my general lack of action so far is helping me, but I can’t rely on that forever… can I?

Table talk is focused on Poland’s incredibly harsh poker laws; there are a lot of Polish players here, but  everyone speaks really good English, which is great for me because, as a typical, ignorant Brit, I speak no other languages!

There are a lot of young players in the game, and I’m impressed at how far some of them have come to have a low-stakes live festival experience.



44/63 remaining


lvl11 600/1200/100 – 31k

3bet from button against the habitual early opener and one limper. They both claimed to have AJ, so I claimed to have AQ. I had 89c, so I was lying… but at least one of them was lying too, I’m sure!

Poker players never tell the truth!

Really fun and chatty table, I’m having a great time, even if I’m way below average stack!


lvl12 800/1600/200 – 28k

Another level without playing a pot!

There is a fierce discussion about whose country has the worst weather. I remind them I’m British… I win.

Av stack is 42k and there are shorter stacks than me at the table; there’s life in the old Kat yet!


lvl13 1k/2k/200 – 38k

Won a nice pot after limping to an open from the guy who’s opening 1 in 4 pots, with a plan to raise the flop. Flop is Jh10h8c and he cbets less than his open. I raise 1/2 my remaining stack and show him the rest. He tank folds and claims AK with Kh. I tell him I had pocket 10s, which was obviously a lie, I had Ah6d.

There was a great pot with Pole on Pole action after c/o open jammed 20 bigs with Jd3d and was snapped by bb with AsJs. Turn gave them both a Qhigh straight and the jammer complained when a 3 hit the river. I think I know some Polish swears now!


lvl14 1200/2400/200 – 44.4k

Eliminated the guy who c/o jammed Jd3d after opened allin for 7bigs from utg+1. I had K10; I was happy enough with the call, and so was he when he turned A8, he wasn’t such a fan of the Khigh flop!

In other news, I’ve been dealt A10os 3 hands in a row and had to fold pre 3 hands in a row! Action moving quicker now, and we have new faces at our table, although the banter is still very friendly.

We’ve just had a bit of a dispute about min raises, but the floorman was straight on it and it got sorted quickly.


lvl15 1500/3k/300 – 49k

Nipped a couple pre and had a free massage from a Cypriat called Marcos who has been eliminated. I love how friendly everyone is here!

32 players remaining, and I can see a few players getting a bit tired; maybe they’re used to cash? Maybe they’ve been playing all day? Who knows?

There are a few 10bb stacks on my table so I need to watch what I’m doing because I almost said “raise” with 23os from the small, thinkin it was blind on blind when actually a shorty had gone all in!



 lvl16 2k/4k/400 – 99k

Eliminated a shorty who jammed 12 bigs into my bb with AQ when I was holdin AK. Won a pot from my new pal Tommy after outracing his 66 with AJ, he bet the Ahigh flop and called the turn, I rivered a flush with my J, but he wasn’t having it and showed me anyway.

Had a table move and a lady at my table is wearing a t-shirt with the slogan “I don’t even fold laundry”!




lvl17 2.5k/5k/500 – 98.5k

Not much action for me in the last level, nicked one pot pre from HJ with A4 and showed the Ace in an attempt to prove to my new table what an honest player I am!

Folded 33 from the bb to utg 16bb jam. Wasn’t really sure why at the time, but as he hasn’t played a hand since, I’m alright with it. Sort of. Should I have called?


lvl18 3k/6k/500 – 92k

Another table move with 19 left, av stack 99k, 7 places paid.

I have an aggro player to my left which sucks, but a couple of shorties to my right which might work out okay!

Getting my final table face ready, let’s hope I get to use it!


lvl19 4k/8k/1k -88k

Struggling to find a spot between allin shoves!

The aggro guy on my left is causing havoc, but just doubled up a short stack who had AA.

Still a friendly game, but you can tell people are concentrating a bit more as we lose players, 17 left now.


lvl20 5k/10k/1k – 86k

Folded to me on the button and I jammed with 24c… tank fold from bb, bit of a sweaty moment! I said he could pick a card to see and it ended up being the 2. He wasn’t impressed! I blagged him that I had A2, but he claimed A6 so he probably should have called anyway for 8bigs, no?

Push or pass mode, but just folded A10 after utg shoved for 65k. He got called by the bb with A2 amd turned over AJ. Deuce on the turn sends him packing; glad I folded!

15 left.


lvl21 6k/12k – 50k

Called a 25k shorty shove from bb with Q4c and lost to his J8s.

In dire straights but still having a laugh! 14 left.


lvl22 8k/16k/1.5k – 150k

A chopped pot with the only other lady left in the tourney and a double with 1010 after shoving from c/o and getting called by button with K9. Showing that deuce last time I shoved short and late worked wonders, I feel!

Still 14 left, and still having fun. Isn’t poker great? Hang out with a load of random strangers from all over the world and laugh like you’re old mates.

I’m dead on average stack and I need the break to come!



….and final table!

I need a cig! I’ve officially given up, but sometimes ya just gotta give in!

Looking forward to final table, everyone’s in a very jolly mood!


lvl23 10k/20k/2k

Bubble just burst!

Short stack shove with K10 called by successful AJ. I’m still the smallest stack with 5 bigs and it’s just gone it with Q9d…. aaaaand busto to AQ!

Still, showing a profit in 7th place for €129, could be worse, and had a great time playing!

This festival is great fun, well run and has a lot of really entertaining players, I wish I could play all the events!


Follow Kat on Twitter @ThePokerBaffer and follow RedbetLIVE on Twitter and FaceBook for updates, promotions, news and videos.