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Poker Blog #1: Brave New Poker World

Hello all!
My name is Kat Arnsby and I’ve just taken over as poker manager at Redbet!RedbetLIVE WP Profile Photo
Feel free to add me on FB, (Kat Redbet) or on Twitter (@Redbet_Kat); I’m usually friendly, especially if you love a bit of poker!

I’m a proper poker geek; the majority of my recreational time is taken up with playing online or live, and although I occasionally satellite into a larger buyin game, my regular haunts are micro-stakes online and low-stakes live poker.

Overall, I’m a losing player, but I’m one of those weird folk who still believe that poker can be fun, and not a soul wrenching grind, and it’s long been a passion of mine to bring new people into the game.
I never mind losing what I can afford at poker if I enjoy the time I spend playing.

“Poker’s dying”… they tell me… but I don’t believe them, I think poker is just settling into a long and stable life, and I’m 100% sure it will always be part of my life!

Anyone who has been involved in poker for long enough will remember the industry boom, usually credited to Mr Moneymaker and his epic micro satellite to World Crusher run.
Suddenly everybody was into poker, and within what seemed like moments, everybody was an “expert”!

Of course, not just an “expert” at the actual game of poker in its pure form; the boom created experts in all areas, not least the affiliate programs that essentially sucked money out of the system and rewarded jobless button clickers for playing fifty tables at once and seeing one flop in every five hundred.

The poker economy became a place where there was little reward for just playing and enjoying the game, and, not surprisingly, discouraged new players from joining in.
Many people (individual players and operators alike) took a very short sighted view of the sustainability of poker; it became a smash and grab economy and I’m pleased to say that has changed.

_MG_7536The changes included the end of some online poker rooms, in fact, some entire networks, but, as in every situation where an environment drastically mutates, those best adapted to change will evolve and survive.

At this exact moment, Redbet is preparing a new online cardroom, and it’s going to be on the Microgaming Poker Network, a long-standing player in the online poker world.
Of course, in line with industry trends, the network has had its ups and downs, but I believe it is absolutely the best network to be with going forward; I say this from the perspective of an operator and player.

I’ve spent some (frankly pretty dull) hours reading through all the Microgaming Poker Network rules and regulations, and they are all about being a safe place to play, and providing a great spot for new and inexperienced players.
As a skin on this network, Redbet has to be very careful about what they offer the sharks, and is being actively encouraged to attract new blood into the game with heavy support for promotions and game formats aimed at less experienced players.

My bosses seem very much on board with creating a room that appeals to micro-stakes players and low-stakes players and giving me the freedom to reach out to new players.
I’ll let you know as soon as the room is live, and invite everyone to give it a shot and offer their feedback, whatever level of experience you have in poker.

Redbet also plans to show its poker face on the live poker scene with appearances from the popular RedbetLIVE tournaments. We’ll start close to home in beautiful Malta, and then hope to visit the UK and Sweden later in the year, watch this space!_MG_0272

I’m going to try to keep you updated weekly with what we’re doing and some thoughts about the low-stakes poker world in general.
Please feel free to chat to me via social media; I’m a real person in a real place, not a bot or a faceless corporation!

If you have any ideas on how to encourage new players into this game we love, or just want to rant about a bad-beat (within reason, no-one’s getting any younger) then hit me up! I love to talk about all things poker, and it’s one way to look busy at my desk… uh-oh, is my boss reading this?