redbet Poker Missions: August 2018

Between August 13th and September 9th 2018, you can earn extra value and fun from your regular poker play by taking part in our poker mission promotion.

Each day there are two missions to complete to win a ticket to the €1000 guaranteed tournament the next day.
You must complete both missions for the daily freeroll ticket.

Daily freerolls run at 18:00GMT the day AFTER you won the ticket; register for that freeroll, or your ticket will disappear!

fishpartyCompleting just one mission during the promotion will guarantee you entry to the €30k prizepool tournament on 9th September. The more achievements you complete, the bigger your starting stack in the final freeroll.

1 mission = 1k stack on 9th September

2-5 missions = 2.5k stack

6-12 missions = 6k stack

13-18 missions = 12k stack

19-20 missions = 30k stack


You can visit the “My Achievements” section in the browser or NEW download client to see what daily actions are required.

Poker Achievements may be completed in the mobile client, the browser client or the NEW download client ONLY! Achievements completed in the old download client will not be counted.
Download our brand new desktop client today and begin completing achievements!

See below for details on all the daily missions and the terms and conditions of the promotion.

Contact @KatRedbet on Facebook or Twitter if you have any questions!

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Terms and Conditions of Poker Achievements Promotion

  • All general terms and conditions of redbet poker apply to this promotion.
  • The promotional period is 00:01 on 13th August 2018 until 23:59 on 9th September 2018.
  • All times given are in GMT.
  • Promotion only open to those over 18 and lawfully able to place real money bets on redbet from the country they are in. The availability of this promotion should not be construed as an offer to participate in any country or jurisdiction where such participation is not permitted.
  • The promotional achievements will count on:
    1. The mobile poker client
    2. The instant play poker client (browser)
    3. The NEW download client (uninstall the old one and download the new one!)
  • Hands played in the old download client WILL NOT COUNT towards missions.
  • Players may enter on any day of the promotion.
  • Players must complete BOTH daily tasks to gain entry to the next day freeroll.
  • Only real money play counts towards the missions, play money is not included.
  • Play at heads-up tables is not included.
  • Betting must always reach the 2nd stage (flop seen and subsequent bet made) unless the mission details explicitly state otherwise. A full list of the daily missions is available within the poker client under “My Achievements”.
  • Completing both daily missions awards a ticket for the next day’s freeroll; it is the player’s responsibility to use this ticket to register for the freeroll tournament. Unused tickets will expire within 24hours and no alternative value will be offered.
  • There will be one €1000 gtd freeroll tournament per day from 14th August 2018 until 2nd September 2018. These prizepools will be distributed based on a standard sliding scale payout structure based on the final number of tournament entrants.
  • Completing BOTH tasks on ANY ONE DAY of the promotional period will result the player being automatically pre-registered for the final freeroll. This final tournament will take place on 9th September at 5pmGMT and will have a guaranteed prizepool of €30000; this prizepool will be distributed based on a standard sliding scale payout structure based on the final number of tournament entrants.
  • Players may complete as many missions as they want, but more completed missions means a bigger chipstack in the final freeroll. The stacks will be awarded as follows:
    1. 1 mission = 1k
    2. 2-5 missions = 2.5k
    3. 6-12 missions = 6k
    4. 13-18 missions = 12k
    5. 19-20 missions = 30k
  • You MUST log into the redbet poker client BEFORE the end of level one in the final freeroll, or you will be eliminated. No alternative value will be offered for players unable to play the final freeroll for any reason.
  • The promotion will close when all prizes have been awarded.
  • Redbet retains the right to void, cancel, suspend or amend this promotion, or element of this promotion, wherever it becomes necessary to do so.
  • Redbet accepts no liability, however caused, arising from this promotion, to the extent permissible by law. This includes, but is not limited to, damage, loss, injury or disappointment.


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