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redbetLIVE Dragonara Malta: Event 1 Day 1A


Early Cash Action

It was nice to walk into a small, local cardroom on a Friday afternoon and see three full cash tables!
There was already a friendly vibe here before the clock even started.


Lvl 1 25/50 – 26 players

Clock started at 20:35 after accommodating a few players.
The first hand was dealt to 26 players and there were four steaming €1/€2 cash tables as well… fun night here at Dragonara!

The starting stack is technically 30k, but players can take the stack in two lots of 15k if they want, so event sitting down with 1/2 the stack now means 300 big blinds per player.

Lvl 2 50/100 – 33 players

No eliminations in lvl 1.
Players settling in and many have chosen to support the charity organisation Play2Care by contributing €10 to the cause of an individual person supported by the organisation.

Lvl 3 75/150 – 35 players


 Still no bust outs and a couple of extra joiners, including local player David K Lappin, the only Irish poker player in the world not to be playing in the Irish Open this weekend?

A lot of the players have taken the option of keeping 1/2 their stack in reserve, although some decided to sit down with all the chips.
We’re not sure which is the best strategy? Any ideas?

BREAK – 15mins

Lvl 4 100/200 – 35 players

No eliminations so far, but there’s plenty of chips to play with and with the function of taking the starting stack in two amounts, there is more chance to have a gamble with the first stack and not bust.

Vincent Chtchgrovs

An early chip leader has appeared in the form of Vincent Chtchgrovs who has amassed a stack of 61k already!

Our first bust out happened to Allisandro Murato… not to worry, he can enter again today or come back tomorrow at 1pm or 8:30pm.

Teemu Hietala

Teemu Hietala

We’ve also spotted Teemu Hietala in the field, a €10 LMS ticket winner. He beat our poker manager heads-up to take the ticket, and her dignity, in a Dragonara Saturday Night €25 tournament last week!
€10 well spent!

Lvl 5 100/200/25 – 34 players

Players are enjoying the relaxed environment, we’ve got the doors open, we can hear the sea and it’s all very chilled out here.

Local favourite of the people, Sascha Manns has managed to grind a stack with more than 50k in front of him and his 15k reserve stack still held behind.

Sascha Manns (He's Da Man)

Sascha Manns
(He’s Da Man)

Sascha’s a well known local face and a great supporter of the local poker economy.

Lvl 6 150/300/25  – 33 players

Blinds creeping up slowly, although anyone registering now will sit with 100 big blinds.

David K. Lappin, Unibet Ambassador and self-proclaimed “gobshite” is already trying to donate to the cause by making some sneaky moves.
He raised to 1300 from SB after 3 players limped in and two joined him in seeing the AhKs2s flop. Lappin bet 1.5k and both players stayed with him.
Turn was As and Lappin’s 3.7k bet shook of one follower to go heads-up to the 4d river.
David jammed 18k on the river and tabled J9os when his opponent folded.
Cheeky Irishman!




David Lappin

BREAK 15 mins

Lvl 7 200/400/50

30 players out of 38 entries remaining with 3 levels of play to go before entry closes (approx 1am).

Play will end today after level 12.
Av stack is 38k, although that  includes players who have held back their 2nd 15k chipstack. If the 2nd stack is not in play by the end of level 12, it will be automatically added to the count so all players start day 2 will all chips in play.

Jacques Balzan Demajo has just had to make use of his 2nd stack after his pocket AA was unfortunately outrun by two players, one with a flopped set and the other by a rivered straight… sigh…


Lvl 8 250/500/50

30 players still remain.


Lvl 9 300/600/50 – 26 players


Jacques Balzan Demajo

Jacques Balzan Demajo

The tournament has just broken a table as we’re playing 9 handed.

Demajo couldn’t recover from his busted AA, unluckily making a move with 66 against QQ with his 2nd stack.

There are now 30 mins of registration left including the break at the end of lvl 9.

QUADZILLA for Mario Scriberras got it all in preflop with 77 v KQ and flopped quads, which is up there with the best ways to win a tournament.
Win flips by flopping quads… easy game!

Mario Sciberras

Mario Sciberras


BREAK 15 mins

Lvl 10 400/800/100 – 25 players

Registration is now closed on Day1A and there are 25 players left hoping to survive the last three levels and make it through to Day2 which starts at 1pm on Sunday 2nd April.

Clear chipleader at the moment is Sascha Manns with around 100k; the tournament average is 48k.


Lvl 11 500/1000/100 – 19 players

Av stack is 63k as we go into the penultimate level of the day.

Andrea Stellato

Andrea Stellato

Top three stacks are currently held by Sascha Manns, David Lappin and Andrea Stellato who all have over 100k.

With just under an hour to go, players want to make Day2 now. Stack surrender is available if players want to join a later flight, but why buyin again if you can spin it up?

The last player to bust was Kristoff Van Der Stichel who got short and got it in with QJ v K10… but couldn’t get there. Tournament poker is hard work sometimes!


Lvl 12 600/1200/100 – 18 players

Down to the last two tables for the last 30 minute level of the day. Play stops after lvl 12 and all remaining players return at 1pm on Sunday to play from lvl 13. Av stack is 67k at the start of this level.

Day 1A ends with 13 players remaining:


Poker Blog #2: The Magic Computer Fairies

I’ve played online poker for years. It’s really easy.
You turn on your computer, you download a poker client by clicking the words “DOWNLOAD NOW” in the middle of your screen, some computer magic happens and then you start playing poker.

That’s it, there’s nothing else to it.

Not once in over a decade of being an online poker player did I consider what transpires behind the scenes to make all that happen.
Apparently, computers and the internet are not run and controlled by fairies, coding is nothing to do with wartime communications and programming is not just for TV channels.

I am, in theory, part of the team that is bringing you the new online poker room, but actually, at this point, I’m out of my depth, because the real wizards are the engineers and developers who have the task of bringing the online tables into existence.

computer-nerdThere’s probably a few of you out there thinking that I must be pretty stupid if I don’t understand how computers work. What kind of muppet doesn’t know how to program a computer or design a website in the 21stC?

This kind of muppet.

I am absolutely gobsmacked at the amount of work and attention to detail that is going into creating the new Redbet Poker client.
I honestly thought there would just be a cable that we’d hook up to a box in the office, flick a switch connected to Microgaming Poker Network’s office and it would be go time.

Silly, silly me.

It would be a lot easier if we weren’t being so  very diligent in the way we’re organizing ourselves and managing our customers’ money, making sure it’s safe, making sure that anyone who plays on redbet will have a nice, easy time and not be dropped into a button clicking frenzy of confusion.

Luckily for redbet poker customers, I’m not responsible for the technical side of things, there’s a team here and one at Microgaming who are managing all that.

The team here spend quite a lot of time laughing at me because I know so little about computers and they can’t believe I can move about in the modern world without tripping over my own tongue.
Sometimes when I hear them talking I feel like my Mum looks when I video call her and get a close up shot of her ear-hole because she just sees a phone; I am horribly out of date.

Fortunately for me, and for others like me (and I know there are plenty out there: solidarity, brothers) none of this high-tech knowledge is required for me to carry on enjoying the game of online poker. I don’t need to know anything about lines of code, or understand how the mysterious internet works; I can just log-on, register my screen name, pick a pretty picture of me for an avatar and start playing my cards.redbetlive3
Thank goodness for that.

I’m testing the new Redbet poker client as I write this, and finally I’m looking at something I understand! Cards and chips! Soon, I’ll be able to start focusing on the part of my job I’m really going to enjoy, thinking up ways to spend the promotional budget on fun ideas to attract new players.
If you have any brilliant ideas yourself, I’d love to hear them, the benefit of being a small skin with a new room is that we have the opportunity to try new things.

See you in the redbet online poker room VERY soon…