RedbetLIVE Rozvadov Main Event Final Day Round Up


Jan Przysucha

Today started with 16 players at blind levels of 50k/100k/10k and the average stack at 2.77m.

As the short stack, Jan Przysucha was the first to be eliminated for €2271.


Dennis Olsson

Very shortly after Dennis Olson got his 13 big blinds in pre-flop with AK against 77 and couldn’t out race his opponent to find himself eliminated in 15th place for €2530.

Not long after the blind level increased to lvl 29 (60k/120k/10k) Kenneth Frederiksen got his chips in pre-flop as a slight favourite with 1010 after he opened and then called the 3-bet from Spanish player “gometzgera” who held AK. The Ace landed on the flop and Fredriksen landed on the rail with €2530 in his pocket

Kenneth Fredrikson

Kenneth Frederiksen

After not playing much in the first hour, Peter Šubík 3-bet all-in fro the button after “gometzgera” opened from the cut-off. “Gometzgera” tanked and called with 4d4s, claiming that “four is my lucky number”.

Šubík turned KdKc; there was no appearance of a lucky four, and the cowboys held good on 2s 2c Jh Jd 6c, doubling Šubík up to 2.5mil.

Michael Kircher was eliminated in 13th place after tangling with the chip leader Karol Radomski. Kircher got it in with A-10 on A – J – 2 – Q -K  and Radomski turned QJ to send Kircher on his way with €2891.

Just ten minutes later, Andrej Desset open UTG and then Jacek Pustula 3-bet shoved for 1.6mil. Aleksandar Dordevic re-shoved from the big blind, pushing Dessat out the pot. Pustula turned 99 which was in trouble against Dordevic’s JJ… trouble he never got out of as the board offered him no salvation and he finished in 12th place for €2891.

Michael Kircher

Michael Kircher

Jacek Pustula

Jacek Pustula

Dessat was the next to leave the field after complaining of a prolonged period of being card dead he open shoved from the button for 1.5mil with K-high into chip leader Radomski’s big blind.

Andrej Dessat

Andrej Dessat

Radomski made the call with A-high and it held good to bust Dessat in 12th place for €3459. He clearly wasn’t happy, but as all poker players know, being card dead is pretty tilting!


Gosk opened from UTG for 250k and Peter Šubík 3-bet shipped from the small blind for 1mil with 8h8c. Gosk made the call with JsQh and instantly flopped a King high straight.
The board paired the K on the turn, giving Šubík a glimmer of hope, and he crossed his fingers for a K or an 8; neither put in an appearance and Šubík was eliminated in 10th place for €3459.

Peter Šubík

Peter Šubík


After just two hours of play, the final nine were decided as the blinds went up to 80k/160/20k with the final table av stack being 4.6mil.

The FT line-up looked like this:


seat 1: gometzger (SPA)
seat 2: Uwe Dietzinger (GER)
seat 3: Karly Yebua (SUI)
seat 4: Peter März (GER)
seat 5: Baran Özyenen (TUR)
seat 6: Grzegorz Gosk (POL)
seat 7: Aleksandar Dordevic (SER)
seat 8: Florian Geiger (GER)
seat 9: Karol Radomski (POL)

There was a little bit of dancing for nearly an hour as players passed chips back and forth with a couple of double-ups and losses, but mainly pre-flop aggression without showdowns.
Shortly after the blinds increased to 100k/200k/20k Baran Özyenen got his whole stack in pre-flop against Gosk with JJ v Gosk’s 88. It looked good for Özyenen when the flop displayed a Jack to give him top set; unfortunately for him, his top set was crushed by a cold run-out of four diamonds to give Gosk a four flush with the 8d.
Baran Özyenen cursed the card gods and collected €4207.Baran Özyenen

Just 30 minutes after 9th place was eliminated the player discussed and agreed an 8 way deal, with the decision to not play on for trophies; the deal was arranged as below and the trophies were awarded to the top three stacks.
After three hard days of play and with a large prizepool on the table, the players clearly thought there was enough profit in the carve up:

  1. Florian Geiger (GER) – €30.450*
  2. Karol Radomski (POL) – €29.215*
  3. Grzegorz Gosk (POL) – €23.284*
  4. Karly Yebua (SUI) – €17.829*
  5. Uwe Dietzinger (GER) – €17.050*
  6. gometzger (SPA) – €15.257*
  7. Peter März (GER) – €12.532*
  8. Aleksandar Dordevic (SER) – €10.666*For all photos of the final eight check out our FaceBook photo album, and if you want to get involved in the next RedbetLIVE Festival, like the page and stay up to date with all the satellite action.

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