redbetLIVE at Dragonara Malta: Event 1 Day 1C

The view from the poker room at night is just as beautiful as during the sunlight hours here at Dragonara, which is nice as we prepare for our second flight of the day!

Clock will start slightly late due to a crossover period between flights.

Lvl 1 25/50 – 10 players

Clock start at 8:45pm with 10 players, the first few levels are pretty low impact because it’s a deepstack.
_mg_8050The gtd prizepool of €10k has already been exceeded, but we’d still like to see a few more players in this flight!
late reg is available until the end of lvl 9, which is around 1am, so plenty of time for you to whizz down and join in!

Lvl 2 50/100 – 11 players

There are a few more players wafting in now, a couple got trapped by the cash game that is still going on.
We understand, it’s hard to walk past a busy cash table!

The TD, Paul Kelly, is also a bit of DJ and we have great, Saturday night chill out music on, so the relaxed atmosphere of the afternoon is continuing into the night!


Lvl 3 75/150 – 11 players

The Mediterranean passion is coming out as we have our first dispute of the event!
A dispute between a player and the TD, you understand, not between two players! A gentleman inadvertently checked quads on the river in position, which is not allowed.

"You can't check the nuts!" "I can't see my nuts."

“You can’t check the nuts!”
“I can’t see my nuts.”

It’s an illegal move, because it could be taken that doing this is a way to play soft on an opponent that is your friend, or your mum.
At redbetLIVE, we want to encourage less experienced players to join in the game, so we issue a gentle warning and explain the reasons for the rule before issuing a penalty.
In this case, the gentleman did not see his cards properly, and did not realise what he did! We believe him, but there was still a good old fashioned argument with the TD, because… well, why not, eh?
Always provides some amusement for the rest of the table!

BREAK 15 mins

Lvl 4 100/200 – 10 players

10 bodies still in with 6 x 30 mins levels of registration to go.
We’ve had one exit in the shape of local player Oliver Said who claimed the river has not been his friend today… if it wasn’t for the river, we’d all be heroes…

Lvl 5 100/200/25 – 10 players

There are 3 cash tables running and 2 hours of late reg left.

_mg_8150Lvl 6 150/300/25 – 10 players

Total of 12 entries with 2 eliminations.
The players from flight 1C have been playing short handed all day so far, which is hard work!

BREAK 15mins

Lvl 7 200/400/50 – 11 players

We still have the odd straggler registering for the tournament!
All player seem in great spirits, despite having to work hard for chips on the short handed tables. The buzz from the cash tables is great, one Danish player always has a flush AND a straight, every hand… or so he keeps telling us all!
There’s an hour left to register for day 1C and these cash games look like they’re gonna be around for a while, so if you’re sitting at home, twiddling your thumbs, come and see us!

Lvl 8 250/500/50 – 11 players

Team Day 1C are still hard at it, there is some really great poker being played, and most pots are being won on the flop/turn.
It’s tough work to build a stack when the field is smaller, although we think the highest % of players will go through from 1C!
There is just one more level left to register for the game.

Lvl 9 300/600/50 – 10 players_mg_8122

With one player evicted the players are still on two tables as we play 9 handed at redbetLIVE.
There are four levels left to play today, although if the number of players drops to four, we will hard stop the tourney and the day2 blinds will be rolled back to the point the clock is stopped.

BREAK 15mins

Lvl 10 400/800/100 – 11 players

With a last minute entry into Day 1C, the final flight players go into the final 90 mins of play with 11 seated.
That brings the event total players to 77 and the prizepool up to €13860!
The payout structure will be announced tomorrow afternoon at the start of Day 2.

Lvl 11 500/1000/100 – 10 players

Last two levels of the day and the cash action is still super strong!

_mg_8112Lvl 12 600/1200/100 – 7 players

With three bust outs in quick succession, we are down to just 7 players on Day 1c. With half an hour of play left and a crazy, cash player who registered at the last minute in the mix, anything could happen!

Close of play Day 1C:

7 players made it through to Day2 from Day1C


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