redbetLIVE at Dragonara: Event 3 Day 1B

Lvl 1 – 25/50 – 5 players

Clock starts with 5 players and a couple knocking about considering their options.
Some people don’t like playing short handed, and we understand that. Anyone got any good advice for improving one’s short handed game? We know we need it!

Our photographer will arrive around 5pm, so you will have some lovely new photos then, in the meantime, we’ll provide as many faces as we can from our live event archives.

Lvl 2 – 50/100 – 9/9 players

redbetLIVE MaltaNot much to report from the first half hour of play. These games always have the feel of homegames on a lazy afternoon, so, honestly, we’re just putting our feet up and chatting. Not sorry for it, the atmosphere is superb here; come and hang with us, even if you don’t want to play poker!

Lvl 3 – 75/100 – 12/12 players

The field is growing! These redbetLIVE games at Dragonara were never meant to be mind blowing fields and prizes, they were meant to be a place to play chilled out poker and potentially win a few beans. Fair to say they are just that, we think!
We’re relaxing into the afternoon, with a summer breeze and a deepstack structure, what more is needed on a Saturday afternoon?

BREAK  -15 mins

 Lvl 4 – 100/200 – 13/13 players

Players still wandering in with plenty of time to register!

There is another player here to register, but he got embroiled in a heated discussion about the infinite multiverses and quantum physics; standard.

Lvl 5 – 100/200/25 – 12/13 players

We lost satellite qualifier Maurizo Autellitano in the last level, but we’re sure he can bink a seat for the next event as we know he’s a satellite shark!
There are a lot of pots like this happening:

Dimitar Ivanov raises to 450 from two seats right of of the button (hijack) and is 3bet to 1450 by Grably Yair from the cutoff (one seat to right of button).redbetLIVE Malta
Ivanov calls, flop is 4d 4s 7s and both players check. The turn is Ah and Ivanov checks letting Yair make a 2k bet which he then calls.
The 5h river is checked by both players and Yair takes the pot with AK versus Ivanov’s A10.

Lvl 6 – 150/300/25 – 12/13 players

There are players lurking about here. There’s a lot of poker in Malta this weekend, and it feels sort of like a festival spread over multiple casinos. Players are wandering between looking for value! Poker is definitely alive and well…?

BREAK – 15 mins

Lvl 7 – 200/400/50 – 16/19 players

Lvl 8 – 250/500/50 – 17/20 players

Now 1hr and 15 mins till reg closes.
We play until level 12 today, but registration/re-entry closes at the end of the break after lvl 9.
Av stack is 37.5k and that means that everyone gets to play a few pots and get involved. There’s plenty of chat and some fun, multiway pots.

If you can’t make it for flight 1b then see you at 19:30 for flight 1c? (late reg till 00:30)

Lvl 9 – 300/600/50 – 17/21 players

Last level for entry for flight 1b.

BREAK – 15mins

Lvl 10 – 400/800/100 – 13/22 players

redbetLIVE MaltaAfter a blitzkrieg of exits following a couple of short-stacks not managing to get there, we’re down to 13 players first level after close of registration.
Did you miss it?
Nineteen hundred and thirty hours the poker boat sails again. Hop on it.

Lvl 11 – 500/1000/100 – 10/22

Approaching the final hurdle now with just under an hour of play left in the day.
registrations have starting coming in for flight 1c so it’s looking like a good night!

Lvl 12 – 600/1200/100 – 9/22 players

Last level of the flight!

Players will play 4 more hands until the close of flight 1b.

Eight players made it through to Day 2 from day 1C:

Marco La Grussa153000
Joseph Smith127000
Lee Barto120000
Pablo Lizio91200
Matthew Vella79600
Fabio Berti74000
Grably Yair46600
Charles Bishop18000

Play resumes tomorrow, Sunday 30th July, at 1pm.

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