redbetLIVE at Dragonara: Event 2 Day 2

Day two will start at 1pm with 19 players and blinds at 800/1600/100.

Lvl 13 – 800/1600/100 – 19 players

 Few empty seats as not all players made it in time for clock start at 1pm. We suspect there may be some political celebrating happening!

Sascha "The Man" Manns

Sascha “The Man” Manns

Early elimination as Sascha Manns got his short stack in. He busted so quickly we didn’t even see what happened!
This means there are now just 18 players remaining and playing for €10260. We’ll post the prize structure here shortly.

We’ve just been told off by John Sammut for “letting” his son Clint leave the cardroom to go and enjoy the fruits of the Dragonara buffet! LOL.
Like we could make a poker player do anything anyway.

Any buffet about, Clint? Grab us a plate.

 Teemu Hietala has been eliminated by Tristian Chevalier.

Teemu Hietala

Teemu Hietala

Prizes are as follows:

1st € 3,290
2nd € 2,252
3rd € 1,639
4th € 1,129
5th € 821
6th € 616
7th € 513

Lvl 14 – 1k/2k/200 – 17 players

Mark Adams 3bet Fabrizio Naselli from the button with AJ after Naselli opened in MP.

Mark Adams

Mark Adams

The flop was Ad8d9d, Naselli checked and then raised all in after Adams bet 18k into 27k.
Adams considered his options before calling all in for 45k as he had top pair and a flush draw with Jd. Naselli turned A9 for flopped two pair and running bricks sent Adams to the wall.

He’s not too bothered, he prefers cash poker anyway!

Lvl 15 – 1200/2400/200 – 14 players

Marco Curmi and Diogo Bento have been eliminated.

Totti Lind and Kristian Haegvik got into a big hand after Lind limped UTG and Haegvik raised to 12.5k from UTG+1. Lind called and they went to the flop heads up.
They both checked on 10d7s6h and the Lind lead the 3s turn for 15k, Haegvik called.

The river was 6s and Lind instantly shipped the lot for around 60k, Haegvik instantly called and Lind immediately said, “Good one. Ace High.”_00a4069
Haegvik turned over Ad6d and eliminated Lind with his larger stack and his rivered trips. Everyone’s favourite Swede hits the rail, and there’s always a big gap at the table when his personality and chat leaves. #LoveLind

Markus Larsson eliminated in 13th place.

BREAK – 15 mins

Lvl 16 – 1500/3k/300 – 12 players

Fabrizio Naselli310000
Kristian Haegvik240000
Tristian Chevalier180000
Phil Pearson145000
Konrad Abela140000
John Sammut130000
Lars Volliner125000
Maciej Rachwanijc100000
Clint Sammut85000
Conor Coady80000
Gaetano Caruana80000
Maurizio Autellitano75000

Approximate chip counts

John Sammut is nicking pots like a boss with tricky river bluffs… and then showing the table. Sammut Destruction!

Maurizio Autellitano

Maurizio Autellitano

We joined a table on a flop of 3dJs4d where Haegvik had checked, Abela had bet 35k into 58k and Maurizio Autellitano had shoved all in for a total of 80k
Haegvik tank folded and Abela called, turning over QQ. Autellitano showed KJ and got no help.
Haegvik stated afterwards that he folded KK… and we believe him, mainly because we saw his cards!

Conor Coady has been eliminated in 11th place after waiting till the turn to shove his 75k with top pair, Kings. Unfortunately for him, Abela turned a straight and Coady was dead on arrival.
“Oh fu*k my life!” Coady muttered when he saw his opponent’s cards.

We feel your pain, Conor, sometimes tournament poker is a masochistic endeavor, but we still come back for more, because when it’s good, it’s oh so good!!

Conor Coady

Conor Coady

Players are now playing hand for hand with five on each table, as they are now on the final table bubble.

Full double for Lars Volliner against Phil Pearson when he flatted Pearson’s open and they went heads-up to the flop. Pearson led for 9k and Volliner called on 6d9s7c.
Pearson bet again on the Kh turn for 25k and Volliner called again.
The river was 10s and Pearson checked. Volliner shipped 45k into a pot of 70k. Pearson looked like he hated life, scratched his head and then announced he was gonna make “a hero call”.
The hero met with difficulty as Volliner showed 910 for a ten high straight. Pearson showed A10.

Lvl 17 – 2k/4k/400 – 10 players

A couple of hands later Pearson was all in on a 2d6c10c10dAc board and Abela was facing a decision. Abela eventually called with K10 and Pearson was eliminated in 10th place, forced to show a bluff with J4d.
“Well, that was creative,” said the ever cheerful Pearson as he left the table.

Phil Pearson

Phil Pearson

We are now having a very short break before final table starts.

Final Table – Starts 16:30

Fabrizio Naselli300000
Konrad Abela300000
Kristian Haegvik170000
Lars Volliner160000
Maciej Rachwanijc140000
Tristian Chevalier110000
Clint Sammut100000
John Sammut95000
Gaetano Caruana90000


Big hand between Tristian Chevalier and Fabrizio Naselli.
They were both aggressive until the river, and Naselli as the last aggressor on the turn asked Chevalier “Why you just call on the turn”.
The full runout was 4dAc4h9sKc and after thinking for a bit, Naselli bet 100k into aound 85k. It did not take Chevalier long to call, and he instantly mucked as Naselli showed K4 for a full-house. Chavalier did not look impressed as he was left with 23k.

Tristian Chevalier

Tristian Chevalier

He doubled in the very next hand against Abela after getting lucky with KdJd v Abela’s Ad5d allin pre-flop and turning trips.

Chevalier was on a roller coaster as he then doubled up Vollier after Vollier called Chavalier’s shove with 99 vb A6 and 99 made a boat on the turn.

Chevalier was then down to less than a big blind, again getting dealt A6, but Caruana found pocket Jacks that held and Chavalier was eliminated in 9th place.

Lvl 18 – 3k/6k/500 – 8 players

As the average stack on the final table is nearly 40bb, there are a lot of multiway flops happening. There’s plenty of play and the remaining contenders are making good use of that to have a decent game of poker.

Atmosphere is super-chill. Weather is sunny. Poker tournaments are great.

John Sammut

John Sammut

€500gtd Freeroll starting in 30mins on redbet poker online- Only 22 entries 30 mins from start, and 20 required for gtd… so that’s €500gtd for €0 buyin and it’s definitely running. And you don’t have to deposit, total open entry.

And there’s only 22 players in it so far.

Just saying. Click the link.


After aggressive action pre-flop Haegvik was all in for 110k against Fabrizo Nasrelli who held AK.

Kristian Haegvik

Kristian Haegvik

An AhKd5d flop did not initally look good for Haegvik, the Qc on turn made it seem even uglier and it all looked bleak until… nothing… Haegvik was eliminated on the bubble. Which always sucks. Unlucky, and well played, dood.

BREAK – 30mins

Lvl 19 – 4k/8k/500 – 7 Players

The mood is great now everyone’s in the money.
There’s loads of play in this tournament. Sunday afternoon style.

Chip Counts:

SEAT1Maciej Rachwanijc177000
SEAT2Gaetano Caruana197500
SEAT3Fabrizio Naselli539000
SEAT4Konrad Abela417500
SEAT5Lars Volliner85500
SEAT6John Sammut205000
SEAT7Clint Sammut200500

And it has now been revealed that this tournament made €450 for the play2care charity from players donating €10! Nice one, players!

Lars Volliner

Lars Volliner

Lvl 20 – 5k/10k/1k – 6 players

Lars Volliner was eliminated by Fabrizio Naselli after he got it all in with AsKs versus two red eights preflop and couldn’t win his race.
Lars was eliminated in 7th place and was paid: €513


Clint Sammut grumbled openly about his Dad being a risk to knock him out after he pushed all in for 34k after John Sammut limped.
Naselli called the 34k from the big blind and Sammut Snr called too.
Flop was 5d2h7s and Naselli bet 30k, Sammut called.
They both checked the 2s turn and then Naselli bet 50k on the 8h river.

Clint Sammut

Clint Sammut

Sammut quickly mucked A10 face up and Sammut Jnr flipped over 66.
Turn was pretty good for Naselli there, tbf.

Clint Sammut eliminated in 6th place paid: €616

Maciej Rachwanijc

Maciej Rachwanijc

Maciej Rachwanijc eliminated in 5th place after shoving A5 into Konrad Abela’s AA preflop.

No help for Rachwanijc and he gets paid: €821

4 players remaining.


Tournament ended: 19:45

After Gaetano Caruana was eliminated from a cold where he went all in on the river with trip Aces and was called by Naselli with a better kicker.

Caruana paid: €1129

Deal negotiations between the top three began and after a few minutes of civil discussion John Sammut, Fabrizio Naselli and Konrad Abela asked to see the ICM worth of their stacks.
The quickly agree to the money, and then a more heated discussion ensued about the owner of the trophy.

The trophy officially belongs to Naselli on the basis of haveing the largest stack.
They did the ICM chop and all had a photo with the trophy.

3rd€ 1,639*€2148John Sammut
2nd€ 2,252*€2317Konrad Abela
1st€ 3,290*€2715Fabrizio Naselli


L-R Fabrizo Naselli, John Sammut, Konrad Abela

L-R Fabrizo Naselli, John Sammut, Konrad Abela



7th€ 513Lars Volliner
6th€ 616 Clint Sammut
5th€ 821 Maciej Rachwanijc
4th€ 1,129Gaetano Caruana
3rd€ 1,639*€2148John Sammut
2nd€ 2,252*€2317Konrad Abela
1st€ 3,290*€2715Fabrizio Naselli



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