redbetLIVE at Dragonara Malta: Event 2 Day 1A

Cards are in the air on Day 1A!

Lvl 1 25/50 – 11 players

Too early for much action to have taken place, but the professional photographer, Joe Hall has just rocked up, so watch this space for some sexy photos of all your favourite local players!

Worth mentioning that on redbet online in ten minutes there is a €50gtd freeroll happening and there are currently only 19 entrants! Get yourself onto the poker client and get playing!

The pots are small and conservative as is to be expected when the stacks are deep and the blinds are small, but Gaetano Caruana is already making his presence felt when he made a hefty river bet, on Jh8d2h4hQd.
Three players saw the river after Mark Adams made a stab at it on the flop and pulled in two callers. The turn checked all the way round and then Gaetano took charge in position on the river, netting a 2275 point pot.

_00a3893Phil Pearson, a British immigrant now living in Malta, bringing with him the whiff of British fish, just managed to take 15k off another player by getting all in pre-flop with AA v QQ and running out a nut flush. This is why the Maltese were glad to see the British leave the island.
Luckily, this event has a double-chance structure, so the unlucky player with QQ can now take his 2nd 15k stack and stay at the tables!

Lvl 2 50/100 – 18 players

John Zammit took a nice pot from the SB on table 1 after limping to a raise to 500 from the BB pre flop. Zammit accidentally said “two thousand” on the flop first to act, and claimed he meant 200. The dealer enforced the 2k stated bet on Kd6cQs. The BB called.
The turn was 7d and both players checked to see the 5h river.
Zammit bet 5oo and was quickly called. Zammit turned over 6h2h and won the pot as his opponent mucked.

Lvl 3 75/150 – 21 players

No eliminations so far, and the first batch of photographs are on the way as the tiny media team battle valiantly with the angry Maltese WiFi!

BREAK AT 21:07

Lvl 4 100/200 – 22 players

Gaetano Caruana

Gaetano Caruana

Maximum chill here as the 9 handed tables start to fill up.
There is some discussion of whether Day1B will go ahead tomorrow at 1pm due to the election. We’ll be here players! If you come down, we’ll be waiting. And, hey, if the afternoon flight doesn’t start, we’ll just have a few beers until the evening flight starts at 19:30!

Conor Coady limped from the c/o and called a raise from the button to see a 9s10d3h flop. Coady checked and the button continued his aggression for 800. Coady looked wounded, but called and both players checked the Qd on the turn.
Coady then bet the Ad river and his opponent tank folded.

No-one’s showing us any bluffs… so we have to assume they have it everytime, obviously (scratchy chin emoji).

The first player has just been eliminated! He wishes not to be named in the blog because he is an international man of mystery…
Initially he looked like he was going to spin it up after shoving 2.7k UTG+2 and getting called by Kevin Lee from the c/o. Lee had A4os and turned a straight, but the mystery man rivered a flush with his K9h.

A couple of hands later, he saw the flop from the big blind, in a pot with Maurizio Autellitano. They checked to the turn and Mystery Man shoved. Autellitano thought for a while and then called, turning over Kd8d on 9s8c5s3h. Mr Mystery turned over 7s3s for bottom pair with a gutter and was eliminated by the 5c turn._00a3890

Being the first to eliminate a player earned Autellitano a drink, courtesy of TD Paul Kelly. We left the table as they were arguing over whether a free drink reasonable constituted a bottle of Moet. We back Paul to win with the view that it doesn’t.

Lvl 5 100/200/25 – 22/23 players remaining

The pots are getting more significant as the blinds go up.
We saw an interesting pot when we approached the table on a Q694 turn and saw a young player jam his entire 15k stack into a 6k pot. John Zammit was tanking and eventually folded Q6 face up, only for his young opponent to show 69. These young bucks!

Dodgy rogue Phil Pearson fancies himself as a tournament blogger and sent us the following hand via WhatsAp:

” Our resident sheeo fanatic phil pearson raises under the gun to 600 at 100/200. Seat 9 calls. Seat 1 on the button looks down and likes what he sees, making it 2600 to play. Both players call and we see a 3 handed flop.

The dealers provided the action flop of Qd Th 3c. Phil and seat 9 check. The button throws in 4200. Phil calls quickly, and seat 9 folds and waits for a better spot.

The turn brings the 9h. Draws a-plenty now. Phil checks again and seat 1 bets out 7500. Phil calls again and we see a river.

The river is the lady in waiting, Queen of diamonds, and phil bets 15k putting seat 1 all in. After some attempted speech play seat 1 folds amd phil takes the pot showing Ah Jh.”

We don’t know what a “sheeo fanatic” is either… Phil’s a weirdo. Please address all complaints to the British Embassy.

Lvl 6 – 150/300/25 – 23/25 players

Conor Coady

Conor Coady

Another elimination here! Nasko Jouischev was eliminated by Ina Pavlova as she flopped two pair with her A6 against his A8 and he shoved into her flop bet.
Stacks are still deep and registration is open for another 4 levels.
Day 1 play finishes after level 12.

 BREAK – 15 mins – 22:50

Lvl 7 – 200/400/50 – 21/26players remaining

Chilled atmosphere prevails here at Dragonara with a good few beers being consumed.
We suspect there may be a bit of an overlay, so there might be value to be had in this tournament!

There are now three levels of entry remaining, so if you fancy playing get yourself to Dragonara before half twelve tonight and register. Stacks are 30k, so you will have plenty of play, even if you register at the last minute!

Local regular Sascha Manns just folded JJ on a K high flop and his opponent showed him pocket Kings. Manns only claimed JJ after he’s

Sascha "The Man" Manns

Sascha “The Man” Manns

seen the set though, and that was precisely two minutes after he told us he liked playing nine high… so… possible blag from everyone’s favourite German? We’ll never know!!

Lvl 8 – 250/500/50 – 20/26 players remaining

Penultimate level before end of entry for flight 1A.

Gaetano Carauana just won a pot with a Royal Flush! It wasn’t the biggest pot in the world, but it’s always nice to have the Royal, right?

If you show a Royal at Dragonara the TD will buy you a drink. A player suggested that everytime you win a hand with any two cards you should get a drink… I’d love to see him pitch that one to my boss…


Lvl 9 – 300/600/50 – 17/26 players remaining

Break 15 mins at 00:37
Entries Now Closed

Overheard in the break: Quote of the night from Sascha Manns: “6 bet shoves always go wrong.”

Lvl 10 – 400/800/100 – 17/26 players remaining.

Play is becoming more serious as we near the end of Day1.
_00a4015There are some big pots, but very few hands are going to the river. The atmosphere is still great, with plenty of chatting and Bob Marley on the sound system.

Chillin  in Malta wit da poker peeps.

Lvl 11- 500/1000/100 – 16/26 remaining

We’re down to 16 after Mark Vella shoved As4s preflop and was called by 55. 5 on the flop meant Mark was looking for some unlikely backdoors.
The King on the turned sent him packing. One Time Was Not This Time.

The old saying “everybody’s loves as chop pot” is a lie, Totti Lind does not like a chop pot when he manages to call an opponent all the way to the river holding A10 while his opponent holds A5 on Ah4hKd8c … river … 8s.

Totti Lind

Totti Lind

F*** a chop pot.

Down to 13 after a couple of short stacks make much needed moves and lose the battle.

Lvl 12 – 600/1200/100 – 13/26 players remaining

As the last level of the day starts, the conversation on table one focuses on the possible spectacle of Sascha Manns and Conor Coady wearing bras and stockings.
A terrifying late-night thought for all assembled.

5 hands remaining of Day1A


Day 1 finished with 10 players remaining.
Day 2 starts on level 13, 800/1600/100.

The following players will start Day 2 with these stacks:



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