Poker Blog #2: The Magic Computer Fairies

I’ve played online poker for years. It’s really easy.
You turn on your computer, you download a poker client by clicking the words “DOWNLOAD NOW” in the middle of your screen, some computer magic happens and then you start playing poker.

That’s it, there’s nothing else to it.

Not once in over a decade of being an online poker player did I consider what transpires behind the scenes to make all that happen.
Apparently, computers and the internet are not run and controlled by fairies, coding is nothing to do with wartime communications and programming is not just for TV channels.

I am, in theory, part of the team that is bringing you the new online poker room, but actually, at this point, I’m out of my depth, because the real wizards are the engineers and developers who have the task of bringing the online tables into existence.

computer-nerdThere’s probably a few of you out there thinking that I must be pretty stupid if I don’t understand how computers work. What kind of muppet doesn’t know how to program a computer or design a website in the 21stC?

This kind of muppet.

I am absolutely gobsmacked at the amount of work and attention to detail that is going into creating the new Redbet Poker client.
I honestly thought there would just be a cable that we’d hook up to a box in the office, flick a switch connected to Microgaming Poker Network’s office and it would be go time.

Silly, silly me.

It would be a lot easier if we weren’t being so  very diligent in the way we’re organizing ourselves and managing our customers’ money, making sure it’s safe, making sure that anyone who plays on redbet will have a nice, easy time and not be dropped into a button clicking frenzy of confusion.

Luckily for redbet poker customers, I’m not responsible for the technical side of things, there’s a team here and one at Microgaming who are managing all that.

The team here spend quite a lot of time laughing at me because I know so little about computers and they can’t believe I can move about in the modern world without tripping over my own tongue.
Sometimes when I hear them talking I feel like my Mum looks when I video call her and get a close up shot of her ear-hole because she just sees a phone; I am horribly out of date.

Fortunately for me, and for others like me (and I know there are plenty out there: solidarity, brothers) none of this high-tech knowledge is required for me to carry on enjoying the game of online poker. I don’t need to know anything about lines of code, or understand how the mysterious internet works; I can just log-on, register my screen name, pick a pretty picture of me for an avatar and start playing my cards.redbetlive3
Thank goodness for that.

I’m testing the new Redbet poker client as I write this, and finally I’m looking at something I understand! Cards and chips! Soon, I’ll be able to start focusing on the part of my job I’m really going to enjoy, thinking up ways to spend the promotional budget on fun ideas to attract new players.
If you have any brilliant ideas yourself, I’d love to hear them, the benefit of being a small skin with a new room is that we have the opportunity to try new things.

See you in the redbet online poker room VERY soon…

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