redbetLIVE at Dragonara Malta: Event 1 Day 2

The bags are out on the table, the TD is setting up the optimal payout structure because with 77 entrants, the top 9 will be paid.
We think it’s right that if you make the final table of a 2 day event, you should get some money!
Full payout and amounts will be announced shortly, but the prizepool total redistributed to players is €13860 (€180 x 77, no extra % has been taken from the pool, €20 was the total fee for the tournament).

32 players come back today and they are starting to arrive!

Lvl 13 – 800/1600/100 – 32 players


Rapheal Toledo

Clock start at 13:09 after some traditional Day 2 “fun with bags”. You can wear them as a hat, or some rain shoes… don’t though, you’ll look daft.
One busto already, a Mr Guilio Santino who fell on the sword of Prebeumeisniek Hiansen five minutes in.
We missed the hand, but Hiansen looks happy as he’s stacking an 40k stack boost!

Early double up for short stack Lars Geersten who got his 20k stack in preflop with Ad2s against Rapheal Toledo’s KJos. Geersten enjoyed the runout giving him a four flush and stacked his chips up.

A juicy hand developed between two local legends, Sascha Manns and Andrea Stellato as Manns raised to 3600 from c/o and Stellato called from the button.
They went hu to the flop of Qc8h5d and both players checked to the 10h turn.

Manns checked and Stellato asked to see his stack, before checking behind.
The river was Jd Manns bet 3k which Stellato quickly raised to 7k. Manns called just as quickly and turned over 8c9d for Qhigh straight, Stellato tabled K9 for a higher straight… these two may have played each other before?

Sascha Manns

Sascha Manns

Marlene Wraae has just has a cheeky double up against Andrea Stellato by managed to get QQ all in pre-flop against Stellato’s AdKd.
Winning those races is crucial! Wraae now holds 125k and Stellato was in the hot zone until he doubled back to 50k after finding JJ against Jens Nielsen’s 77.

Lvl 14 – 1k/2k/200 – 29 players

Nice little pot for Topor Stefan as he called Jonas Larsson’s UTG raise to 4500 and David Lappin came along for the ride.
There was no more aggression until the river after a board of 6c10h3c Qd 7c when Stefan bet 6800. He was called by Lappin who mucked when he saw Stefan’s Jc2c for a jack high flush.\

Rapheal Toledo has been eliminated by current Day2 chip leader Erik Lindquist.

We’ve just received the information that the players have collected €670 for the Play2Care organisation. That’s brilliant! Well done everyone!

We are now down to 3 tables after Maciej Rachwaniec has exited.

Igino Xuereb won a nice pot after Markus Larrson opened for 4.5k from early position and there were 3 callers to the 10h Jc Kd flop. Xuereb jammed his remaining 20k and everybody folded.

Alex Bergenholtz

Alex Bergenholtz

Alex Bergenholtz is winning a couple of pots here and there, which is great to see, because although he has played poker online for a while, this is his first ever live tournament!

Topor Stefan has been eliminated by Prebeumeisniek Hiansen, who is on a rampage and has over 120k in his stack.
There has been a flurry of eliminations in this level as the shorter stacks try to double up.

Lvl 15 – 1200/2400/200 – 22 players

Gonzalo Pro has been eliminated by Gordon Casey.

Vince Calenti is making moves as we see him 4bet shove his 65k stack into aggressive chip leader Erik Lindquist who folded quickly.

Jolly Danish player T Jensen is quieter than he was yesterday, especially as he was aggressively 4bet preflop by Giulio Spampinato and felt he had to fold.

Giulio Spampinato

Giulio Spampinato

The prize structure has been published and is as follows:

1st€ 4,157
2nd€ 2,772
3rd€ 2,079
4th€ 1,525
5th€ 1,109
6th€ 832
7th€ 693
8th€ 416
9th€ 277

BREAK 15 mins

Lvl 16 – 1500/3000/300 – 17 players

A big pot brewed between Marlene Wraae and Teemu Hietala and we caught the turn action where Wraae checked to Hietala on a board of KdKsKh6h.
Hietala bet 30k into the 75k pot and Wraae moved all her chips across the line for a raise to 84k.

Marlene Wraae

Marlene Wraae

Hietala tanked for a couple of minutes before finally folding, Wraae showed pocket queens for a full house and Hietala claimed to have folded a smaller pair, but did not show.

There was a juicy pot between Jonas Larsson and Vince Calenti when Larsson opened UTG+1 to 6k and Calenti 3bet to 15100.
Larsson called and the flop was AsKh8c which both players checked. The turn was 5h and Larson bet 16200 which Calenti called.
The river was Jh and Larsson bet again making it 21500 to see his cards. Calenti looked calm as he chewed his toasted cheese sandwich for a moment before making the call.
Calenti mucked his cards when Larsson turned over pocket eights for a flopped set; Calenti was left with around 35k.

Lvl 17 – 2k/4k/400 – 16 players – Av stack 145k

Micheal Holten Hansen is proving he’s not scared to run against the chip leader Erik Lindquist after calling his pre-flop raise and then calling a bet on every street of 9s10d4d 4c 10s.
Hansen did not look impressed when Lindquist flipped 10c7c for a rivered full house.

Vince Calenti

Vince Calenti

Hansen was then left with 5 bigs which he jammed in with A4 and Lindquist called with Q9. The queen landed on the flop and Hansen couldn’t top it, and was eliminated in 16th place.

Lvl 18 – 3k/6k/500 – 13 players – Av stack 178k

Play is getting tougher as the final table looms.
The busted players are not bored, as there are three cash tables running!

Andrea Stellato, a fun and chatty character has been complaining that his bad cards and aggression on the table mean he’s being forced to fold too much.
He found a hand to open with for 16k from the button and was 3bet to 40k by Dennis Madsen from the SB.
With action back on Stellato, he poses the classic question “You show if I fold?”. Madsen did not respond and Stellato eventually folded, showing Ad; Madsen showed Ah and they both moved on with their lives.

We caught a big pot between David Lappin and Vince Calenti as Lappin raised from the hijack to 13k and Calenti paid the price from BB to see the 2hQs8d flop.
Calenti check raised Lappin’s 8700 c-bet to 18900 and Lappin clarified the total before calling.

David Lappin - Dressed like a burglar.

David Lappin – Dressed like a burglar.

Calenti checked on the Ad turn and Lappin bet 14500 which Calenti called.
The river was 3s and Lappin quickly moved all in after Calenti checked; Calenti was the effective stack with around 55k and he tanked for a couple of moments before calling.
Lappin flipped QhQd for top set and Calenti mucked, eliminated in 13th place.


Jonas Larsson

Jonas Larsson

A few hands later, Lappin’s on a mission to destroy as he opened from the button and then snapped off Jonas Larsson’s 3bet allin. Lappin turned over AcJd and Larsson showed Ad2h; although the highest card on the board was an 8, none of the streets were deuces and Larsson was eliminated in 12th place.

BREAK 30mins

Lvl 19 – 4k/8k/500 – 11 players – Av stack 210k

Big hand between 3 players after Gordon Casey opened from HJ for 20k and Marlene Waae went all in for around 75k. Andrea Stellato put the rest of his chips in, he had 35k and Casey called both players.

Casey had Ad Ks versus Stellato’s pocket sevens and Waae’s pocket threes.
The runout favoured the pairs and Stellato tripled up; Waae finished the hand with 86k after taking the side pot and Casey finished the hand hating AK.

Dennis Madsen

Dennis Madsen

Next hand, Dennis Madsen raised to 20k and Casey shoved allin for 140k which Madsen called.
Madsen showed AK and Casey turned 8s9s; AK held and Casey was eliminated in 11th place.

The remaining 10 players now play hand for hand until the final table/money bubble is reached.

Hand for hand play did not last very long after Giulio Spampinato limped UTG and Alex Sorensen shoved for 55k from the button with A4os. Spampinato called with QQ and there was no help for Sorenson who busted in 10th place.

The tournament is now into its final stages as we go into the final table of nine players; all nine players have made the money, but they are all still aiming for the €4k top prize.


1Dennis Madsen
2Giulio Spampinato
3Alex Bergenholtz
4Prebeumeisniek Hiansen
5Erik Lindquist
6David Lappin
7Marlene Wraae
8Maciej Rachwaniec
9Andrea Stellato


Final Table Players

Final Table Players

Lvl 20 – 5k/10k/1k – 9 players – average stack 290k

A short stop for  Dennis Madsen on the final  after he flopped top pair with KJ but saw Stellato turn a straight. All the money went in, and Stellato had Madsen covered by around 75k.

Dennis Madsen

Dennis Madsen – 9th place – €277

Madsen was eliminated in 9th place and earned €277.

Marlene Waae has just doubled after shoving 70k UTG with Js8s and getting called by Lappin with QhJd.
Being dominated didn’t cause Waae a problem as she turned a flush and scooped the pot.

The very next hand Spampinato shoved for 140k with A9 and was called by Lappin with AK. Lappin not doing well after getting it in crushing, as the turn brought a 9 for Spampinato.

We have lost Alex Bergenholtz in 8th place after he got into a big preflop flip with Stellato. Stellato’s AK flopped a K and Bergenholtz’s pocket eights could not recover.
This was Alex’s first ever live tournament, so cashing for €416 is pretty good work, we think!

Alex Bergenholtz

Alex Bergenholtz – 8th place – €416

Lvl 21 – 6k/12k/1k – 7 players – av stack 334k

Wraae doubles again after Spampinato opened for 37k and she shoved in for 80k. Spampinato snapped her off with 1010, but Wraae popped out pocket Aces which held for her.

After working hard to attempt to build a stack, David Lappin got it in preflop with pocket Kings against Maciej Rachwaniec with AK.

David Lappin

David Lappin – 7th place – €693

The queen high flop initially looked pretty promising for Lappin, but the 10 on the turn and the J on the river gave Rachwaniec a straight and send Lappin packing with €693. Some sick final table runbad for Lappin, very unlucky!

BREAK 15 mins


Lvl 22 – 8k/16k/1k – 6 players – av stack 386k

Players are playing cleverly as the bigger prizes creep closer.
The clock has been called on Stellato a couple of times now because he’s a thinker!

Erik Lindquist is doing a great job of being a short stack ninja, and 3bet shoved against an EP open from Stellato. Stellato called very quickly, and both players turned AJ, running out to a chop.

Lvl 23 – 10k/20k/2k – 6 players – av stack 386k

Spampinato has just doubled to 420k after he 3bet shoved with AK.

Giulio Spampinato

Giulio Spampinato

Stellato called with A8 and AK held.

These two players are fighting eachother like tough street dogs as they had a huge preflop race for a 800k pot with Stellato holding pocket fives and Spampinato holding A9.
The fives dodged all the bullets and Stellato won a massive pot.

The grind continues 6 handed.

We have lost Marlene Waae after she felt forced to call Spampinato’s shove with A10… unfortunately for Marlene, she had J10 and she could not escape her fate.
Marlene finished in  6th place for €832.

Marlene Waae

Marlene Waae

A huge, 1mil point pot has just gone down between Stellato and Prebeumeisniek Hiansen after Stellato got it in with 2 pair against Hiansen’s nut flush draw and bottom pair. The river brought an Ace which gave Hiansen a better two pair. Needless to say, Stellato was not a happy bunny.
Hiansen is now chip leader.

Lvl 24 – 15k/30k/3k – 5 players – av stack 482k

The poisonous bromance between Spampinato and Stellato has finally come to an end as Stellato was forced to play 104 os with five bigs and ran into Spampinato’s pocket Queens. The ladies love

Andrea Stellato - 5th place - €1109

Andrea Stellato – 5th place – €1109

Spampinato and they held good to see Stellato eliminated in 5th place for €1,109.

Shortly after Stellato’s exit, Maciej Rachwaniec lost a big pot to Lindquist after getting it all in with A10 against Lindquist’s AJ preflop. AJ held up and Rachwaniec was forced all in on his blind next hand with 23 os. Lindquist took the rest of his chips with A5 os and Rachwaniec was eliminated in 4th place for €1,525.
Well played!

Maciej Rachwaniec - 4th place - €1525

Maciej Rachwaniec – 4th place – €1525

The three remaining players are discussing a chop based on ICM of the remaining prizepool.

The discussions of a chop came to nothing, as they could not agree on the ICM figures, which, given the stacks are within 10 big blinds of eachother, would have been an almost equal split.
The three remaining players continue playing, with Hiansen as chipleader with 1.06mil, Lindquist with 770k and Spampinato with 740k.

Spampinato is winning some big pots from Hiansen, but his table talk is not particularly charming!
If an opponent makes a “bad call”… is it a good plan to tell them? Spampinato may be winning chips, but his chatter is not winning hearts and/or minds!
He may be Malta’s answer to William Kassouf.

BREAK 15 mins

Lvl 25 – 20k/40k/4k – 3 players – av stack 770k

The stacks are getting short and the players are getting tired as they have been playing for nearly eleven hours today.
As 80% of the money is in the top 3 spots, there is 9k left to play for, so tired or not, they all have their game faces on.

As short stack, Hiansen made a move from the small blind, 3bet shoving 500k with J9os against Spampinato’s button open to 100k. Spampinato tanked for a short period before making the call with A4. The deck loved Hiansen though, flopping him two pair, turning him a boat and rivering him a higher boat to take him back to over 1mil in chips with Jacks full.
The war continues 3 handed, with Hiansen now chip leader and Spampinato and Lindquist having similar stacks of around 700k.

After a few hands of preflop agression from all parties, they three remaining players have agreed to an even chop of €3002.66 each.
As they discussed, the game has become a bit of a gamble at this point, with the blinds about to increase, they would have been playing an average of 15 bigs each.

Congratulations to all players, especially our top 3: Giulio Spampinato, Prebeumeisniek Hiansen and Erik Lindquist!




32nd – Guilio Santino
31st – Gareth McIntosh
30th – Leofric Tabone Valletta
29th – Rapheal Toledo
28th – T Jensen
27th- Lars Geersten
26th- Topor Stefan
25th- Igino Xuereb
24th- Aloe Gianluigi
23rd- Sascha Manns
22nd- Markus Larsson
21st- Gonzalo Pro
20th- Mateusz Lusa
19th- Bartosz Stasiewicz
18th- Jens Chr Nielsen
17th- Plieshkov Sergii
16th- Micheal Holten Hansen
15th- Daniel Jacobsen
14th- Teemu Hietala
13th- Vince Calenti
12th- Jonas Larsson
11th- Gordon Casey
10th- Alex Sorensen
9th- Dennis Madsen – €277
8th- Alex Bergenholtz – €416
7th- David Lappin – €693
6th- Marlene Waae – €832
5th- Andrea Stellato – €1109
4th- Maciej Rachwaniec – €1525
1st*Giulio Spampinato – €3002.66
1st*Erik Lindquist – €3002.66
1st*Prebeumeisniek Hiansen – €3002.66

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