redbetLIVE at Dragonara: Event 3 Day 2

DPlayers are arriving, ready to open their chip bags to start play in just under ten minutes.

Lvl 13 – 800/1600/100 – 24 players – av stack 80k

Charles Bishop

Charles Bishop

Off to a banging start as we lost Charles Bishop. He started the day as the short stack and he took the punt and could not get there. Frustrating, but he’s on holiday and having a jolly time, so we’re pretty sure he’s not crying too hard.

Another man down 20 minutes in as Yosi Dolev played the game and lost…

Sucks to bust so early in Day2, unlucky guys! See you at the next one.

Davide Fazio is our next victim. He started Day2 with just over 20 bigs and is now heading home. The short stacks are getting destroyed early on here!

Lvl 2 – 1k/2k/200 – 20 players – av stack 95.5k

Harsh times for Aleks Radev as he started Day 2 with the second largest stack. He had an expensive misread situation that cost him 70k of his stack when he read the flop for all spades and put his opponent to it with As in his hand.
The flop actually contained one heart and Radev nearly celebrated the spade on the turn before realising his flush was a phantom.
With a destroyed stack he eventually flopped 2 pair but was outrun by an opponent’s turned straight. Harsh turnaround for Radev, at least his qualified by grinding up his bankroll from the redbet online freerolls.
€500 gtd today for €0 on redbet online, no entry criteria other than joining the site.

We’ve just lost Pablo Lizio (as in, from the tournament, not down the back of the sofa).

Lvl 15 – 1200/2400/200 – 19 players – av stack 100k

Down to 17 as we lose Jack Barrett and Vince Calenti.

Fabio Berti

Fabio Berti

Grably Yair and Fabio Berti hit the rail after running into big hands.

The prizes for the tournament have been announced as follows:

1st€ 3,780
2nd€ 2,376
3rd€ 1,620
4th€ 1,080
5th€ 864
6th€ 648
7th€ 432

BREAK – 15 mins



Lvl 16 – 1500/3000/300 – 15 players – av stack 127k

Matthew Vella eliminated in 15th place, leaving two tables of 7.
This tournament will have a nine-handed final table.

Lvl 17 – 2k/4k/400 – 12 players – av stack 160k

Manuel Lopes

Manuel Lopes

We have just lost Giorgio De Cillis and Manuel Lopes (the Play2Care representative).
Lopes tried a creative shove all in against two preflop  limpers who both called him off with AJ. Manuel’s 56 could not find purchase against the twin opponents and he seemed a bit annoyed about it when we caught up with him in the smoking area.

Lvl 18 – 3k/6k/500 – 11 players – av stack 174k

We lost Oles Smyrnov towards the end of lvl 17. He’d been playing short stack ninja for a while, but eventually got collared and finished in 12th place.

2 eliminations to go until the final table and 4 to the money.

Down to 10 after Kristoff Van Der Stichel was eliminated in 11th place.

BREAK – 30 mins

Players elected to have their 30 min dinner break early after Tal Revivo was eliminated in 10th place.

Tal Revivo

Tal Revivo – 10th place

The will return to lvl 18 with 35.08 mins on the clock.

The final table chip counts are as follows:

Final table chip counts

Final table chip counts

Lvl 19 – 4k/8k/500 – 8 players – av stack 238k

Lee Barto eliminated in 9th place; we are now on the money  bubble.

Maciej Rachwaniec

Maciej Rachwaniec

Maciej Rachwaniec is the bubble and the 7 remaining players are gtd €432.

Lvl 20 – 5k/10k/1k – 7 players – av stack 273k

BREAK – 15 mins

Lvl 21 – 6k/12k/1k/ – 5 players – av stack – 382k


7th€ 432 Teemu Hietala
6th€ 648 Ellie Biessek
5th€ 864 Marco La Grussa
4th€ 1,080 Paul Chopin
3rd€ 1,620 Roy Zimmer
2nd€ 2,376 Joseph Smith
1st€ 3,780 Bruno Vizzinisi
Marco De Grussa

Marco De Grussa


Paul Chopin

Paul Chopin

Lvl 22 – 8k/16k/1k – 3 players – av stack 676k

The players discussed a chop at 4 handed and looked at the ICM numbers, but could not reach a deal and agreed to play on.
Shortly after, Paul Chopin was eliminated in 4th place taking away €1080.

Lv23 10k/20k/2k – 2 players – av stack 825k

We have a winner! After a heads-up match to the death the final victor is Bruno Vizzinisi! Congratulations to Joseph Smith on 2nd place.

Bruno Vazzinisi - WINNER!

Bruno Vazzinisi – WINNER!


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