redbetLIVE at Dragonara, Malta: Event #6 Day 2

Day 2 starts at 13:00 on Sunday 29th October.
25 players remain and the prizepool is €10800.


Lvl 13 – 800/1600/100 – 25 players

Clock starts bang on 1pm with 25 remaining players.
One player started the day on a two hand penalty for being a very naughty boy on Friday after having a few beers.
Stacks are deep and blind levels are 45 mins on day 2, so we don’t think a couple of hands is going to punish him too hard.

Gaetano Caruana

Gaetano Caruana

Three eliminations in short succession here, with Gaetano Caruana, Santina Spedazeeri and Paul Chopin taking early exits.

Anna Colley exits in 22nd place after rocking up with, in her words, “a tiny, cute bag of chips”. In event five she turned ten big blind Day 2 starting stack into 2nd place and a €2.5k cash, but this time it was not to be.

 Lvl 14 – 1k/2k/200 – 20 players

Down to 20 players as we lose Reza Haack in 21st place.

There may be some friendly sparring happening between two larger stacks on table 2 as Mark Vella and Ryan Spittles tango with each other. Spittles just managed to get a sick little value bet paid on a messy river, and best Vella in a pot, but we’re pretty sure the battle’s not over.

Bogdan Lempew eliminated in 20th place after getting into a preflop race with Ellie Biessek.
Lempew held AJ and Biessek’s pocket fives stayed ahead until the river. Biessek’s on a rampage, so we advise staying out of her way.

Michael Jensen and Tortomasi Domenico have been eliminated and the TD has reduced the field to two tables.

Lvl 15 – 1200/2400/200 – 17 players

Arei Bidedersen has been eliminated in 17th place.

Arei Bidedersen

Arei Bidedersen

He worked hard today after being very jolly when he qualified on Friday.

Nice guy, great beard.

Despite starting the day with a top five chipstack, Daniele Coromeo has just been eliminated in 16th place.
On the flip side, Stian W. Danielsen, who started the day as the shortest stack in the field is still hanging in there.

BREAK – 15mins


Lvl 16 – 1.5k/3k/300 – 15 players

Simone Romano and Vinsent G Pariya have been eliminated leaving us with 13 players.

Lvl 17 – 2k/4k/400 – 13 players – av stack 150k

Final table thoughts approaching, but there is still a long way to go given the depth of the stacks.

Nick Case has just been eliminated in 13th place. Now two tables of six, final table is nine handed.

Marco Le Grutta exits in 12th place.

After Ellie Biessek is eliminated in 11th place we are one player away from hitting final table. We are not playing hand for hand because 9th is not a cashing position, but Paul, the TD is keeping an eye out for any stalling shenanigans.

Lvl 18 – 2.5k/5k/500 – 10 players – av stack 195k

Players battling it out hard to get to the final table.

Final table started at 17:20.

Ryan Spittles

Ryan Spittles

Ryan Spittles busted in 9th place after finding a good spot with A10 and losing a flip against Totti Lind’s 99.

Romano Calogero busts in 8th place. All remaining players are now in the money.

Mark Vella busts in 7th place for €432 and Stephane Matias busts in 6th for €648.

The final five take a 20 minute break.

BREAK – 20 mins

 Lvl 19 – 3k/6k/500 – 5 players av stack – av stack 390k


The levels of concentration are quite intense.

Lvl 20 – 4k/8k/500 – 5 players – av stack 390k

The five remaining players are not letting anything go. They all want the top prize, egos are at stake now!

Mats Karlsson

Mats Karlsson

M Karlsson eliminated in 5th place after making an aggressive bluff into Roland Boothby who had turned a straight and felt he could not pass. Boothby now has over 500k in chips and is making a run at chipleader Totti Lind.

Lvl 21 – 5k/10k/1k – 4 players – av stack 500k

Memola Giampaolo has been eliminated in 4th place for a cash of €1080; Boothby scooped the chips and now Kevin Price has to do more than climb a ladder to mount either of his two opponents’ stacks as Lind and Boothby have him seriously outchipped.
Unless Price can pull a miracle out of the bag, we’re most likely going to see heads-up play soon.

Price was eliminated in 3rd after an unlucky run out against Boothby, and he cashed for €1620.

Totti and Boothby remained and debated an epic heads-up battle 200+ blinds deep.
In the end they decided to chop it, with Boothby taking the trophy as he had the chip lead.

Well played everybody!


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