RedbetLIVE: Player’s Perspective

At RedbetLIVE we’re proud of our low-stakes festival schedules because they include a wide variety of events and formats with buyins that are affordable for recreational players and in keeping with the buyin of the Main Event (€350).

Freelance poker blogger Kat Arnsby will be playing tonight’s €55 entry deepstack turbo and blogging her RedbetLIVE side event experience from the tables so you can get a first hand feel for RedbetLIVE festivals.


19:00 lvl1 25/50

 Time for the off here! 25 e ntries to start and there’s 6x15min levels for re-entry/late reg.

I like a deepstack tourney, but I’m also in the mood for a bit of a punt and some fun, so I’m looking forward to the deepstack turbo stucture.image
I’ve been to low-stakes festivals before that don’t have much in the way of side events, so pleased to see RedbetLIVE offering a decent schedule.

My table looks pretty serious… but I’m sure I can get them giggling, probably by playing badly!!!

It’s a pretty aggro table, one orbit in and most pots have been 3bet pre, I suppose with a turbo structure, we gotta gt moving!

I just tried to rob a pot with a K7c on the turn (board 2s4hQc6c) after it limped to my bb and flop was checked.
Got one caller and turn was 6h. Fancied K-high was good enough to check it… he had a deuce. Oh well!

I’m in seat1 which I hate, but at least the dealer smells nice!!!


19:20 lvl2 50/100

Now 40 players and I’ve got a nice fish to my right.

imageAlso made a new friend, called Tommy (pictured), who’s sitting next to me on my left. He’s a Maltese local but players here have come from all over Europe, which is really cool!

I just took a 2k pot after a small  2bet took 5 players to the flop on my bb. I didn’t look pre and it turned out I’d flopped trips! I checked flop blind and there was a bet and a call. With a flush draw there I raised pot thinking I might get a follower, not to be.

Everyone folds when girls bet! I showed the trips, so let’s hope they keep it up!


19:45 lvl3 75/150 – 35.7k

Nipped a nice pot with 1010 after rivering a flush to outdraw flopped straight. What a luckbox!

Overall standard seems pretty low on my table, which is making me feel comfortable because I’m a micro-online player and €55 is a pretty big buyin for me!

The valet table service is pretty good and it’s nice to have massage girls knocking about in a €55 game!


19:50 lvl4 100/200 – 36.8k

Up to 43 players and the fish on my right is playing 90% of hands pre! I WANT HIS CHIPS!!

Just folded A9h in a nice 3bet spot cos I had a bad feeling about an open from the only guy at the table who hasn’t played a pot yet. He had AA and my new pal Tommy decided to bet into him on every street with 55.

Feeling nice and settled now, but could do with winning some pots as blinds are going up!!

Fish to my right has busted after paying off AK with A10, all in on flop of A63. DON’T PLAY TOO MANY HANDS, KIDS!


lvl 5 150/300/25- 36k

A new player takes up the fish’s empty seat and he’s a lot of fun!

Banter level going up!

Just tried a late pos steal with 910os, course the button’s got KK! At least he’d showed me, eh?

Just lost a few beans by trying to be creative with 67s and not having the stones to follow it through on the river. The guy who’s only played AA stayed with me though, so I’m not sure my river check was the worst play I ever made!


lvl 6 200/400/25- 27.2k

53 players now and last level for re-entry/late reg.

Table is nice and friendly now and I’m having fun! Stack not having much fun, but you can’t have everything!



Final entries = 62

Prizepool = €3k


lvl 7 250/500/50 – 26.2k

Really nice vibe here, the room is busy and fun.

Just took the blinds after raising utg on the bb of a guy who told me “never to limp preflop”. Duly noted, sir!

The dealer is nice because I keep failing to put my ante in because I’m typing on my iPad, so he’s doing it for me! Gotta love a friendly dealer!


lvl8 300/600/50 – 25k

I am not doing much; pretty card dead, so need to get creative, but lots of 3bet pots. Not sure I’ve got the skillz to go for cold 4bets pre with 94os. Hard to worry too much when I think I’ll get value if I ever get a hand worth betting for value!

Have just witnessed a 100bb pot allin pre with AK v 1010. Khigh flop and no salvation. These guys are not afraid of a punt!


lvl9 400/800/100 – 22.5k

Played one pot last level. Flopped top two pair with A9 after an utg open from a regular raiser.
He called my small 3bet and I was hoping he’d bet into me. He did, but only after he’d rivered a set… Horrors!


lvl10 500/1000/100 – 23.9k

Robbed a pot pre with 73os… my general lack of action so far is helping me, but I can’t rely on that forever… can I?

Table talk is focused on Poland’s incredibly harsh poker laws; there are a lot of Polish players here, but  everyone speaks really good English, which is great for me because, as a typical, ignorant Brit, I speak no other languages!

There are a lot of young players in the game, and I’m impressed at how far some of them have come to have a low-stakes live festival experience.



44/63 remaining


lvl11 600/1200/100 – 31k

3bet from button against the habitual early opener and one limper. They both claimed to have AJ, so I claimed to have AQ. I had 89c, so I was lying… but at least one of them was lying too, I’m sure!

Poker players never tell the truth!

Really fun and chatty table, I’m having a great time, even if I’m way below average stack!


lvl12 800/1600/200 – 28k

Another level without playing a pot!

There is a fierce discussion about whose country has the worst weather. I remind them I’m British… I win.

Av stack is 42k and there are shorter stacks than me at the table; there’s life in the old Kat yet!


lvl13 1k/2k/200 – 38k

Won a nice pot after limping to an open from the guy who’s opening 1 in 4 pots, with a plan to raise the flop. Flop is Jh10h8c and he cbets less than his open. I raise 1/2 my remaining stack and show him the rest. He tank folds and claims AK with Kh. I tell him I had pocket 10s, which was obviously a lie, I had Ah6d.

There was a great pot with Pole on Pole action after c/o open jammed 20 bigs with Jd3d and was snapped by bb with AsJs. Turn gave them both a Qhigh straight and the jammer complained when a 3 hit the river. I think I know some Polish swears now!


lvl14 1200/2400/200 – 44.4k

Eliminated the guy who c/o jammed Jd3d after opened allin for 7bigs from utg+1. I had K10; I was happy enough with the call, and so was he when he turned A8, he wasn’t such a fan of the Khigh flop!

In other news, I’ve been dealt A10os 3 hands in a row and had to fold pre 3 hands in a row! Action moving quicker now, and we have new faces at our table, although the banter is still very friendly.

We’ve just had a bit of a dispute about min raises, but the floorman was straight on it and it got sorted quickly.


lvl15 1500/3k/300 – 49k

Nipped a couple pre and had a free massage from a Cypriat called Marcos who has been eliminated. I love how friendly everyone is here!

32 players remaining, and I can see a few players getting a bit tired; maybe they’re used to cash? Maybe they’ve been playing all day? Who knows?

There are a few 10bb stacks on my table so I need to watch what I’m doing because I almost said “raise” with 23os from the small, thinkin it was blind on blind when actually a shorty had gone all in!



 lvl16 2k/4k/400 – 99k

Eliminated a shorty who jammed 12 bigs into my bb with AQ when I was holdin AK. Won a pot from my new pal Tommy after outracing his 66 with AJ, he bet the Ahigh flop and called the turn, I rivered a flush with my J, but he wasn’t having it and showed me anyway.

Had a table move and a lady at my table is wearing a t-shirt with the slogan “I don’t even fold laundry”!




lvl17 2.5k/5k/500 – 98.5k

Not much action for me in the last level, nicked one pot pre from HJ with A4 and showed the Ace in an attempt to prove to my new table what an honest player I am!

Folded 33 from the bb to utg 16bb jam. Wasn’t really sure why at the time, but as he hasn’t played a hand since, I’m alright with it. Sort of. Should I have called?


lvl18 3k/6k/500 – 92k

Another table move with 19 left, av stack 99k, 7 places paid.

I have an aggro player to my left which sucks, but a couple of shorties to my right which might work out okay!

Getting my final table face ready, let’s hope I get to use it!


lvl19 4k/8k/1k -88k

Struggling to find a spot between allin shoves!

The aggro guy on my left is causing havoc, but just doubled up a short stack who had AA.

Still a friendly game, but you can tell people are concentrating a bit more as we lose players, 17 left now.


lvl20 5k/10k/1k – 86k

Folded to me on the button and I jammed with 24c… tank fold from bb, bit of a sweaty moment! I said he could pick a card to see and it ended up being the 2. He wasn’t impressed! I blagged him that I had A2, but he claimed A6 so he probably should have called anyway for 8bigs, no?

Push or pass mode, but just folded A10 after utg shoved for 65k. He got called by the bb with A2 amd turned over AJ. Deuce on the turn sends him packing; glad I folded!

15 left.


lvl21 6k/12k – 50k

Called a 25k shorty shove from bb with Q4c and lost to his J8s.

In dire straights but still having a laugh! 14 left.


lvl22 8k/16k/1.5k – 150k

A chopped pot with the only other lady left in the tourney and a double with 1010 after shoving from c/o and getting called by button with K9. Showing that deuce last time I shoved short and late worked wonders, I feel!

Still 14 left, and still having fun. Isn’t poker great? Hang out with a load of random strangers from all over the world and laugh like you’re old mates.

I’m dead on average stack and I need the break to come!



….and final table!

I need a cig! I’ve officially given up, but sometimes ya just gotta give in!

Looking forward to final table, everyone’s in a very jolly mood!


lvl23 10k/20k/2k

Bubble just burst!

Short stack shove with K10 called by successful AJ. I’m still the smallest stack with 5 bigs and it’s just gone it with Q9d…. aaaaand busto to AQ!

Still, showing a profit in 7th place for €129, could be worse, and had a great time playing!

This festival is great fun, well run and has a lot of really entertaining players, I wish I could play all the events!


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