RedbetLIVE Malta: Main Event Day1B

Lvl 1 – 50/100 – av stack 50k

Cards are in the air on Day1B of the €350 buyin RedbetLIVE Malta Main Event. Registration is open for all 12 levels of play today, and will remain open until the clock starts on Day2 (Monday at 1pm).

16 players started today, and after 74 entries yesterday, the prizepool currently stands at just under €28000.

Not much action in lvl 1; pots are small and players are not willing to get too involved in big pots with marginal holdings early on.
Given that there’s players from all over the world, who have different native languages, there is a lot of banter already! Most players opt to communicate in English.

_MG_7388Iannelli Ferdinando is having a laugh on table 4 as he said he raised to 500 from the bb blind because he “couldn’t be bothered to get change”! Anyone who thinks the fun has gone out of live poker should get themselves involved in a low-stakes festival instead of a nose-bleed one… this is where the fun is!

Lvl 2 – 75/150 – av stack 50k

36/36 players remaining.

On table 1 Charlo Azzopardi raised to 775 from the SB after a limp from Sebastien Joel Le Port in the c/o. Christos Leantzis called the raise from the BB and Le Port stayed in too.
The flop appeared as Jh4d8h and Azzopardi c-bet 1500. Leantzis got out the way and Le Port called.
Azzopardi bet 3500 on the 2c turn and Le Port called.
The river was 10h and Azzopardi checked, Le Port checked behind and Azzopardi showed AA; he obviously didn’t like that 3rd heart on the river, but Le Port mucked.

We caught up with David Roderick Dyson, who came 6th/62 players in Thursday evening’s €55 Deepstack Turbo. He took down a 4 way pot on the turn with a delayed c-bet and then told us that he enjoyed the Deepstack Turbo event, and the structure was a lot of fun.
He had a swingy time on the FT of the Deepstack, trebling up in one hand, but then losing two big hands shortly after; “that’s poker”, as they say!

Lvl 3 – 75/150 – av stack 50k

45/45 players remaining.
Gerard Serra Retamero is the TD for RedbetLIVE Malta, and his experience is clear as he deals with table breaks, player issues and computers all at the same time!
It’s very relaxed here, and nice and cool in the air-conditioned conference suite at Casino Malta/The Intercontinental Hotel. Thank goodness for the air-con because it is HOT outside! Sunbathe or play poker? What a nice choice to have!

Hubert Ryszard Olszewski

Hubert Ryszard Olszewski

Scary Man

Maciej Krzystof Rachwaniec

Action on table 5 as Hubert Ryszard Olszewski limped from the HJ and Maciej Krzystof Rachwaniec raised to 700 from the BB. They went heads-up to the 10d4c7c flop and both checked to see the 5d turn.
Olszewski bet 700 and Rachwaniec raised to 2k. Olszewski thought for a moment and then called, moving his hands and chips slowly and deliberately.
The river was 7d and Olszewski led out for 3200. Rachwaniec gave him an intense stare, that was actually a little bit scary, but passed his hand; Olszewski did not show.

Eirini Kokoni is back in action today after winning a €40 flip for a seat yesterday. She cheekily limped from UTG and Tomasz Doktor raised to 450. The small and big blinds called.
“It’s 450?” Kokoni asked in a sweet voice, before 3betting to 2550; everyone folded!


Chipping Up competition during the break.

Chipping Up competition during the break.

Lvl 4 – 100/200/25 – av stack 51.9k

54/56 remaining, with Karim Zerrougui and Stefan Topor having been eliminated just before the break.

A hand developed on table 2 between Nam Giao Pham and Filip Tomasz Stojanowski when Stojanowski raised UTG+1 to 600. 5 players went to the Qc5c10h flop, including Pham.
It checked to Stojanowski, who bet 1600 and everybody folded except Pham.
The turn was 6c and Stojanowski checked; Pham bet 3500 and Stojanowski called quickly.
Stojanowski bet 10k on the Ah river and Pham looked pained. He thought for long enough for another player to call the clock and Retamero agreed that Pham had had enough time and gave him 60 seconds to make his decision.
Pham used nearly all his time and called the bet with just 3 seconds remaining. Pham mucked when Stojanowski turned over KJ for a straight to the Ace and shouted “F**k YEAH!”.

The €110 entry Deepstack is now underway with 17 players and 6 levels of late reg/re-entry.

Lvl 5 – 150/300/25 – av stack 52.5k

58/61 players remaining as Panagiotis Fantouisis was eliminated during the last level.


Georgiou Georgios

Costas Kalogirou limped UTG+1 on table 4 and Pawel Michal Hymos raised to 800 from the c/o. Marko Tabak called from the button, Georgiou Georgios called from the SB and Kalogirou hung around after his limp.
The flop was Jc2d2h and action checked to Tabak who bet 800. His bet was quickly raised to 3100 by Georgios and the other two players folded.
The turn was 9c and both players checked.
The river was Ah and Georgios confidently bet 4300. Tabak didn’t think for long before calling.
Georgios flipped 88, and seemed pretty happy… but then Tabak showed J9 for a better two pair.

Lvl 6 200/400/50 – av stack 52.5k

59/62 players remaining, no eliminations during the last level.

Ina Pavlova

We just caught Massimiliano Rosi getting eliminated after he 4bet jammed 20k into Ina Pavlova’s 3bet. She snapped him off and flipped QQ, Rosi looked a bit defeated as he turned KdQd. With two diamonds on board by the turn, he saw a glimmer of hope, but the black 9 on the river sent him packing.
“Straight!” He joked, but Pavlova wasn’t even slightly amused, and stacked her chips impassively.

Konstantinos Kotsaris

Konstantinos Kotsaris

An interesting hand developed on table 1 as Michal Zdzislaw Baranowski raised to 1k UTG. Alexis Wicen called from MP, Konstantinos Kotsaris called from the SB and Charlo Azzopardi called from the BB.
The flop popped out as KdKs10d and it checked to Baranowski who bet 2k. This bet cleared Wicen and Kotsaris stayed around to see the turn of 9c.
Kotsaris gave Baranowski a sideways glance as he looked at his cards and then gently checked. Baranowski bet 3600 and Kotsaris re-raised to 7900.
This did not go down well with Baranowski who began muttering and then said “straight, right?” before launching his cards at the dealer and walking away from the table in obvious frustration.


Lvl 7 – 300/600/50 – av stack 55.9k

59/66 players remaining after we lost the following players in lvl 6: Jakub Franciszek Szczotka, Massimiliano Rosi, Nam Giao Pham and Marcin Tomasz Szewczyk.

The top three chipstacks are Jan Sederman with 143,000, Sami Aleksi Pulliainen with 122,450 and David Roderick Dyson with 102,800.
Costas Kalogirou is the current short stack with just 6,800, but miracles happen and a few good spots will get him back in the game.

Anthony Elemoso just had a nice double up after 4-bet jamming AcQc and getting a call from 3-better Turgay Akin with 7d8d.

Anthony Elemoso

Anthony Elemoso

Elemoso was probably a bit nervous about his chances of claiming the 33k pot as Turgay flopped an open-ender, but it came to nothing and Elemoso survived.


Jacek Pustula opened a pot from the HJ for 1350 and Pawel Michal Hymos called from the BB.
The flop was 8h7c9c and Hymos donked for 1800, Pustula called. The turn was 5d and both players checked.
The river showed up as 3s and, again, both players checked. Hymos flipped over A6 of clubs and Pustula mucked. Maybe Hymos missed some value, maybe Pustula just gave up with absolute rubbish… who will ever know?
Obviously, Pustula does, but we doubt he’ll tell!


Lvl 8 – 300/600/75 – av stack 57.3k

61/70 players remaining after Jaroslaw Chmiel and Costas Kalogirou were eliminated in lvl 7.

Antonino Intravaia

Antonino Intravaia

Fun blind on blind pot between Antoine Degiorgio and Antonino Intravaia after Intravaia limped from the SB and Degiorgio raised to 3800. Intravaia called and the flop was 3s5c10d. Intravaia checked and Degiorgio c-bet 4500 in a neat and precise stack, which Intravaia called with a messy splash.
The turn was 8s and both players checked; they also both checked the 6d river and Intravaia flipped over 5d6s for two pair. Degiorgio chuckled and showed one of his cards, Ac.
“Small blind versus big blind I always call with 56,” said Intravaia, “it’s heads up!”

 We also saw Jakub Franciszek Szczotka putting pressure on short stack Maciej Krzystof Rachwaniec by forcing him to decide to call for his life on a board of 7sKh6hJd. The pot was around 20k, which was near enough equal to Rachwaniec’s remaining chips. Rachwaniec was obviously deeply pained and it took him a while to get to the fold. Szczotka decided not to show him, obviously; maintain the pain!

Jakub Jozef Filipowski opened from MP on table 2 and was called Marcin Koziarek from the c/o. They went heads-up to the flop of 9dQd7d.
Filipowski carried on the action and bet 2200, which Koziarek called. The turn was 10c and both players checked to the Jh river. Filipowski  had another go for 6500 and Koziarek  didn’t hesitate before calling.
Filipowski flipped pocket threes and Koziarek  showed J9c for two pair. Filipowski shrugged a small shrug, but didn’t look particularly bothered.

Lvl 9 – 500/1000/100 – av stack 61.8k

59/73 remaining after these eliminations during lvl 8: Maciej Krzystof Rachwaniec, Turgay Akin, Michal Falar, Tomasz Doktor and Hubert Ryszard Olszewski.

One of those “WTF?” hands just happened on table 2 between Sami Aleksi Pulliainen and Jakub Gurtler.
Gurtler open raised to 2200 and Pulliainen was the only caller to the Ah5h10c flop. Gurtler bet 3200 and Pulliainen called to see 2s on the turn.

Jakub Gurtler.

Jakub Gurtler.

Gurtler bet 6500 and Pulliainen called. The river popped out as 8d and this is where sh*t got weird… Gurtler bet 1k. Yep, just 1k.
Was it a mistake, or was it an evil ploy?
A couple of the players at the table chuckled to themselves. Pulliainen obviously thought it was weird too, because he tanked for a bit and then raised to 11.1k. Gurtler called immediately, but quietly mucked when Pulliainen turned over 8s10s for two pair.


 Lvl 10 – 800/1600/100 – av stack 67.5k

57/77 remaining, and the bustouts from lvl 9 are: Iannelli Ferdinando, Charlo Azzopardi, Tristan Francois Erwan Chevalier, Krzysztof Jacyk, Sotiris Sotiriou and Gareth William Chantler.

Sebastien Joel Le Port opened for 2500 from HJ on table 1 and was 3bet to 7600 by Michal Zdzislaw Baranowski from the SB. The player on the BB, Christos Leantzis, 4-bet jammed for a total of 31,500 and Le Port got out of the way.

Leantzis's cannon.

Leantzis’s cannon.

Baranowski counted his own stack, scratched his head, played with his chips and considered his move for a moment before folding.
Leantizis picked up his lucky charm, a cannon and shot at Baranowski, before declaring that he had two black Aces, but without showing his cards. Do we believe him?

Lvl 11 800/1600/200 – av stack 78k

50/78 entries remaining after lvl 10 proved to be the death for: Efstathios Komitas, Mariano Xiberras, Hubert Ryszard Olszewski, Dennis Berglin, Jakub Jozef Filipowski, Nicos Sotiriou, Adela Pechackova and Maciej Krzystof Rachwaniec.

We’re now in the last two levels of the day, and players are looking to grow a stack or bust. This event does offer the stack-surrender facility and registration/re-entry is open right up until the clock starts on Day2, which is Monday at 1pm.

There was a hand of much tanking and thinking on table 1 as Michal Falar opened UTG+1 to 3k. Eleftherios Sinnos raised from MP to 8200 and action zipped back round to Falar, who tanked for a bit before 4-betting to 18200. Sinnos went for the re-tank before asking how much Falar had behind, which was about 40k. Sinnos elected to call.
The flop was Kc5d5h and Falar had another little think before checking. Sinnos considered life and then bet 12700, which Falar looked at for a while, before calling.

Michal Falar

Michal Falar

The turn was 2 spades, and Falar checked relatively quickly compared to the fashion of this hand. Sinnos had his mouth covered with his hand, and we wondered if he’d stopped breathing when he finally bet 11,500. Falar paused for a moment before pushing the rest of his chips across the line, Sinnos insta-called.
Falar turned KhKd and Sinnos showed Ac5c, giving him just one out, an out that did not come; a nice late double up for Falar, in a hand with more tanks than a WWII land offensive.

In other news, the €33 entry “Allin Or Fold” tourney has just started, and with 90mins of late reg/unlimited re-entry, there will be time for players to register for this game after the clock is stopped on Day1B.
Players joke about poker being “bingo” sometimes… this will definitely be bingo, and a lot of FUN!
RedbetLIVE manager Marcin Jablonski is trying his luck in this game, he’s a massive fish, so this format will suit him nicely!

Lvl 12 – 1k/2k/200 – av stack 90.6k

43/78 remaining with the following players becoming tournament casualties in the penultimate level of the day: Gavril Daniel Hutuleac, Antonino Intravaia, Jakub Franciszek Szczotka, Stefan Topor, Doris Maria Andersson Murro, Tomasz Doktor and Mikhail Filatov.

Robert Hana

Robert Hana

Funny hand on table 4 between Marko Tabak and Robert Hana when Tabak opened UTG to 4200. It folded to Hana on the button who 3-bet to 12k, the blinds folded, but only after Marcin Tomasz Szewczyk had a good think on the BB.
Tabak called the 12k and the flop showed as Ac9h6d. Tabak checked and Hana bet 8k, Tabak instantly raised to 20k and Hana folded faster than faulty sun lounger, giving Tabak a thumbs-up as he did.

Retamero has just announced last 3 hands.


A very sexy double up for Pawel Chojnowski after he bet 15k into 20k on Kc5dJh8d and got put to it for his remaining 45k by big stack Jakub Gurtler.
Chojnowski was clearly pained as he finally made the call with AsQc and felt the pain subside when Gurtler turned over 9s10s. Chojnowski manged to fade all of Gurtler’s outs, and was clearly very happy to win the pot at such a late stage. Good bet from Gurtler, great call from Chojnowski; there is real poker at low-stakes, absolutely no doubt!
Gurtler clearly wasn’t happy to sit on his remaining 60k as he 3bet jammed with J6 a hand later against Dominik Martan, who snapped him with AK, which held to take Gurtler out on the second to last hand of the day.


36/78 players made it throught from Day1B to Day2 which starts at 1pm on Monday 17th October.


#1PolandMarcin Koziarek328,200
#2Rafal Lubczynski228,800
#3PolandKrzysztof Jacyk209,100
#4Czech RepublicDominik Martan198,200
#5BulgariaIna Pavlova179,300
#6Marcin Tomasz Szewczyk174,900
#7PolandJan Tomasz Przysucha174,100
#8EstoniaRaigo Aasmaa141,900
#9PolandPawel Chojnowski137,400
#10MaltaSalvatore Ritrovato133,300
#11Jan Sederman117,400
#12PolandJacek Pustula116,300
#13FranceSebastien Joel Le Port115,600
#14FinlandSami Aleksi Pulliainen113,600
#15MaltaNeville Grech110,500
#16Michal Zdzislaw Baranowski102,700
#17Czech RepublicMichal Falar96,000
#18Czech RepublicRobert Hana95,900
#19CroatiaMarko Tabak92,700
#20MaltaAntoine Degiorgio91,800
#21Pawel Michal Hymos88,100
#22SwedenAlexis Wicen83,900
#23Jacques Balzan De Maio83,400
#24SwedenJohan Stig Arne Creutz80,000
#25GreeceEirini Kokoni76,700
#26PolandPiotr Pawel Mank71,400
#27David Roderick Dyson68,800
#28Michal Robert Wdowiarski63,800
#29GreeceKonstantinos Kotsaris59,800
#30roland Ekstroem51,600
#31Italygiulio antonio Spampinato49,900
#32CyprusGeorgiou Georgios47,800
#33SwedenDennis Berglin37,700
#34FranceJean Bertrand Fabre36,600
#35CyprusChristos Leantzis32,000
#36RussiaAnthony Elemoso22,100

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