redbetLIVE at Dragonara: Event #4 Day 1B

Lvl 1 – 25/50 – 10 players

Day 1B started in a relaxed fashion, slightly late at 13:15.redbetLIVE Malta Dragonara EVent 4 Day1B
It a nice afternoon and players are settling in for a relaxed afternoon.
Seats open and late reg open until 6pm, with flight 1C starting at 7:30 pm.

Lvl 2 – 50/100 – 13 players

We always have a slow start on a Saturday afternoon, but we’re well into the swing of it here with 13 seated and folk waiting to reg. Game on at Dragonara!

redbetLIVE Dragonara Malta Event4 Day1BLvl 3 – 75/150 – 14/14 players

The players are slowly arrriving.
The photographer has just made his appearance, so watch this space for photos of your favourite Lords and Ladies of Maltese Poker.

Break – 15mins

Lvl 4 – 100/200 – 14/14 players

Six levels of late registration for flight 1B and registration ope for flight 1C!

Paul Kelly -  Trophy Hunting TD

Paul Kelly – Trophy Hunting TD

The tournament director for this afternoon’s flight, Paul Kelly, has decided he wants to be photographed holding the winner’s trophy, because at least he’s smart enough to have worked out that awarding a trophy is a close as he’s going to get to one.

Lvl 5 – 100/200/25 – 15/17 players



Another registration and a re-entry happened in level 4.
There’s some creative play because everyone’s playing deepstacked. Not t0o many all-in show downs, except for the guy who had to re-enter after running JJ into KK on a low flop.

He seemed happy enough to make the re-entry, well, as happy as anyone ever is in that position.

Lvl 6 – 150/300/25 – 15/19 players

Break – 15mins

Lvl 7 – 200/400/50 – 15/19 players

Now going into the last three levels of play where registration is open.

Sascha Manns

Sascha Manns

Plenty of time to join us and join in with the most relaxed tournament around!

Lvl 8 – 250/500/50 – 15/19 players

Not much movement in the last couple of levels as the structure allows for slow and careful play and doesn’t require a lot of gambling to take place on Day1.

Lvl 9 – 300/600/50 – 14/20 players

Two tables of seven as we go into the last level for late registration on Day 1B.

Very relaxed environment with a friendly vibe!

Break – 15mins

Lvl 10 – 400/800/100 – 14/20 players

Registration on this flight is now closed but flight 1C starts in 30 minutes, there have been 53 entries so far for this tournament, so it’s looking good for exceeding the €10k gtd prize pool.

_00a3351Lvl 11 – 500/1000/100 – 13/20 players

Lvl 12 – 600/1200/100 – 13/20

Last level of the day will be stopped with 10 mins on the clock and players will play last 3/4/5 hands.

Ten players made it through to Day 2 (Sunday at 1pm) from Day 1C:

Mark Berman121100
Fabrizio Naselli119000
Daniele Coroneo84100
Giulio Spampinato74600
Kevin Lee66300
Andre Grech57400
Teemu Hietala40200
Sascha Manns36100
Martin Vltavsky30500
Stian W. Danielsen18500

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