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Poker Blog #3: redbet poker is back online!

redbet poker is BACK ONLINE!

I stated in a previous blog that I’m not much for the technical thinking. My background is live poker, where the chips and cards are physical items that you carry about and store in cupboards; the virtual felt is a foreign country, they do things differently there.

We have encountered a small issue, that will soon be rectified, to do with deposit bonuses.
I’d love to bore you with the details, but I just don’t really understand them, all I know is that a team here at redbet and another team at Microgaming are working on resolving the problem.

In real terms, comprehensible even to me, it means that we are not currently able to offer a matched bonus for a player’s first deposit, which as most experienced online players are aware, is industry standard.

redbet-cardsWe did consider whether this should prevent us from launching our online room, but since our strategy is to focus on new and recreational players, we decided to stick two fingers up to “industry standard” and get the cards flying.

The question we had to answer was this: Are recreational and new players really depositing €500 and getting €1000 in pending bonus to be released in €25 chunks?

We reckon not.

In the time it takes us to fix the technical issue with deposit bonuses, we are giving everyone who registers an account €50 pending bonus, with the first releases at just 50c.
This means that if redbet is the first online poker room that an inexperienced player signs up for they won’t need any bonus codes, or have to work anything out, the pending bonus will automatically be there and if they deposit, they can just start earning it without thinking about it.

Of course, this is going to probably cost us a few customers who are high staking players, and think we’re being super tight asses.
We’re not.

As a small skin, we have the facility to examine our room activity daily, player by player, hand by hand and I will personally award any players who complete their first €50 bonus with a top up relative to the stakes they play.
Also, when we do fire up our first deposit bonus, everyone will be eligible for that, even if they have already deposited, so in the long run, everybody gets more!

We’ve also put on a huge series of free-entry tournaments with cash prizes, so recreational players can actually play for real money without depositing, and then if they cash in the tournaments, they can start earning their pending bonus without ever having deposited!
We think that’s a pretty good deal.lobby-of-freerolls

Between 1st June and 30th July 2017, there will be a €50gtd freeroll Mon-Sat at 7pmUTC and at 5pmUTC on Sundays a massive €500 gtd freeroll.
Definitely worth sharing that information with anyone you know who is on the fence about trying online poker!

I’ll be playing as many of the freerolls as I can, and every time I play I will be broadcasting from my Twitch Channel:

I’m not allowed to be a “normal” player in the redbet room, so if I actually win anything in any of the freerolls, I’ll be giving it away via the Twitch channel. More free money!!
You’ll need a redbet room poker alias to take part, so sign up and join the redbet poker community.

See you at the tables!