redbetLIVE at Dragonara: Event #4 Day 1A

An hour to go on the start of redbetLIVE at Dragonara: Event #4!

We’re here, chilling in the sun on the balcony whilst a few early birds play some cash poker in the corner.

Event starts in 60 mins with a €200 buyin, €10k guarantee, 30k starting stack (double chance format) and a super gentle blind structure over two days (Day 2 Sunday 3rd Sept at 1pm).

Late reg on this event is until midnight at if you reg at the last minute, you’ll have 25 big blinds.

Lvl 1 – 25/50 – 13 players

Clock starts at 19:36 with 13 player from all over the place.
We have a few redbet VIP online qualifiers this event. They can be spotted in their beautiful and quality redbet hoodies.

This man will steal your hoody.

This man will steal your hoody.

Malta local suspicious character Phil Pearson has already declared his intention to steal a hoody, so no one leave theirs unattended.

Lvl 2 – 50/100 – 21 players

We’re up to 3 tables here as this tournament is run nine-handed for players’ comfort.
There is a decent bit of chip splashing going on as players take advantage of the extra bit of fun provided by the double-chance format.
You can go all in and lose once and still not be eliminated from the tournament!

There are a couple of British players in the mix here tonight; who’s watching the football? Malta or England to win?

Lvl 3 – 75/150 – 23 players

The field is growing and the beats are happening as we’ve had one re-entry already!

Jeanelle Brincat - Tournament Director

Jeanelle Brincat – Tournament Director

Break 15 mins

Football on the telly, deepstack poker underway, what more do we need from a Friday evening?

 Lvl 4 – 100/200 – 25/28 players

The menus are out here because obviously we need a snack whilst we’re playing poker, drinking beer and watching football.

It’s a hard life, but someone has to do it.

Lvl 5 – 100/200/25 – 24/28 players

Another elimination as we go into level 5.
Late reg available until the end of level 9 which is approximately midnight.

Lvl 6 – 150/300/25 – 23/31 players

 We’re at level six and no-one has had their hoody stolen yet.
The redbet online qualifiers are doing well so far with 5/6 still in. One is contemplating between a cash game and a re-entry. Decisions, decisions…

BREAK – 15mins

redbetLIVE at Dragonara Event 4 Day1ALvl 7 – 200/400/50 – 23/31 players

Busy here with the third cash poker table opening.

Lvl 8 – 250/500/50 – 22/31 players

Lvl 9 300/600/50 – 20/33 players

Break – 15mins

Lvl 10 – 400/800/100 – 18/33 players

18 players remaining as we go into the last three levels of day one.
There’s been a few re-entries, a few beers and there’s two cash tables running.

Entries for Day 1A have now closed.redbetLIVE at Dragonara #4 1A
Day 1B starts at 13:00 tomorrow, Saturday 2nd of Sept and Day 1C starts at 19:30.

Lvl 11 – 500/1000/100 – 17/33 players

Last two levels of the day and the redbet online qualifiers are planning their night out in Malta’s legendary Paceville in an hour when Day 1 finishes.
They have a boat trip at 9:30 tomorrow… is this a good idea??

Lvl 12 – 600/1200/100 – 15/33

Play closes on level 12 with 15 players remaining.
Day2 starts at blind levles 800/1600/200 at 1pm on Sunday.

Miraj Patel163300
Patrick Sundstrom138300
Jonas Larsson126600
Domenico Tortomasi112800
Leo Osterberg110800
Marc Schembri89300
Christoph Kohnen56300
Konrad Abela53300
Santina Spedalieri46700
David Hodgkins38000
Michael Thomas32800
Michael Edge31300
Oskar Johannesson28300
Kinno Keinanen20700
Gregor Abmayr12500

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