RedbetLIVE Malta: Main Event Day 1A

Lvl 1 50/100 – av stack 50k

25 players seated at the start of Day 1A, and as is normal with such deep starting stacks, players are being fairly cautious and keeping the pots small.
There is a calm atmosphere in the room, although there is some noise and banter coming from the freeroll satellite table; nothing puts people in a good mood like free stuff!_MG_7287

We’re in a conference room at the Intercontinental Hotel Malta, which is adjacent to Casino Malta, and it is a plush room, thankfully with good air con as the weather is hot and sticky in Malta today!

Casino Malta have made sure there are refreshments and valet staff here, and the massage girls will arrive shortly. The photographer has already been asked not to post photos of some players if they’re having a massage in case they get in trouble at home! Sounds like the photographer might be able to make some money from bribes…


Lvl2 75/150 – av stack 50k

Pawel Chojnowski and Mieszko Krzysztof Bartz got involved in a decent sized pot; we joined the pot on the river where Bartz had bet in position on a board of 9cJd9sKh6d and Chojnowski check raised him. Bartz thought for less than a minute before letting his hand go, and Chojnowski did not show.
We’ll never know what he had, but he’s above average stack now with 62k.

_MG_4080Now 35 players seated, late entry/reg for the RedbetLIVE Malta Main Event is available right up to the start of Day2, giving players maximum opportunity to enter.
Entry on Day2 is €350 and players will get the starting stack of 50k.
This facility is not encouraging players to go crazy though, there is still a lot of thought going into every hand here; that’s how RedbetLIVE events play out… people have fun, but they still take the game seriously!

 Lvl 3 100/200 – av stack 50k_MG_4077

36 players now with bums on seats, no eliminations as yet.


Marcin Cybinski hanging with our hostesses with the mostesses.

There was an interesting hand between Marcin Cybinski and Markos Kyprianou when Cybinski raised to 500 from the HJ and Kyprianou 3bet to 1250 from the button; Cybinski decided to call and checked the flop of 3c5d6h which Kyprianou opted to c-bet for 1500. Cybinski called.

The turn was 10h and Cybinski  checked. Kyprianou bet 3050 and Cybinski  quickly raised to 7200, which was called just as quickly.
Cybinski  checked the As river and Kyprianou bet 13k. Cybinski  didn’t look happy, and seemed to be reluctant in his fold. “Nice hand” he said to Kyprianou.

We saw Kyprianou’s hand as we were standing right behind him, but he didn’t show the table and asked us not to reveal it yet… what do you think he had?


Lvl4 100/200/25 – av stack 50k

Now 40 players registered, and still 40 players seated.

The pots are getting bigger now as the blinds are going up, but also as players get more comfortable with eachother’s playing style._MG_7315
A big pot developed on Table 5 which went four ways to the flop after Michael Andre Jensen opened UTG for 500, Kamil Damian Wolski called from MP, Arnaud Enselme called from the button and Lech Konrad Rudnicki 3bet to 1900… no-one felt like respecting the 3bet and all four players saw the 4h4sKd flop.

Action checked to Rudnicki and he c-bet 2800, which Jensen called, although he seemed slightly hesitant. Wolski  thought for a few seconds and then folded, and Enselme  insta-folded. They were heads-up to the 2h turn.
Rudnicki bet 8k; Jensen scratched his ear, looked thoughtful and then called the bet.


Precarious coffee!!

The river landed 6d and Rudnicki checked. It didn’t take long for Jensen to bet 12k and it took less time for Rudnicki to fold to the bet; Jensen added a nice pot to his stack giving him a total of around 76k. Nobody showed anything… the mystery of poker persists…

Lvl5 150/300/25 – Av stack 50k


Martan and Kolkoni before the carnage.

48/48 players remaining.

BOOM! 1st elimination from Table1.
Eirini Kokoni limped UTG+1 and Roland Boothby raised in late position. There was a 3bet from Dominik Martan on the button which Kokoni 4bet, getting rid of Boothby but keeping Martan in.
The flop came 4h2hKs and Kokoni checked. Martan bet out, Kokoni re-raised all-in and Martan called it.
Kokoni turned AA and Martan turned Ah3h… the only thing he hit was the rail and Kokoni pulled together her 95k stack.

Lvl 6 – 200/400/50 – av stack 51k

52/53 players remaining.
There will be a 1hr dinner break after this level… although there has been a snack buffet available all day and that has been systematically destroyed!
Still, poker players need their carbs and protein to survive the tough life of sitting and playing poker all day.

56/59 remaining, Giorgio De Cillis and Sean Sammut have been eliminated. Nevermind boys, plenty of time for re-entry! Regroup and return!


Tournament management team looking busy.

We’ve just seen Marcin Cybinski be eliminated by Eirini Kokoni after she limped from UTG with Kd10d and Cybinski jammed 10k with 55. He was happy until the river when Kokoni spiked a K! She admitted it was a “lucky river” and said she was pleased to have a good stack; 130k is definitely a good stack! Kokoni is chopping down wood all over the forest at the moment!


Sensory deprivation helps concentration.

Interesting hand happened on table 2 when Salvatore Ritrovato opened from MP to 1k. He was called by Apostolos Stylianou from the c/o and then Szymon Jakub Bujok 3bet to 3500 from the BB. Ritrovato folded and Stylianou came along for the ride after asking to see what Bujok’s stack was.
Flop came 6hKsJh and Bujok bet 3600, Stylianou called.
Turn was 4h and the action went check-check.
The river was 2c and Bujok checked, Stylianou quickly bet out 12k. Bujok had a good, long think; it was clear he was torn and hated his poker life at that exact moment. He finally called and mucked when Stylianou showed 5s6d for a pair of sixes! “So sick!” said Bujok, and Stylianou did look a bit surprised to have been called and won the pot giving him a stack of around 91k.



Lvl 7 300/600/75 – av stack 53.5k


_MG_4131Players have just sat down after their dinner break with 57/61 remaining.
During the break the €150 Omaha cup started and 27/29 players remain there. Remember to check on FaceBook and Instagram for all photos from all events at RedbetLIVE Malta.

Top three chip stacks after the dinner break are: Jonatan Ireneusz Kula, 150k. Eirini Kokoni with 114k. Krzystof Chojnowski with 106k.

Hands are coming thick and fast on all tables, with late position steals consistently getting through.
Didn’t happen for Jiri Smitek who opened to 1500 and was 3bet by Luca Beretta from the HJ to 4500. All fold and Smitek called.
Flop hit 6hKd10s and Smitek checked. Beretta c-bets 3500 and Smitek passed.


Kyprianou wishing he was the guy with KK.

We’ve just seen Dawid Paczka get dealt KK! He played aggressively pre and got action from Markos Kyprianou.
The Qhigh flop went check/check and Kyprianou bet 2.8k when the As fell on the turn, Paczka called.
Paczka bet just 1500 into 9k and Kyprianou called with KQ; always nice to win any pot with KK on an Ahigh board!

 Lvl 8 400/800/75 – av stack 55k


Does this look like a man who’s up for juggling the tournament equipment?

60/66 players remaining.
Tomasz Doktor and Fernandez Gonzalo have been eliminated in the last level; they may want to stick around and re-enter, which they can do until the end of play today (lvl 12).

Alternatively, they may want to check out Kim Devos juggling chips on table 2. He was nailing three chips, but came unstuck when he had a crack at four chips, there were 25point chips all over the place!
He’s lucky that Gerard Serra Retamero, the tournament TD and internationally recognised poker master didn’t catch him doing that! Probably a penalty situation right there.

Lvl 9 500/1k/100 – av stack 60.3k

58/70 players remaining. We lost Jakub Gurtler, Lech Konrad Rudnicki, Bartosz Piotr Ferenc, Nicos Sotiriou, Bas Wilhelmus Cornelis De Laat and Arkadiusz Rasiak during lvl 8.

Retamero has just announced there will be a 9handed, €40 flip for a RedbetLIVE Main Event seat, and the crowd went wild! The nine seats filled up within seconds, and it had the vibe of feeding time in the monkey house on jumbo peanut day.
The TD, Retamero dealt the cards face up, and it’s no wonder he got promoted to TD because he deals TERRIBLE hands. After a misdeal, the best hand he managed to pull out of the deck was A4os… total bag of rags!
After a lot of shouting and madness, the eventual winner was Eirini Kokoni, who is on fire today!
“YEAH BABY!” she shouted as the €350 seat was hers for minimal outlay and effort. Everyone loves a flip!


Piotr Mank

Just caught a hand between Sylwia Renata Pietraszko and Piotr Pawel Mank when P raised to 2500 from HJ, Mank called from the BB and the flop was As3c3s.
Pietraszko bet 2500 and Mank quickly called. Turn was 4d and Pietraszko bet 4100, which Mank also called with an air of resignation.
The river was 7h and both players checked; Mank turned over 5s6s for a straight and Pietraszko mucked. Did he miss value by checking, or do you think she was on it from the start?

We’ve just lost GPL Commentator Roland “In The Booth” Boothby after he 3bet jammed 20bigs into Johan Axel Soderberg’s AA with KJ.
We asked him what he was thinking and he told us that he had Soderberg pegged as a bit of a maniac because he’d been playing and winning a lot of pots. Boothby also said he’d lost a few big hands himself, and not won a pot since the break, so there may have been a shadow of tilt there too. Unlucky Roland, now back to your booth!


Lvl10 600/1200/100 – 72.5k

49/71 players remaining. We lost Markos Kyprianou, Martyna Dorota Kwella, Arkadiusz Rasiak (after re-entry), Eirini Kokoni, Niklas Mac Peter Forsberg, Piotr Pawel Mank, Lech Konrad Rudnicki, Jakub Franciszek Szczotka, and Karol Kaminski in the last level.

_MG_7390The Omaha event is hotting up and the €45 entry satellite for RedbetLIVE Malta Main Event is underway, with the €55 entry (€25 bounty) Real Hunter game starting in just 30mins.
It’s all about the poker here… and the banter… and the food… and the beer-pong… and the loud and crazy flips! We don’t know what it’s all about, but we’re loving it!

 Good hand between Dawid Paczka and Bartosz Piotr Ferenc after it folded to Ferenc and he raised to 3k from the SB. Paczka called and the flop fell as Ks3d8s.
Ferenc bet out for 2300 and was quickly called. He bet out again on the Qd turn for 4800 and was called again, just as quickly.
The river was 6h and that proved to be a bit of a thinker for Ferenc who tanked for about two minutes. During this time Retamero came and broke the table, so the two players were left alone with the dealer. Eventually, Ferenc bet 17500 and Paczka started muttering in Polish, even if we could translate it… we probably wouldn’t want to!
After about 30 seconds of angry mumbling, he called and Ferenc insta mucked. Paczka showed Kd10d.

Lvl11 800/1600/200 – av stack 82k


His other hobby is actual fishing.

44/72 players remaining.
In the last level the players who became acquainted with the rail were: Pawel Chojnowski, Panagiotis Fantousis, Marek Pigula, Lukasz Jan Pietraszko, Radoslaw Matyjaszczyk, and Salvatore Ritrovato.
We’re now in the last two levels and we’re entering that weird stage of Day1 where big stacks don’t want to donk off too many chips and small stacks are getting more aggro.

Krzystof Andrzej Stuchlik shoved all-in for 19k from UTG and Bartosz Piotr Ferenc asked for a count from the HJ. The dealer went for Stuchlik’s stack and dislodged his “lucky coin” that was balanced on top; big mistake, dealer, Stuchlik was not happy with the alien contact with his lucky coin!
Ferenc didn’t care at all about the coin and re-raised to 41k, all folded and they went HU to the flop. Stuchlik turned AJ and Ferenc showed 99.

The flop and turn were no help to Stuchlik and as the dealer peeled the river, he shouted “come on coin!”. The river was a J to double Stuchlik and make Ferenc believe in the power of the coin.

Lvl 12 1k/2k/200 – av stack 97k

This is the last level of the day and 38/74 remain.
Eliminated players in the last level are: Mieszko Krzysztof Bartz, Jill Alva Gunnel Mellstrom, Tommy Andre Sorensen, Luigi Knoppers, Sean Sammut, Dalibor Nydecky, Konrad Abela and Marcin Koziarek.

The €55 entry (€25 bounty) Real Hunter is underway, and is predictably loud and crazy! This is a really fun event, and many of the players who have busted the Main Event are giving it a go, presumably to chill out after a day of more “serious” poker.

Retamero is currently giving the dealers instruction to deal the last three hands. Day1A players have almost made it!
They can surrender the stack if they are not happy with it, and entry to this tournament is open until the clock starts on Day2.
Chip counts will be published as soon as Retamero releases them… he is an international man of mystery after all!

A couple of good hands from the last three whilst we’re waiting for closing chip counts:

_MG_4160Firstly, a nice double up for Irish Poker legend DK Lappin as he 3bet jammed 37k from the BB after Marios Mansour opened to 5500 UTG and Krzystof Andrzej Stuchlik called from the SB. Mansour called the allin instantly and Stuchlik folded. Lappin had 77 which held strong against Mansour’s AK.
Is there any better feeling than doubling up in the last hands of the day?

We also saw Michal Falar go for the last minute double when he open jammed his 20k stack with 9h6h from EP. Unfortunately for him, Lucas Blanco Oliver woke up with AA on the button. There was a bit of a sweat for Falar as the 7h and 10h were on board by the turn to give him a straight flush gutter, but the ball never dropped and he was eliminated.

Day 1A Chip Counts

#1PolandKrzystof Chojnowski306,900
#2PolandJonatan Ireneusz Kula217,400
#3NorwayMichael Andre Jensen205,700
#4SpainLucas Blanco Oliver204,300
#5SpainAlfonso Carlos Timoteo Rubias200,500
#6PolandArkadiusz Rasiak160,900
#7PolandSylwia Renata Pietraszko150,700
#8Czech RepublicJiri Smitek142,200
#9SpainFernando Perez Castro139,500
#10PolandPawel Wakuluk131,100
#11NetherlandsBart Boris Kuiper129,000
#12PolandBartosz Piotr Ferenc120,400
#13CyprusApostolos Stylianou119,700
#14IrelandDaragh Davey115,200
#15PolandDawid Paczka102,200
#16ItalyLuca Beretta96,500
#17PolandKamil Damian Wolski94,500
#18NetherlandsLuigi Knoppers92,200
#19SpainVicente Delgado Zamorano91,600
#20MaltaBas Wilhelmus Cornelis De Laat90,700
#21MaltaClint Sammut90,000
#22David Laurence Kilmartin Lappin85,000
#23SpainOihan Ruiz De Laramendi81,900
#24SwedenJohan Axel Soderberg77,800
#25PolandKrzystof Andrzej Stuchlik75,900
#26PolandKamil Lukasz Walus73,100
#27FranceArnaud Enselme63,700
#28SwedenNils Johannes Jarefjall51,700
#29CyprusMarios Mansour51,100
#30MaltaMark Anthony Vella44,000
#31BelgiumKim Devos25,600
#32Italygiulio antonio Spampinato20,000


Day2 starts at Monday 17th October at 1pm

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