RedbetLIVE Malta: Main Event Day3

Lvl 23 – 12k/24k/3k – av stack 820k

15 players will start Day3 (full chip counts available at the bottom of the Main Event Day2 post).

Sebastien Joel Le Port starts the day as chip leader with 2,724,000 and Andrzej Zakrzeswicki will have some work to do as short stack with 300,000.
The players are opening their bags with Gerard Serra Retamero watching over them; the clock will start in just two minutes.

Mateusz Fajdasz is working for it as he 3-bet jammed 439k against a 65k open from Le Port. Le Port eventually folded.

Raigo Aasmaa was clearly a bit frustrated as he opened a pot from the button with KJ to be called by Michal Wdowiarski from BB with K3 on every street and then eventually chop the pot after the board ran out AhKh4dAcJh. Nobody loves a chop pot, except the guy who was miles behind, he really loves it!

Le Port eliminated Marcin Koziarek after he open shoved with QQ UTG for around 400k and Le Port found AK in the BB. Le Port spiked his over, and Koziarek was no more, but he did get to pocket €900.

Nicos Sotiriou

Nicos Sotiriou

Nicos Sotiriou went for gold when he re-shoved allin for 310k from c/0 after Wdowiarski opened for 45k. Wdowiarski called with QJ and was happy to see Sotiriou with J10.
The 9s6dQd flop gave Sotiriou some hope, but As on turn and Qs on river sent him home, cashing for €900.

Lucas Blanco Oliver raised UTG to 50k and was called by Wdowiarski UTG+1 and Aasmaa in BB.
The flop was Ah7sKh and Oliver bet 75k which cleared out Wdowiarski. Aasmaa thought for a while, before raising allin for around 650k.
Oliver immediately called and showed AcKc for top two, Aasmaa sighed as he turned As9s. He was dead on the 6c turn and the river was 9c to add insult to stack injury. Aasmaa was eliminated in 13th place and collected €1000.

Le Port is paining his opponents on table 1, by opening many, many pots. With his stack of almost 3m, few players are willing to tango with him; he is a force to be reckoned with, and he knows it!

Lvl 24 – 15k/30k/3k – av stack 1m

12 players remaining.

Jacek Pustula decided to have a go at Roland Ekstroem from the button, raising to 320k, which covered Ekstroem’s 243k stack. Ekstroem took a moment to decide, but called the bet and showed 5d5s, which was in good shape against Pustula’s 10d5h.

Jacek Pustula

Jacek Pustula

The board ran KhAh3cJcAd and Ekstroem had a nice double, whilst Pustula was left with only 4 big blinds.

Pustula was forced to shove his 4 bigs from the HJ two hands later with A4os and was called by Andrzej Zakrzeswicki from bb with KJ. Zakrzeswicki spiked a J and Pustula was bustula in 12th place for €1000.

Mieszko Krzysztof Bartz opened from c/o and Bartosz Piotr Ferenc jammed in his 259k from SB.
Bartz had Ac8d and Ferenc had Ah7s. Every single card on the board was a heart, and Ferenc slapped the table with joy when he turned the nut flush.
359k was but a small dent in Bartz’s stack, and he did not look too worried about doubling Ferenc up. Poker players are good at hiding their emotions though, so maybe he was crying on the inside.

Andrzej Zakrzeswicki is fully on the make as he opened 75k from the button and was called by Mateusz Fajdasz from BB.
Zakrzeswicki bet 80k on 4dQc9c and Fajdasz quickly raised all in, covering Zakrzeswicki, who called just as quickly.
Zakrzeswicki had AdQs and Fajdasz had KdQd. Zakrzeswicki’s hand held and he doubled.

The next hand, Fajdasz shoved his remaining 400k from small blind and was called by David Roderick Dyson who had pocket tens in BB. The flop was K high which worked wonders for Fajdasz’s K5os and Dyson could not re-draw, leaving him very short with less than 200k

David Dyson: Brexit.

David Dyson: Brexit.

Dyson found a spot he liked a couple of hands later and launched his 181k into the middle UTG. He was quickly called by Ekstroem from UTG+1 and that was enough to get rid of the other 3 players.
Ekstroem turned AdKd and Dyson showed up with 7s8h. The board started bad and got worse for Dyson as the dealer peeled off Jd2c9dJc6d, giving Ekstroem the nut flush and sending Dyson back to Britain with €1000.
Ekstroem has managed to grind his stack up to over 600k.


Lvl 25 – 20k/40k/4k – av stack 1.2m

Bartz and Oliver are playing a few pots against eachother, with chips flying back and forth between them. The action is always similar to a pot they just played where Bartz opened for 80k from c/o and Oliver called from BB. Bartz bet 65k on the 2dKs7c flop and Oliver called.
They both checked the 4d turn and Oliver led the river for 140k, earning a fold from Bartz. Oliver currently holds around 1.9m and Bartz is sitting on around 1.6.

Ekstroem doubles again after getting 480k in pre-flop with 55 against Wdowiarski’s AsKs. No spike for Wdowiarski and he was left in critical shape with less than 400k.
Winning the flips is Ekstroem’s speciality today!

Two hands in quick succession take us to the final table.
De Laat raised allin UTG with Jd10d for a total of and was called by Ferenc who had 5c5h and was just covered by De Laat with a stack of 446.

Bas Wilhelmus Cornelis De Laat

Bas Wilhelmus Cornelis De Laat

The board of 8cAd7h7cKc was a little bit sweaty for Ferenc, but he doubled up and left De Laat with less than 100k.

The next hand, Bartz raised all in on De Laat’s big blind from the button and De Laat called blind. When he looked he had 8h9c which was in good shape against Bartz’s 2d2s.
There was nothing for De Laat on the 4hAd10d3s3d board, and he bubbled the final table, but collected €1000.


Retamero sent the final table players for a break, and they will return at 16:30 to commence the last battle.

Table positions and chips stacks for the final table:

#1FranceSebastien Joel Le Port3,530,0003-3
#2PolandMieszko Krzysztof Bartz2,143,0003-4
#3SpainLucas Blanco Oliver2,043,0003-5
#4PolandAndrzej Zakrzeswicki1,041,0003-9
#5PolandBartosz Piotr Ferenc968,0003-8
#6PolandMateusz Fajdasz786,0003-2
#7PolandLukasz Grzegorz Skora756,0003-7
#8Swedenroland Ekstroem650,0003-6
#9PolandMichal Robert Wdowiarski482,0003-1


Final Table

Final Table

Final table underway and Oliver puts pressure on Ekstroem first hand, putting him allin on his BB from SB. Ekstroem folds, showing 2s

Oliver pushes allin again next hand from button. Ekstroem and Skora fold, although Skora thought about it for a while.

Wdowiarski doubles to over 900k through Ferenc after shoving UTG+1 with AcQd and getting called by Ferenc from BB with AsKd. Board ran AdQc10s4d4h and Ferenc lost an important pot leaving him with less than 400k.

Bartz adds 600k to his stack after Le Port opened from MP and he called the 100k. Le Port bet 71k on the 2c3h10c flop and Bartz called. Le Port kept going on the 10s turn and Bartz stayed with him for 115k.
Le Port checked 10d on river and Bartz bet 355k; Le Port did not think for long before folding.

Ferenc shoved from HJ and was quickly called by Fajdasz from SB.

Bartosz Piotr Ferenc

Bartosz Piotr Ferenc

Ferenc turned 9d9c and Fajdasz flipped KdKs to have a big advantage, “Now I need some luck.” said Ferenc, ruefully.
The board was 3dAsJdJs2c, so no luck for Ferenc and he was eliminated in 9th place for €1250.
Fajdasz increased his stack to just over 1.2m.

Lvl 26 – 25k/50k/5k – av stack 1.5m

Fajdasz raised to 110k from HJ and was Le Port raised him to 260k. The blinds folded and Fajdasz called the raise.
The flop was 5sAc6s and both players checked to the Qd turn. Fajdasz checked and Le Port bet 160k, which was quickly raised to 320k by Fajdasz; Le Port called.
The river was 10c and both players checked to showdown; Fajdasz had 9h9s and Le Port had Ah10s to take another nice pot to add to his 3.8m stack.

Oliver is not messing about as he jammed nearly 2m from HJ to take down the blinds and antes.

Bartz gets a walk with 2-7 off… nice work if ya can get it!

A 3-way flop as Le Port opend from c/o for 130k and was called by Bartz on the button and Ekstroem from BB.
All three players checked the Jc8c7c flop and 9s showed up on the turn. Ekstroem checked and Le Port bet 160k, which only Bartz called.
They went heads-up to the river, which was 4c, and Le Port bet 300k. Bartz called with As10s for a Jack-high straight, which beat Le Port’s 10-high straight with his 5d6d.
Le Port now sits on around 3m, and Bartz holds 3.6m.

A pot between Bartz and Oliver as Bartz limped to Oliver’s big blind. Oliver checked and the flop was 7d6h9d. Bartz bet 50k and Oliver called, the turn was 10d. Bartz bet 115k and Oliver called again. They both checked the 4d river and Bartz showed 6s8h for a straight, Oliver mucked.

Ekstroem: Up and down and up again.

Ekstroem: Up and down and up again.

Ekstroem still giving a masterclass in clinging to tournament life as he just doubled by shoving with pocket tens UTG and getting called by Bartz who had 66. A ten on the flop meant Ekstroem was comfortable, and he stayed that way- he now has a stack of nearly 900k.

The very next hand, it passed to Ekstroem in SB and he jammed into Skora who called off his 600k stack with pocekt nines, which held against Ekstroem’s Q10, and left Ekstroem with just 280k.

Ekstroem jammed the 280k from the button next hand, and Zakrzeswicki called with As7h and was gutted to see Ekstroem had AcKh. A king came on the flop and Ekstroem stayed ahead; Zakrzeswicki was left with less than 400k.

Zakrzeswicki shoved his 400k from SB into Wdowiarski’s BB and was called, as Wdowiarski held pocket Queens.



Zakrzeswicki saw he was in bad shape with his Ac2s and he could not spike the Ace he needed.
Zakrzeswicki  was eliminated in 8th place for €1500.


#1FranceSebastien Joel Le Port3,695,0003-3
#2PolandMieszko Krzysztof Bartz3,060,0003-4
#3SpainLucas Blanco Oliver1,825,0003-5
#4PolandMichal Robert Wdowiarski1,280,0003-1
#5PolandLukasz Grzegorz Skora970,0003-7
#6PolandMateusz Fajdasz655,0003-2
#7Swedenroland Ekstroem595,0003-6

Lvl 27 – 30k/60k/5k – av stack 1.7m

Ekstroem adds a much needed 200k to his stack after Le Port raised his BB from c/o. Ekstroem shoved for 585k total, and Le Port asked:
“You have a pair?”
“It’s possible… 50% chance,” replied Ekstroem. Le Port thought for a moment, and then folded. Ekstroem did not show his cards, and he’s back up to 800k.

An expensive pot for Wdowiarski after he called Bartz’s MP raise to 120k from BB.
The flop was Kc10sJd which Wdowiarski checked and Bartz bet 85k. Wdowiarski raised to 225k and Bartz called to see 8c on turn.
Wdowiarski led the turn for 330k and Bartz raised all in, well covering Wdowiarski, who folded.
Wdowiarski sits on a stack of 700k.



When Oliver opened from MP for 125k, Fajdasz thought he may have found a spot with 6s6c and jammed 560k from BB. Oliver called and showed QsQc.
There was no help for Fajdasz as the board was 2h10dJc9dJh, and he was eliminated in 7th place for €2000; Oliver’s stack is now 2.3m.

Oliver jammed from SB, putting Ekstroem all in on BB. Ekstroem hesitated, but called his 700k stack with Ac7h. Oliver looked sheepish as he turned over Qh3s.
The board was 5s2cKhJd8d and Ekstroem doubled to 1.5m with Ace high. Oliver now holds 1.9m.

Skora 3-bet jammed Bartz’s UTG 315k open for 855k. Bartz thought, but folded, taking Skora to over 1m chips.

Wdowiarski found a hand in c/o and shipped 550k. Le Port created a bit of drama before calling from the button and the blinds folded out.
Wdowiarski had AhKc and Le Port had KsKh.
Wdowiarski was thrilled to see a flop of 7sAs5h and Le Port muttered something French towards the sky. The 10c turn and 7h river changed nothing and Wdowiarski was back up to over 1m chips.
Le Port now playing just over 2.5m.

Bartz and Oliver had a tussle when Bartz opened UTG+1 for 120k and Oliver called from MP.

Lucas Blanco Oliver: Working hard.

Lucas Blanco Oliver: Working hard.

Flop was 10c4c3h and Bartz continued to 145k, which Oliver called. The turn was 7d and both players checked.
The river appeared as 10d and Bartz checked. Oliver bet 250k which was quickly called by Bartz. Oliver turned over 8d8c and Bartz mucked. Oliver now back up over 2m.

DINNER BREAK – 45 mins

Lvl 28 – 40k/80k/10k – av stack 2m

#1FranceSebastien Joel Le Port3,695,0003-3
#2PolandMieszko Krzysztof Bartz3,060,0003-4
#3SpainLucas Blanco Oliver1,825,0003-5
#4PolandMichal Robert Wdowiarski1,280,0003-1
#5PolandLukasz Grzegorz Skora970,0003-7
#6Swedenroland Ekstroem595,0003-6

Oliver raised c/o to 170k and Wdowiarski shoved allin from BB for 960k.
Oliver called instantly and showed Ah10s. Wdowiarski had Kd7h and the flop looked good for Oliver as 6h3s2s. The turn was 7c, which gave Wdowiarski a pair, and the 5d river did not help Oliver out.
Wdowiarski doubled to 2m and Oliver was left with 2.3m.

Two hands later, Wdowiarski opened UTG+1 160k and Bartz raised to 390k from button.



Wdowiarski thought for some time before shoving all in for 1.2m and Bartz snapped him off. Bartz turned KdKs and Wdowiarski groaned as he showed Ah10s.
The 3sJd7sQc7h board did nothing for Wdowiarski, and he was eliminated in 6th place, taking home €2700.

Tough play five handed, with lots of pots being opened and 3-bet without any further action.


Much amusement in one pot as Oliver opened from c/0 for 160k and Skora shoved allin. Oliver casually folded his cards and took his 160k back! “Nice move!” said the dealer, after making Oliver put the 160k back into the pot!
It’s been a long day for everybody, maybe Oliver is just getting a bit tired!

Le Port raised c/0 to 200k and was re-raised by Bartz from the button to 410k. Le Port quickly shoved allin for 1.9m and Bartz called instantly with 10d10c.
Le Port turned KdQd and the flop was, precariously for Bartz, 3d4hJd.
The turn was the safe as houses 4s… but the river… always the river… was Ks to double Le Port up to over 4m and take Bartz down to 2m.

Ekstroem and Oliver went at it when Oliver raised UTG to 160k and Elkstroem was the only caller from c/o. Oliver bet 190k on the Qc5h8s flop and Elkstroem raised to 400k, which Oliver called.
The turn was As and both players checked to the 2d river.
Oliver checked and Elkstroem bet 850k and put his head in his hands. Oliver thought for a while, and did not look very happy about calling, but he did. Elkstroem turned AcQd for top two and Oliver mucked.

Skora jammed allin from the button for 1m with Qc9c and was called by Bartz from BB with Ac7d.



On a board of 2d8h4s4c3c, Ace-high was good, and Skora was eliminated in 5th place for €4000.

Ekstroem whispered excitedly in our ear that he has average chips for the first time in the tournament!
Since he’s had 10 big blinds since about 2pm yesterday, we applaud this as a very strong achievement!

Lvl 29 – 50k/100k/10k – av stack 3m

The players are keeping the pots small, and with such a large jump between 4th and 3rd place payouts, it makes sense.
Oliver has 1.6m, Bartz had 2.5m, Ekstroem has 3.3m and Le Port has 4.1m, but anything can happen with the flip of a card.

Gentle tango between the two largest stacks as Ekstroem limped from the small and Le Port checked.
The flop was 5s4d9d and Le Port bet 100k which Ekstroem raised to 300k. Le Port called.
The turn fell 8s and both players checked. Elkstroem bet 400k on the river and Le Port called, showing Jc9c for a pair of nines, which beat Ekstroem’s pair of eights with A8.

A cheeky double for Oliver after he jammed Bartz’s SB min-raise with Kc6c and Bartz called him with AhQs. Oliver found a 6 on the flop and Bartz couldn’t find anything to redeem his hand.
Oliver now has 3.1m and Bartz has been reduced to just over 1m.

A small pot between Ekstroem and Bartz as Bartz raised to 200k from the button and Ekstroem calls from BB.
The action was checked to the river, by which time the board was QcJcJh3d7c. Ekstroem bet 150k and Bartz called, mucking his hand when Ekstroem showed Qd10s for top pair.



The Ekstroem magic continues as he manages to get Oliver to pay his 1.25m into a pot of 800k.
Oliver mucked his hand, but Ekstroem had pocket Aces on As7d6c6d9h.
Ekstroem is now chipleader with over 5m.

Bartz jammed allin for 2m from SB and was called by Oliver from BB. Bartz showed Qd4h and Oliver showed Kd9s.
The board was Ks9c5sAs3c, doubling Oliver up to 4m and leaving Bartz with just 150k.

Bartz trebled his 150k the next hand when he jammed it in with Ad9d and was called by Ekstroem and Le Port with KQ and KJ respectively.

Two hands later, Bartz shoved again for 500k with Q10os and was called by Oliver with K10 and Ekstroem with As10s. Nothing doing for Bartz as the board ran out 3c5sKc4cAh.

Bartz's bustout face.

Bartz’s bustout face.

Bartz was eliminated in 4th place and earned €5500.

Oliver doubled last hand before the break after he raised Ekstroem’s BB from SB and Ekstroem put him in for 1.9m with Ad 7s.
Oliver called with pocket nines and they held strong, allowing him to even out the chipstacks.


Lvl 30 – 60k/120k/10k – av stack 4m

The three remaining players have agreed a deal of €12k each from the remaining €39 prizepool.
This leaves €3k and the trophy to play for.

FT Deal

Ekstroem raised from button and was called by Oliver in BB. The flop was AcJc8d and both players checked to see 2h on the turn.
Oliver checked and Ekstroem bet 300k, which Oliver called. Oliver bet the 3h river and Ekstroem raised.
Oliver quickly moved all in and Ekstroem called, showing down 2s2d for a set of deuces; this was no good against Olivers straight to the five with 5h4h, and Oliver scooped a 6.5m point pot, leaving Ekstroem trailing with just over 1m.

Ekstroem 3-bet jamed 1.85m against Oliver’s open from SB. Oliver looked like he was flipping a coin in his head, and, in good spirits, decided to call.
It was a coin-flip situation with Ekstroem holding 2c2s and Oliver having Kd10c.
The flop was not the best for Ekstroem when it appeared as 7cQcJs. The Qd on turn gave Oliver a few more outs, but, true to Ekstroem’s form today, the river was 2h and he doubled! Ek-strong!

Lvl 31 80k/160k/20k

Ekstroem and Oliver have around 5m each, and Le Port has about 2.5m.

Le Port limped from SB and Oliver raised to 400k from BB. Le Port immediately shoved allin for 2.5m and Oliver called him twice as quickly, flipping over AdAc.

Le Port

Le Port

Le Port may have said a rude word in French, before turning over Ah8h. The dealer laid out 2h10d2d8cQc, and Le Port was eliminated in 3rd place, winning €12k as a result of the deal.

Oliver has around 8m to Ekstroem’s 4m as we go into heads-up play.

Oliver limped from the small and Ekstroem checked. The flop was Jh2d4h and Ekstroem bet 500k, which Oliver called.
The turn was Ah and both players checked to see the Jc river. Ekstroem bet 500k and Oliver called again; he mucked his cards when Ekstroem turned Jd10s for trips.
Ekstroem has made up some of his deficit, despite Oliver being the more aggressive player, and Oliver is now playing 7m to Ekstroem’s 5m.

Lvl 32 – 100k/200k/20k

Ekstroem sneaks into the lead as he manages to find a call with middle pair after Oliver bluffed 1m into 1m pot at the river with a busted flush draw.

Oliver and Ekstroem heads-up.

Oliver and Ekstroem heads-up.

Oliver won a few small pots by being aggressive pre-flop, but then decided to limp from SB and Ekstroem checked. They then both checked the 3d2sKh flop and Ekstroem checked the 5h turn.
Oliver bet 200k and Ekstroem raised him to 500k, which Oliver called. They both checked the Qs on river and Oliver mucked with a wry smile as Estroem turned Q8 os.
Ekstroem has 7.5m and Oliver has 5m.

After losing a few smaller pots, Oliver raised to 1.1m after Ekstroem flatted from SB.
Ekstroem raised all in and Oliver instantly called. Oliver had KsKh and Estroem had 5h5c. The board ran Ac7d8cAh8h and that put the two players back to dead on even stacks with 6m each.

Lvl 33 – 150k/300k

Both players agreed to dodge out for a five minute smoke break.

Ekstroem is back up to 8m after consistently applying pressure pre and on flops.

They are back to even stacks because Oliver has been seeing more flops and raising check/raising more of Ekstroem’s bets. Both players are getting tired now, Ekstroem’s shoes are off and this has become as much about mind-games as card games.
Not one pot has reached the river for over 30 mins of play.

Just as we were typing the above sentence…

Oliver limped from the button and Ekstroem checked. The flop was 3s5c7c and Ekstroem bet 300k.
Oliver raised to 900k and Oliver quickly went allin for 5.8m.
Ekstroem thought for a moment, and then called the bet; he turned Ah7h for top pair, top kicker. This was in bad shape against Oliver’s 7s3s.

Ekstroem: Played an absolute blinder!

Ekstroem: Played an absolute blinder!

Both players seemed to be holding their breath as the 8c turn and Ks river were laid on the table, Ekstroem was left with just 60k

He doubled to 120k next hand when his 62os outran Oliver’s KQos.
We joked that it would be poker story of the century if Ekstroem got back to even stacks… Oliver remembered Ekstroem’s form throughout the day and gave us a look that would melt steel.

The story had an abrupt ending next hand when Ekstroem was in with his 120k and K7os. Oliver had A2os and flopped two pair on Ah5h2s, giving Ekstroem only the thinnest of backdoor chances. No joy for Ekstroem as the turn was Qs and river Qh.
It was an inglorious end to a to a glorious day for Ekstroem, who told us in the last break that he was a break even player at best, and he did not consider himself to be very skilled.

A great result for Oliver, and he seemed very pleased to have collected €15k and the RedbetLIVE Malta Main Event trophy.
A lot of players had hung around to rail, and it was a diverse rail with people from all over Europe who met during the event and made new friends, such is the nature of low-stakes poker!
They’re all heading to the bar to make a dent in Oliver’s €15k… and we intend to join them!

See you at the next RedbetLIVE event!

Lucas Blanco Oliver: RedbetLIVE Malta Main Event Winner

Lucas Blanco Oliver: RedbetLIVE Malta Main Event Winner

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