RedbetLIVE Malta: Main Event Day1C

Lvl 1 – 50/100 – Av stack 50k

15 players are seated as the inimitable Retamero announces “shuffle up and deal” on the final entry day of the RedbetLIVE Malta €350 buyin Main Event.
Late reg/re-entry is open for all 12 levels of play today, and will remain open until the clock starts on Day2, which is tomorrow at 1pm.

LadiesAs is standard at the beginning of deepstack events, the play is gentle. There are a few sleepy faces, which may be a result of the Saturday night party atmosphere in this part of Malta.
While the island does have a rich history, and some beautiful spots to visit, there are also a plethora of bars, clubs and restaurants that open late into the night.
Close to Casino Malta there are also a few “Gentleman’s Clubs” where perhaps some of the RedbetLIVE players visited last night to discover the ladies’ opinions on art and politics… or something!

Lvl 2 – 75/150 – av stack 50k

43/43 players remaining.


Sergeevich Ulanov: robbed of a free flop.

Michal Jurgielewicz limped from MP and it was raised to 1500 by Filip Maksym Szeszula from the c/o. Eugene Sergeevich Ulanov was on the BB and looked disappointed at not getting a free flop, aren’t we all?
Jurgielewicz called the raise and the flop was 8c7c6d which both players checked to see the 3s turn. Jurgielewicz bet 1900 and Szeszula folded.

Lvl 3 – 100/200 – av stack 50k

50/50 players remaining.

We caught a pot on table 2 between Petros Theodosiou in the HJ and Jaroslaw Chmiel in the c/o. We arrived at the table with the flop of 10d2d3s, a pot of 1350, and action was on Theodosiou. He bet 900 and Chmiel raised to 2025, which Theodosiou called.
The turn was 7c and Theodosiou checked. Chmiel bet 3100 and we could see Theodosiou’s brain working before he called.

Petros Theodosiou: He shook it off, like Taylor Swift.

Petros Theodosiou: He shook it off, like Taylor Swift.

The river was 8h and both players checked. Chmiel turned Js10h for a pair of tens and Theodosiou angrily flipped AdJd. He stood up in frustration, clearly not impressed with the action, but like all good players, he shook off his annoyance quickly, and sat back down, ready to battle on.

We saw an interesting pot develop between Anthony Elemoso and Dawid Topolinski when we arrived at table 3 on the turn, with a pot of 3k and action on Elemoso after Topolinski checked the 3h10c5s6d board.
Elemoso bet out 1300 and was raised to 2900 by Topolinski. Elemoso thought for a while, and then called.
The river was 9h and Topolinski immediately bet 4350.
Elemoso is a very deliberate player, and he takes his time over decisions. We could see his head bobbing about as he tried to recall the exact action and do some maths; we could also see the other players fidgeting as Elemoso took his time, and then laboriously cut out the chips required for the call.Anthony Elemoso
Elemoso eventually pushed the chips across the line and Topolinski  instantly mucked his hand; Elemoso picked up a nice pot, and did not have to show his cards.


Lvl 4 -100/200/25 – av stack 52.9k

51/54 players remaining.
Bustouts from lvl 3 are: Mats Gustav Villern Karlsson, Bartosz Jakub Ziolkowski and Patryk Damian Czarnecki.

Accumulating chips in a tournament is key to staying alive, and that’s exactly what Mieszko Krzysztof Bartz just did in a pot against Costas Kalogirou. Bartz was aggressive pre flop and kept the aggression up on all three streets, finally betting just under pot of 6500 on the river and forcing Kalogirou to pass.


Mariusz Jerzy Czarnojan

Meanwhile, on table 7, there was a bit of action when Mariusz Jerzy Czarnojan opened the pot from the button for 625. Wojociech Szczytkowski stayed with him from the BB and the flop was 7hJs3c; both players checked.
The turn put the 6s out there and Szczytkowski checked, letting Czarnojan bet 1100, which Szczytkowski called.
The river was 3s and Szczytkowski again check/called Czarnojan’s bet of 2500.
Czarnojan showed down Ks9s for a King-high flush and Szczytkowski mucked his cards.

Lvl 5 – 150/300/25 – 52.5k

59/62 players remaining, as everybody managed to avoid the rail in lvl 3. PHEW!

Petros Theodosiou is getting jiggy on table two after it folded to Jakub Franciszek Szczotka on the button and he opened for 800. Francois Guillaume Narbonne re-raised to 2550 and both Theodosiou and Szczotka called.
The flop fell as 10hAc4d and Narbonne bet 3600, a bet that Theodosiou thought about for a bit before calling, and Szczotka quickly folded to.
The heads-up turn was 3s and Narbonne checked. Theodosiou neatly stacked 8750 (around 1/2 pot) worth of chips and placed them delicately across the line. Narbonne folded, showing Ad.
Theodosiou whispered in our ear that he was holding pocket 10s and as we all know, poker players never, ever lie.

Lvl 6 – 200/400/50 – Av stack 54.6k

63/69 players remaining, and the fallen soldiers from lvl 5 are: Dmitriy Manylov, Eugene Sergeevich Ulanov and Christos Leantzis.


Filip Maksym Szeszula: keeping his cards, and his face, a secret.

On table 1 Bo Evert Green  opened UTG+1 with a bet of 1100,  Filip Maksym Szeszula called from MP and Piotr Dominik Wiecek called from BB.
The flop popped with QcJs4s and Green bet 1600 after Wiecek checked. Szeszula folded and Wiecek stayed in.
The turn was 10s and both players checked to the 9c river, which also went check/check.
Wiecek turned 5s3s for a baby flush and Green showed pocket fours for a ruined set. Did Wiecek miss some value there, or did Green smell his flush from miles away?

Some raggy action on table 5 as Marcin Spychalski opened UTG+1 for 800 and was raised by Grzegorz Michal Tomaszewicz in the HJ who made it 2k to carry on. Sean Sammut called from the SB,

Szymon Jakub Bujok in the BB also paid the monies and Spychalski felt the need to see that flop as well.
The flop was Ac5cQs and all four players checked, saving their energy for the 5s turn.

Szymon Jakub Bujok : expert level duck hunter.

Szymon Jakub Bujok : expert level duck hunter.

Tomaszewicz bet 2k after Spychalski checked, Sammut min-raised to 4k after some misunderstanding with the chips, perhaps he meant to raise more? He’s probably glad he didn’t because Bujok quickly 3-bet cold to 10k.
Spychalski got out of the way at high speed and Tomaszewicz almost immediately shipped his entire stack of 36k. Sammut passed and Bujok called.
Tomaszewicz showed 10d5d, which was just ahead of Bujok’s 5h2h. If Bujok was wondering why he deserved such coldness from the deck, he wasn’t feeling that way for long, because the dealer slapped out 2d on the river to give Bujok a full house and eliminate Tomaszewicz.
Bujok organised his 71k stack, a stack he owes to that cheeky little river duck. Tomaszewicz left the tournament room with admirable dignity and grace, given how ugly that river was!


Lvl 7 – 300/600/75 – 57.2k

63/72 players remaining after  Uwe Schrieber, Grzegorz Michal Tomaszewicz and Dawid Topolinski went bust during lvl 6.

Play is getting more serious here, with more pots being 3bet/4bet preflop and more aggression on the flop.
Players are still registering for the Main Event in a steady stream and the 6-max Omaha and €100 Malta Adventure are underway. There is also a Main Event satellite playing, so it’s wall to wall poker in this room.

Table 3 might be a brutal if you get moved there!

Table 3 might be a brutal if you get moved there!

If we were playing the Main Event, we would not want to be on table 3, as Nordic Poker Champion, Mats Gustav Villern Karlsson is sitting in seat9, and the table is quite tough.


A big pot developed on table 2 after Marek Pigula, Jakub Franciszek Szczotka and Lukasz Grzegorz Skora went 3ways to a 8d3d6s flop. Pigula bet 3200, Skora folded and Szczotka called.
The turn was 10c and Pigula thought for a moment before betting 8k, leaving around 15k behind his bet. Szczotka’s quick raise put Pigula all in, and he called. Pigula turned Js10d which was dead to Szczotka’s set of sixes.

Lvl 8 – 400/800/75 – av stack 59k

67/79 remaining after 3 players were evicted from the Big Poker House during level 7. Those players were: Alessandro Pichierri, Sean Sammut and Marek Pigula.
Re-entry open for five more levels including lvl 8, lads, plenty of time to jump back in with a very healthy stack!

Marcin Bukowinski

Marcin Bukowinski

Marcin Bukowinski opened for 2k UTG on table 8 and it folded to Alessandro Pichierri in the small blind who 3bet to 6200. Bukowinski called and the flop was 2d5h10c. Pichierri  checked and Bukowinski bet 8k, which Pichierri  called.
Pichierri  also checked the 6c flop and Bukowinski kept going, betting 15k.
Pichierri  quickly moved all in for 30k total, which Bukowinski covered and called. Pichierri  was at risk as he turned AsKh and Bukowinski showed JsJd; Pichierri  could not find an out, and was eliminated for the second time today.

Lvl 9 – 500/1000/100 – av stack 62.7

63/79 remaining due to four players hitting the rail in lvl 8. Those players were: Costas Kalogirou, Alessandro Pichierri, Doris Maria Andersson Murro and Georgios Vidakis.

The prizepool is now over €70k and there is a more serious air about the game today compared to Days 1A and 1B. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everybody, with the big party from Cyprus still causing havoc all over the place! They travelled far to play RedbetLIVE Malta, and they certainly brought the noise! GO TEAM CYPRUS!


Eleftherios Sinnos

Eleftherios Sinnos hunted us down by the buffet table to complain that we’d missed three big hands that he’d played to take him to a stack of over 120k. We found him at the table in a pot with Anthony Elemoso after Elemoso raised from the HJ and Sinnos called.
They both checked the Q high flop to the river and Sinnos casually bet 2k into 5k. Elemoso folded and Sinnos showed KQos; the table seemed very friendly and in good spirits as they joked with each other.

It’s definitely a myth that “everyone loves a chopped pot” as we saw on table 5 when Afshar Omidi and Adam Plicner went against eachother, with Omidid being the aggressor preflop and on the flop on 2s9c2d. They both checked 5c turn and 2h river and both turned over AK. We think both of them would have preferred to win the pot, but maybe they were happy with a chop. Maybe.

Wiktor Edmund Depta

Wiktor Edmund Depta

Maciej Kowalski opened UTG for 2100 and was called by Wiktor Edmund Depta from the c/o and Oliver Richard White from BB.
The flop came 4cQh10d and White checked. Kowalski bet 3500, which Depta was happy to call, but White was not. The turn was 9h and Kowalski bet 7k; Depta asked to see his remaining stack which was a total of 13k. Depta immediately put Kowalski all-in and the bet was called.
Kowalski turned over pocket Aces, but Depta showed up with Qd9s for two pair. The dealer couldn’t find a 4, 10 or Ace for Kowalski  and he was ejected. Feels bad to bust with AA, feels real bad.


Lvl 10 – 600/1200/100 – av stack 70.1k

57/80 players remaining after lvl9 proved to be a busy level for bustouts. The players who tripped up and out in the last level were: Petros Theodosiou, Caro Husein Hasic, Jan Sysel, Wojociech Szczytkowski, Antony Paul Hallam, Maciej Kowalski and Oliver John Moses Said.

The current top three chip stacks with three levels of play left today are: Mateusz Fajdasz with 138k, Marcin Spychalski with 127k and Igor Bogdan Turowski with 126k.
The short stack is Brynjar Baadhaug with 17k… grind it up!

Michal Jurgielewicz

Michal Jurgielewicz

 Monster pot on table 1 after Michal Jurgielewicz opened from the button for 3k and was called by Bo Evert Green from the SB and Filip Maksym Szeszula from BB.
The flop put Qd9h10s in front of the players and Green and Szeszula checked. Jurgielewicz bet 4k and Green raised to 12k. Szeszula passed to the raise, but Jurgielewicz called it.
The turn was 9d and Green quickly went allin for around 40k. Jurgielewicz called and flipped over Qs9s which meant Green was dead. No-one paid attention to the river, least of all Green, who pushed all his chips towards Jurgielewicz before the dealer had even peeled the card.

Lvl 11 – 800/1600/200 – av stack 75.5k

53/80 players remaining due to Radoslaw Kurczewski, Radoslaw Matyjaszczyk, Bo Evert Green and Jakub Tomasz Kocowski being eliminated in lvl 10.

.Oloph Niklas Wernersson

Oloph Niklas Wernersson: Will Ferrell called, and he wants his face back

Impotent action on table 2 as Francois Guillaume Narbonne and Wing K Tang get it all in preflop… both holding KK. The rainbow flop ensured the chop… what a waste of cowboys.
Oloph Niklas Wernersson 3-bet folded the red Queens preflop, so he was pleased with the fold, especially when the board did not deliver a Queen! We haven’t seen Wernersson play many pots today, but he’s holding a stack of around 100k now, so he must be doing something right!

We can see that Szymon Jakub Bujok is trying to cause havoc on table 5. We already knew that he was a satellite monster, as he’s always winning packages and seats RedbetLIVE events via, but he’s consistently proved that he’s a force to be reckoned with in any tournament format.
That said, his tablemate Kyriakos Papadopoulos is clearly not intimidated, and is fighting back against him as in the last pot we saw them play where Bujok opened UTG for 3600 and Papadopoulos raised him after it passed to him on the button.

Kyriakos Papadopoulos

Kyriakos Papadopoulos: he is not afraid.

Bujok called, but check>folded to Papadopoulos’s 5100 c-bet on 4s8d8s. Papadopoulos has a large stack of around 150k, and we guess Bujok thought there would be easier targets.

Lvl 12 – 1k/2k/200 – av stack 85.1k

47/80 players remaining in the last level of the day after lvl 11 destroyed the stacks of: Konstantinos Terzakis, Krzystof Andrzej Stuchlik, Oliver Richard White, Uwe Schrieber, Mats Gustav Villern Karlsson and Wojociech Szczytkowski.

Brynjar Baadhaug was the shortest stack in the tournament at the last break, and he’s still hanging in, now with a (still short) stack of 35k. Doesn’t matter how weak your life is, as long as you still have one!

On table 1 Piotr Dominik Wiecek limped UTG and Filip Maksym Szeszula figured he’d found a spot to jam his 25k stack allin with 3c3d. Dawid Borkowski called his bet from MP and that action was enough to get rid of Wiecek.
Borkowski flipped AhJh to give Szeszula a 50% shot at doubling up. The flop of 7cQh10h reduced that shot to 35% and Szeszula knew it was sweaty and stood up. The Jc on the turn took him down to less than 3% and the 2s river sent him packing. Everyone knows that winning these crucial flips is the only way to take down tournaments; not to be for Szeszula, at least not this time.

Szymon Kuczerski

Szymon Kuczerski

A late, and much needed double up for Szymon Kuczerski who launched his 11k stack UTG with KcQd. The only player to offer him action was Anthony Elemoso who had just 9k to call when it passed to him on the BB. He obviously didn’t love that he felt he had to call with 9c5c, and he loved it even less when Khigh was good enough by the river.

Meanwhile, on table 5, Marcin Spychalski raised UTG to 4k and after Daniel Nathan Wood called from UTG+1, Kyriakos Papadopoulos 3-bet to 7600.
Spychalski 4-bet to 12600, and this was enough to get rid of Wood. Papadopoulos  called and the flop was Js8d5s, which both players quickly checked. The turn was 5c and Spychalski bet 14k. Papadopoulos  considered his options for a short while, but then gave up his hand, letting Spychalski win a nice pot late in the day.

Retamero has just announced last four hands of the level, so players are very close to bagging their chips and returning for Day2 tomorrow.

39/80 players made it through to Day2 which starts tomorrow (Monday 17th at 1pm). Here are the qualifying chipcounts from Day1C:

#1PolandMieszko Krzysztof Bartz259,800
#2PolandLukasz Grzegorz Skora214,800
#3CyprusNicos Sotiriou208,500
#4PolandMateusz Fajdasz200,200
#5GreeceKyriakos Papadopoulos164,700
#6Mate J Adamic153,400
#7PolandMarek Pigula148,200
#8Simon Anthony Forster142,200
#9PolandPiotr Walkowicz128,600
#10SwedenKarl Jonas Pontus Magnusson124,700
#11PolandJacek Marek Zielinski123,600
#12PolandMarcin Spychalski122,300
#13PolandPiotr Dominik Wiecek120,400
#14Eleftherios Sinnos116,300
#15PolandAdam Plicner116,000
#16PolandLukasz Jan Pietraszko105,500
#17PolandSzymon Jakub Bujok103,900
#18FranceNam Giao Pham103,400
#19PolandJakub Franciszek Szczotka92,900
#20NetherlandsWing K Tang92,600
#21EnglandDaniel Nathan Wood86,000
#22SwedenOloph Niklas Wernersson85,100
#23PolandMarcin Bukowinski70,000
#24MaltaShaun De Cesare64,800
#25PolandDawid Borkowski64,500
#26PolandIgor Bogdan Turowski63,000
#27PolandJaroslaw Chmiel62,900
#28Quentin Olivier Thierry Loic Laugt62,600
#29Francois Guillaume Narbonne55,000
#30Jakub Jozef Filipowski54,600
#31SwedenTorgny Per Rikard Andersson46,800
#32PolandWiktor Edmund Depta46,000
#33Hubert Ryszard Olszewski45,300
#34PolandMichal Jurgielewicz41,400
#35RussiaAnthony Elemoso31,400
#36BulgariaGeorgi Bozhidarov28,500
#37GreeceEirini Kokoni21,800
#38PolandSzymon Kuczerski19,700
#39PolandEmil Sylwester Misiolek14,200


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