Redbet LIVE Hunter Malta 20-22 May Day 1A

The first day of the third Redbet LIVE Hunter in Malta in completed and we have 20 runners who made it through to the final day out of the 49 entries. We are happy to see so many eager Redbet fans joining us for these fun events. Here is the final chip count from the first day’s play.

1Ivano Salvaggio289 500
2Telly Bartolo256 300
3Nicholas Osthus204 000
4Mariano Sciberras183 300
5Marion166 000
6Mats Karlson133 900
7Jacques Balzan125 500
8Maurizio Autellitano125 000
9Petter Redemo112 900
10Killian Laurent107 400
11Stefan Ebinger106 500
12Jeremy Calascione97 600
13Renzo Bonnici97 300
14Buzzone Nico86 900
15Mark Anthony Vella75 200
16Antoine Degiorgio61 400
17Sandra Flygare61 200
18Ritrovato Salvatore50 900
19Antonio Chinnici41 100
20Jahn w Stiger31 600

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_MG_0010 _MG_0007

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