redbetLIVE at Dragonara: Event #5 Day 2

Lvl 13 – 800/1600/100 – 22 players

22 players start the fight today to compete for a top prize of nearly €4k. The full prize structure will be announced shortly.

The prizepool is €13140 and 8 players will be paid from a total of 73 entries:

8th€ 263
7th€ 526
6th€ 788
5th€ 1,314
4th€ 1,577
3rd€ 2,102
2nd€ 2,628
1st€ 3,942

Lvl 14 – 1000/2000/200 – 21 players

We lost Soren Rosk at the end of level 13. As one of the shorter stacks in the field, he felt he needed to make some moves.
Average stack is currently above 50 big blinds, so there is plenty of scope for creativity. GTO? Pah. Let’s just play cards, huh?

Oh! There’s gamble! Just a short wander around the room and we saw 3bet shoves for chunks. They are getting through at the moment, how long will that last?

_d3_7769Mark Adams lost a big pot to Igino Xuereb on table 1 and then was immediately moved.
He’s not afraid to play the game, and we saw him push 32k over Alexander Golten’s 4.5k open from early position. Golten looked a bit frustrated. “It’s sooooo f**king close,” he said, giving Adams the staredown. Adams was unmoved and eventually Golten folded Ad9d; Adams did not show.

Local resident Gary Banks has busto, which is surprising as one might expect him to hide a few chips in his large beard for later use…

A player has stated that they think 3 x 45 minute levels is too long before a break. We totally see where he is coming from, and respect that a 2hr 15min playing session is a bit of a long stint, but because we wanted this to be a true deep-stack structure, we had to compromise on the breaktimes.

We are now down to two tables of nine players after the exit of Mark Adams and Kurt Vella.

Lvl 15 – 1200/2400/200 – 18 players – av stack 131k

_d3_7750Igino Xuereb is punching holes and crushing souls on table 1!

He’s just won a 40k pot as he saw a river with Salvatore Ritrovano with a board of QdQc6d9d2c and Ritrovato bet made a pot bet of 20k on the river, Igino called and they both had trip Queens, with Igino pipping Ritrovato’s kicker, holding QJ over Q10.
Unlucky Salvatore, sometimes that deck is just a bit too cold!

We can now confirm that this event has earned €660 for charity Play2Care! That’s great news and congratulations and thanks to all players to who donated, including the two Danish cash players who donated… even though they were not playing the tournament! The charity love in Malta is epic.

We have lost Peter Freden in 18th place.
Salvatore Ritrovato eliminated in 17th place.

BREAK – 15mins

Lvl 16 – 1500/3000/300 – 16 players – av stack 147k

Still 50 big blind average stack here!
Laukasz Golder has been eliminated in 16th place; he started with one of the shorter stacks of the day, so well played him for grinding it out so long. On to the next one Laukasz!

Lvl 17 – 2000/4000/400 – 15 players – av stack 168k

Roux Florent eliminated in 15th place.

Daniel Jacobsen

Daniel Jacobsen

Lauremtiu Gabriel Urda eliminated in 14th place and Daniel Jacobsen busto in 13th.

Getting close to that cash!

Lefric Tabone elimminted in 12th place.

Lvl 18 – 3000/6000/600 – 11 players – av stack 214k

Getting as tight as duck’s arses here as we creep towards the payday. We’ve got some good players left in this tiny field. Really happy to be involved in a great game, where proper poker can be played, but no-body had to sell a kidney to buyin!

BREAK – 30 mins

Chip counts at the dinner break:


Lvl 19 – 3000/6000/600 – 10 players – av stack 236k

We lost Antonio Chinnici very quickly after the dinner break.

Players are now playing five players on each table, because this is a nine handed tournament.

Players will not be hand for hand, as 9th place is not a cashing position. The TD has been briefed to keep an eye out for any stalling… however, this is not happening! Players are going for it! Players in Malta love the game, they love the gamble and the are playing hard against each other. We love poker in Malta!!!!

Tomasz Brzezinski is trying to dominate with his massive stack, but he’s getting no gentle treatment from the other players, with biteback from both British Mark Berman and Italian Valter Caiazzo who has arrived dressed as James Bond for today, and brought his Licence to KILL!

Valter "James Bond" Caiazzo

Valter “James Bond” Caiazzo

After playing like a demon, Igino Xuereb has been eliminated in 10th place, bringing is to the final table… and now the hard work begins for the remaining players!


 Lvl 20 – 4k/8k/500 – 9 players – av stack 262k

Nice early double up for Anna Colley after she opened UTG with 66. Aggressive, chipleader Tomasz Brzezinski 3bet her, and, not one to be bullied by the big stack, Anna fought back and shipped it all in.
She was called with Brezezinski holding AA, but the dealer did her a solid and slapped out  7, 8, 9 and 10 to give her the bottom end of a straight to crack the Aces and remain at the table. Forget girl power, rungood is more potent!

Nimio Messo

Nimio Messo

Nimio Messo eliminated in 9th place, the bubble after shoving 25k from UTG with KJ and being called by the big blind with 10/7 os. ten on the river sent him packing, and he took it very well, we thought!

Daniel Mountford eliminated in 8th place for €263.

Daniel Mountford - 8th place - €263

Daniel Mountford – 8th place – €263

Mark Berman is in trouble after tangling with James Bond, and running into slow played top set Aces after The Secret Agent limped with AA pre flop… Berman got seriously GoldFingered and now he’s got some work to do!

Lvl 21 – 5k/10k/1k – 7 players – av stack 336k

Still plenty of play in this structure, we’re a long way off a shove-fest just yet, and the players are taking full advantage.
Lots of pots are won and lost on the flop and/or turn. The table chat is friendly and the atmosphere is great.

There is a cash table running with a couple of seats available, and a few local faces have arrived and arranged to play a friendly, small game. It’s a happy poker weekend here at Dragonara!

Malta's Best Dressed -  Valter Caiazzo - 6th place €788

Malta’s Best Dressed -
Valter Caiazzo – 6th place €788

Down to 5 players after Mark Berman was eliminated in 7th place for €526 and Valter Caiazzo went in 6th place for €788.
Kurris Lake was the benefactor of both eliminated stacks, and he is the current chip leader. He wants to watch his back though, he just eliminated James Bond!

Remember what happened to LeChiffre in Casino Royale, Kurris? Watch out for that chair with a hole in it, it’s not just waiting to be re-upholstered…

On another note, we see that of the 12 players registered for the local friendly game here SEVEN of them are female players. SEVEN OF THEM!
Have you ever played in a field of predominantly women, except in a ladies event? Nope. Us neither. Malta women love the pokers!

Tomasz Brzezinski eliminated in 5th place for €1314.

Tomasz Brzezinski - 5th place €1314

Tomasz Brzezinski – 5th place €1314

He struggled to recover the power after Colley crushed his Aces at the start of the final. We’ve just found out that he was partying until 6am and got no sleep at all last night, so we think he did pretty well considering he danced the night away and then rocked up for a Day 2!

BREAK – 15 mins

We’re eating a cannolo in this break, which, if you were not aware, is the stone cold nuts of Italian desserts! In our defense, Anna Colley made us do it, she really had to twist our arm… but the customer is always right… ESPECIALLY if they treat us to tasty, creamy deliciousness!

 Lvl 22 – 6k/12k/1k – 4 players – av stack 589k

Four strong competitors left on the final. Kurtis Lake is chipleader with nearly half the chips in play, but Anna Colley is proving the most aggressive player, definitely winning more than her fair share of pots from all positions.
The boys are being dutiful in advising her how to play… she politely accepts their advice, and then takes their chips in the next hand. If we had a laughing face emoji, we’d use it right now.

Alexander Golten - 4th place €1577

Alexander Golten – 4th place €1577

Sick action as chip leader Kurtis Lake flopped a full house on 5c3c3h at the same time as Sebastian Rebhan flopped trips with A3 and shortest stack Alexander Golten made a flush on the turn!
All the money was in… and two players went out!

Alexander Golten took fourth place for €1577 and Sebastian Rebhan took 3rd place for €2102.

Sebastian Rebhan - 3rd place €2102

Sebastian Rebhan – 3rd place €2102

Heads- up begins, with Anna Colley running in at a serious chip disadvantage, but as she said “I’m not giving up easily”. We totally believe that!

 Lvl 23 – 8k/16k – HEADS UP

On basis of average stack, this heads-up match is 100 blinds deep. That, my friends, is proper deepstack stuff!
We’re settling in for the night, as both these players have a heads-up game. Colley is still the shortest stack with around 500k, but she is on the grind, and it’s clear Lake is not resting on his laurels just yet.
We’re really not sure which way this will go!

And we have a winner!
After a noble battle, and grinding to almost even chipped, Anna Colley took 2nd place after both players flopped top pair on a jack high board.
The money went in on the Ace turn, after Anna showed the aggression. Kurtis made the right call in the end, and takes the top prize and the trophy!

Next event is 27th-29th October with a live satellite on 26th of October. We look forward to seeing you all then!

Kurtis Lake - WINNER EVENT 5 - €3942

Kurtis Lake – WINNER EVENT 5 – €3942

Anna Colley - 2nd place - €2628

Anna Colley – 2nd place – €2628

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