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Poker Blog #2: The Magic Computer Fairies

I’ve played online poker for years. It’s really easy.You turn on your computer, you download a poker client

Poker Blog #1: Brave New Poker World

Hello all!My name is Kat Arnsby and I’ve just taken over as poker manager at Redbet!Feel free to add me on FB, (Kat Redbet) or on Twitter (@Redbet_Kat); I’m usually friendly, especially if you love a bit of poker!I’m a proper poker geek; the majority of my recreational time is taken up with playing online

RedbetLIVE: Player’s Perspective

At RedbetLIVE we’re proud of our low-stakes festival schedules because they include a wide variety of events and

Mikalea Vs. Ivana!

Mikalea defended her World Welterweight Championship title vs the Croatian boxer Ivana Habazin. This is a recap of the fight that only went on for 3 rounds!

Redbet Live – Prague!

Do you want to go to Prague together with the Redbet team and compete in Redbet Live? Join us for Prague poker festival this December, qualify trough Redbet and win a package worth €1000! Read more here.


Day 1C promised some huge action, a lot of beer and insane poker!


Absolutely loving this new remix by Chris Lake. We’ll crank this up at our next VIP party!