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redbetLIVE at Dragonara, Malta: March 2018 Day 2

Lvl 13 – 800/1600/100 – 31 players – av stack 79335

31 players have rocked up for Day 2 of this event and there’s a cheeky little €4.4k for the winner, so it’ll be a mildly profitable Sunday for somebody!

The sun is shining, the sea is blue. Let’s do this.

_00a1304First elimination of the day is Phil Pearson after opened late positon with QJs, the button called.
They went heads up to a QJ9 flop, Pearson checks and Ericksson bet 8k and Pearson calls. Turn was a 9.
Pearson leads the turn of 13k and was called. The river showed as a six and Pearson check calls Ericksson’s river shove and then cuddled the rail because Ericksson had pocket sixes and had rivered a boat.

Ciao Phil, we still luv ya.

Patrik Nilsson eliminated in 30th place.

Ellie Biessek eliminated in 29th place.

Alexis Wincen eliminated in 28th place.

Claudio Di Bella eliminated in 27th place

Trond Bergland eliminated in 26th place.

Lvl 14 – 1000/2000/200 – 25 players – average stack 98400

The early elimination are happening fast, as the short stacks make their move and sometimes fail._d3_1737

One player we can see taking names and making laws early on is Jackie Cachia. She looks like she’ll give you a hug, and she probably will, but dayyyyym she’ll have your stack off you straight afterwards!

Markus Larsson eliminated in 25th place.

Things are slowing down here, and the average stack is around 50 big blinds, so there is not too much pressure from the blind structure at this stage.

Lvl 15 – 1200/2400/200 – 24 players – av stack 102500

Mark Anthony Vella eliminated in 24th place.

Durepaire Julien eliminated in 23rd place.

Dirk Oetzmann eliminated in 22nd place.

BREAK – 15 mins

_d3_1790Lvl 16 – 1500/3000/300 – 21 players – 117000

The balcony at Dragonara is lovely in the poker tournament breaks, catch a few rays before heading back to the table!

Day 2 at these events have long playing sessions of 2hrs 15 mins between breaks, which can be tough on the brain, so it’s nice to be able to pop outside for a few minutes and clear the dust!

Konrad Abela eliminated in 21st place.

Stian W Danielsen eliminated inn 20th place.

Mickael Thomas eliminated in 19th place.

Lvl 17 – 2000/4000/400 – 18 players – av stack 137k

Kristoff Van Der Stichel eliminated in 18th place._00a1462

Raphael Toledo eliminated in 17th place.

Anna Colley eliminated in 16th place.

Guilio Spampinato eliminated in 15th place.

Lvl 18 – 2500/5000/500 – 14 players – av stack 189k

Igino Xuereb eliminated in 14th place. He told us this is his favourite regular tourney in Malta because he can chill out and not worry about the blinds being too aggressive.

Lina Teuma eliminated in 13th place.

prizesIt’s getting serious now as 9 players get paid. The players are working hard, but they will be rewarded with a 30 min dinner break at the end of this level,  so at least they can grab some food and regroup their mental faculties, because it’s getting very close to the 9 handed final table and the bubble.

The total prize pool is €14760.

Kamil Suwata eliminated in 12th place

BREAK – 30 mins

Chip counts on the dinner break:


Lvl 19 – 3k/6k/500 – 11 players – av stack 224k

The game is toughening up now, with just two more eliminations until the final table and the dollar.

The €30 buyin side event has just started with the €1000 gtd prizepool. 11 players are seated!

Charlie Eriksson eliminated in 11th place.

We are now on the final table and money bubble.

_00a1623The bubble has burst and it was Jackie Cachia after she couldn’t manage to win a flip against Michael Edge. Her sixes were slapped by the A high flop and it never got any better. She’s running pretty bad at the moment, fingers crossed it ends soon, Poker Mamma!

All remaining players are now in the money and guaranteed at least €295.


Lvl 20 – 4k/8k/500 –  9 players – av stack 273k – next payout €295 

Knut Rysstad is the runaway chip leader and he’s crushing souls. He and Michael Edge have been on the same table for hours and bickering with chips all afternoon.

Knut Rysstad

Knut Rysstad

They’ve swapped seats in the final draw, meaning Edge now has position on Rysstad, but Rysstad’s stack is intimidating enough without him making clicky oop preflop 4bets and monster bluffing turns and showing his A highs.

All eight other players are having an ICM nightmare right now. Good luck folks, honestly, rather you than me at this point!

Mark Thorne made a charge at Rysstad’s stack, calling all-in preflop f0r 150k to flip with AQ against Rysstad’s pocket Jacks, and he managed to dent the paintwork when the river pinged out a queen, jacking Rysstad’s pair into the muck.

Kenneth Ciantar eliminated in 9th place for €295.

Tomass Pudar eliminated in 8th place for €295.

Lvl 21 – 5k/10k/1k – 7 players – av stack 351k

BREAK – 15mins

Lvl 22 – 6k/12k/1k – 6 players – av stack 410k

Francesco Castellamn eliminated just before the break by Marek Olejnik and takes home €590.

Dieter Falzon has just peeled a cheeky double up from Michael Edge when his AK all in short stack shove pre flop  held against QJ.

Mark Thorne eliminated in 6th place for €886.

_00a1660Thomas Brezinskfish is having the roller coaster ride of craziness as he dropped to less than 2 big blinds after complicated pre-flop action got him allin aipf with AK against fellow Pole, Marek Olejnik holding KK.
Some how, The Brezinskfish has somehow ducked and dodged and sneaked his way back to 250k. He said “I need to invoke the power of the luckbox” and did a very silly dance. Maybe this is the science behind winning at poker.

Dieter Falzon eliminated in 5th place for €1328. If it wasn’t bad enough that he lost with KK all in pre flop after the chip leader, still Knut Rysstad, found AA behind him, poor old Dieter had to be subjected to more dancing from The Brezinskfish.
It’s enough to ensure tilt for life.

Thomas Brezinskfish has just been eliminated by Knut Rysstad after finding a spot pre with A9 and getting called by QQ. Thomas takes home €1771.

Lvl 23 – 8k/16k/2k  –  3 players – av stack 820k

Marek Olejnik is currently the short stack and is doing a good job of keeping his head down, the two larger stacks are desperate to get him, but he is putting up a fight!

Marek Olejnik

Marek Olejnik

Olejnik has just doubled with Aces… this game is BACK on three handed.

The players took a short break and have come back ready for action.

“No more friendly,” says Knut Rysstad, as he strokes his ‘50% of the chips in play’ stack.

Lvl 24 – 10k/20k/2k – 3 players

The three remaining players are having quite a lot of banter, and the atmosphere is good, but they are clearly keen to get eachother’s chips.
Rysstad is still the chipleader, but he can’t seem to get the custom he needs as he’s found himself with two walks with pocket Aces!

Lvl 25 – 15k/30k/3k – 3 players

The game continues, and to give you an idea of the vibe, Olejnik doubled up against Rysstad and Edge immediately said “F**king hell, Marek, when will you go away?” and everybody laughed, including Marek!

And we have a winner!

In short succession, Rysstad eliminated Michael Edge when his Q9 out ran Edge’s A7 and then Marek Olejnik after Olejnik 3bet shoved KQ preflop and Rysstad called with A3 and held for the trophy and the €4.4k top prize.

The next event at Dragonara is 4th-6th May 2018, see ya there!

Knut Rysstad - Winner March 2018

Knut Rysstad – Winner March 2018

redbetLIVE at Dragonara, Malta: March 2018 Day 1C

Lvl 1 – 25/50 – 5/5 players

This event is on track to be our biggest Malta local event ever, with 62 players registered in flights 1A and 1B and 4.5 hours of registration to go on flight 1C, we are feeling VERY excited!

Lvl 2 – 50/100 – 14/14 players

_d3_1770The relaxed vibe of the afternoon flight is continuing into the evening. The end of flight 1B and the beginning of flight 1C are playing together in perfect harmony. We have some of Malta’s finest fishes and sharks in this game, and we are very happy about it.

 Lvl 3 – 75/150 – 15/15 players

The entries gently roll in as the night progresses. Day 2 is gonna be a good game to play!

BREAK – 15 mins

Lvl 4 – 100/200 – 18/19 players

Lvl 5 – 100/200/25 – 18/19 players

We have a new TD for the evening flight as everybody’s favourite, Jeanelle Brincat has finally gone home for the day after bringing her particular brand of brilliance to the event.
It’s nice and peaceful here, and the atmosphere is friendly, but people are taking the poker seriously.

Lvl 6 – 150/300/25 – 16/20 players_d3_1849

Speed of action is picking up a little bit, and if we get bored, then Stellato’s here, and he’s always good for the craic!

BREAK – 15mins

Lvl 7 – 200/400/50 – 13/20 players

People are playing very seriously tonight, it’s very different from last night.

Lvl 8 – 250/500/50 – 13/20 players

Lvl 9 – 300/600/100 – 12/20 players

This is now the last level of entry to flight 1C.

BREAK – 15mins

 Lvl 10 – 400/800/100 – 11/20 players

Just 90 mins of play left here today before players make it through to Day 2.
The redbetLIVE media team just lost a bet with the TD about a rule in the 2017 TDA rules. We are mortified and may never show our faces in public again. Oh the shame.

_d3_1797Lvl 11 – 500/1000/100 – 10/20 players

This event has attracted 82 entries and created a total prize pool of €14760!

Who needs a guarantee when you have a community? Well done everyone!!

Lvl 12 – 600/1200/100 – 7/20 players

Six players made it through to Day 2 from Day 1C.
Day 2 starts Sunday 4th March at 14:00.

redbetLIVE at Dragonara, Malta: March 2018 Day 1B

Clock will start slightly late as we are in Malta afternoon mode and players are slow to arrive. We have three registered and the clock starts with 5.

 Lvl 1 – 25/50 – 8/8 players

Clock started at 14:16 with 8 players. The afternoon flight is always the quietest, and tends to be the most hardcore poker play as well.

Lvl 2 – 50/100 – 13/13 players

_00a1364As predicted, the players are starting to wake up!
There is an ongoing argument here about the weather. Some people are hot, some people are cold, some people think winter is coming and some people watch too much Game Of Thrones.

Lvl 3 – 75/150 – 15/15 players

Very relaxed here, and no-one has been eliminated. This flight has a very different vibe from last night, it may be because there is less beer being drunk right now… hmmm… science.

BREAK – 15 mins

Long time media professional of the poker industry, Dirk Oetzman has just proudly informed us he’s made it to the first break. You did start with 600 big blinds, Dirk, but we’re glad your years of experience have helped you through the first 90 mins of play!

Lvl 4 – 100/200 – 15/15 players

Predictably, the conversation  in the breaks keep swinging back to the Battle of Malta/Malta Poker Festival saga. Poker players do love a bit of drama, don’t they?

Lvl 5 – 100/200/25 – 15/16 players_00a1446

The antes have kicked in and we have had the first re-entry of the day. Very relaxed here, Dragonara card room always seems so calm when Jeanelle Brincat is in charge.

Lvl 6 150/300/25 – 14/17 players

BREAK – 15 mins

Lvl 7 – 200/400/50 – 14/19 players

 Lvl 8 – 250/500/50 – 14/19 players

Into the last two levels for entry on flight 1B, and just as 1B closes, 1C will open! You can register for this tournament any time between now and midnight.

_d3_1713Lvl 9 – 300/600/50 – 15/20 players

Last level of entry for flight 1B. There are a few players knocking about and they are not sure whether to enter late into 1B or wait 30 minutes until 1C starts.

BREAK – 15 mins

Lvl 10 – 400/800/100 – 14/20 players

Lvl 11 – 500/1000/100 – 13/20 players

Some players are saying that they are ready for bed, whilst others are planning to hit Party Town Paceville after they’ve bagged up their chips. Game on!

Lvl 12 – 600/1200/100 – 11/20 players

Into the final level of play for the guys in Day 1B. The remaining eleven just have to survive 30 more minutes of play and they will be back tomorrow at 14:00 to carry on playing Day 2.

10 players made it through from Day 1B:


redbetLIVE at Dragonara, Malta: March 2018 Day 1A

Lvl 1 – 25/50 – 12 players

Clock started at 19:30 and 12 players are seated already!

Lvl 2 – 50/100 – 19/20 players

_00a3975In last night’s live satellite five seats for the event were created, and so there are a few entries that have won their place for a fraction of the price. One particularly special player won two seats, one online and one live, that special player has already re-entered, but hey, his seats were cheaper than normal, so why not gamble, eh?

Lvl 3 75/150 – 24/27 players

Few players got that Friday feeling, casually peeling through 300 blinds, and why not?
We have three busy tables here, but there’s still plenty of room for you! No rush though, late reg is open till around quarter past midnight and the structure is super chilled, so finish what you’re doing and we’ll see you later!

BREAK – 15 mins

Lvl 4 – 100/200 – 26/30 players

Lvl 5 – 100/200/25 – 27/31 players

Nice chilled vibe here, what are you doing with your Friday?


Lvl 6 – 150/300/25 – 25/33 players

The entry numbers are creeping upwards and Paul Kelly, the TD is actually having to work. He hates it, come down and make him work harder.

BREAK – 15 mins

Lvl 7 – 200/400/50 – 26/36 players

Lvl 8 – 250/500/50 – 28/40 players

Plenty entries for today’s flight, with one around an hour to go until registration closes.

Lvl 9 – 300/600/50 – 28/40 players

Kat Redbet and Ivonne Monteleagre

Kat Redbet and Ivonne Monteleagre

And we slip effortlessly into the last level of entry for Day 1A.
The poker room is turning a bit Drag Show Dressing Room as Max Rabanovitch and Niklas Nyman throw very camp shade at eachother across the cardroom… handbags at the ready, gentlemen!

BREAK – 15 mins

Lvl 10 – 400/800/100 – 22/42 players

Entries are now closed for this flight and players have three more levels of play before the end of Day 1A.

Lvl 11 – 500/1000/100 – 21/42 players

There is some conflict in the cardroom over the optimal music choices. Some of the young ones want John Denver and those of us over thirty are arguing for drum and bass; kids of today have no stamina.

Lvl 12 – 600/1200 – 19/42 players

Last level of play has begun, the cardroom always feels a bit more serious in this last level, presumably because the players can see the end of the road and know that Day 2 is close!
It’s been super fun today, with a lot of laughing and a lot of banter; tomorrow has two flights, Day 1B is at 14:00 and Day 1C at 19:30 with Day 2 on Sunday at 14:00.

15 players made it through from Day 1A:


redbetLIVE Malta in 2018

redbetLIVE feels like its home is in Malta.

redbetLIVE in Malta poker cardroomIf you’ve been to this funny little rock, you’ll see why we love it here. The weather is great, the landscape is romantic and the people are warm, kind and full of fun.

In 2017 we launched our first series of regular events at Dragonara Casino, and we’re thrilled to announce that this series will continue in 2018!

The first has already happened in January and was a great success, and we will have five more throughout the year:

March 2nd-4th
May 4th-6th
July 20th-22nd
Sept 28th-30th
Nov 23rd-25th


You can qualify for the events on, by downloading the poker client and registering an alias.
If you prefer, you can also play on redbet poker through your browser or mobile device, however you get to us, we’ll be thrilled to see you.

The events in Malta are small and friendly; these are not huge fields or life altering sums of money, because, whilst we love a big poker event, we believe that not every game of poker has to be this way._d3_7679

The philosophy behind these small, local events is to encourage new players to make the first step towards playing huge poker games. The two day, super-deep structure will test the metal of players, without forcing them to sell a kidney to buy in to the game.

The events have a small live blog, and a great photographer- we like to think of them as festival poker in microcosm.

Make sure you are following us on Twitter @redbetLIVEpoker and on FB @redbetLIVEPoker to check out all our photos and keep up with our regular online satellite and live event schedules.

As always, our poker geek of a poker manager is on hand to answer questions, or just chat about cards, and she can be found on FB or Twitter @KatRedbet, feel free to DM!

Kat Redbet - come and say hello!

Kat Redbet – come and say hello!


redbetLIVE at Dragonara, Malta: January 2018 Day2

Players are returning to the cardroom for day two.
There are 33 players coming back to compete for a total prizepool of €12,420. The prize payouts are as follows:

prizes The clock will start in 5 minutes once players have un-bagged their chips and are ready for action.
GL everbody!

 Lvl 13 – 800/1600/100 – 33 players

Clock started at 13:02.

With 45 minute blind levels and average stack of 43 big blinds at this point, we expect a long and intense day of poker.

The blind structure is displayed here, and we have flattened it out slightly to make sure that everyone who reaches the final table collects some beans for their two days of effort.


First exit in cruel fashion was Davide Giannono as he tank-called allin versus Sascha Manns. Giannono clearly wasn’t happy with the situation, but it’s hard to lay down QQ pre-flop to aggression from Mr Manns. On this occasion, Manns had the goods, and KK held strong on a low-card run out to send Giannono packing.

Davide Giannono

Davide Giannono

Unfortunate for Giannono, as he made a great fold in the last hand of Day 1 to survive, and now this!

Trond Bergland eliminated in 32nd place.

Marco Le Grutta is having a bad poker day as he first called a short stack’s shove with AQ, and was initially good against Marcin Trela’s K10, until the flop appeared with a K and a 10 and neither turn or river could pull a jack out for Le Grutta.
He was then backed into a corner and shoved his last 10 bigs with 9h7h in late position, with an opponent behind him picking up QQ, he was in trouble pre flop.

By the turn Le Grutta had a pair, a flush draw, and a straight draw… but the river bricked and Le Grutta was eliminated in 31st place. Unlucky.


Massino Aguzzi eliminated in 30th place.

Hans Moberg eliminated in 29th place.

Lvl 14 – 1k/2k/200 – 28 players remaining

Mark OBrien - Yorkshire Lad

Mark OBrien – Yorkshire Lad

Mark Obrien eliminated in 28th place after unfortunately running JJ into Ellie Biessek’s AA preflop. This is the 2nd time Biessek has had AA today… the first time she lost to KK after a K spiked the river, but this time they held to take Obrien out of the game. Well played, Mark, and unlucky!

Immediately after the table break, Ellie Biessek ran into the pocket Kings of Tomasz Brzezinski and was eliminated in 27th place after her pocket Jacks could not find an escape.
She told us she is not running well at the moment; hope it turns around for you soon Ellie!

Local legend, Gaetano Caruana has been eliminated in 26th place after jamming 40k with AQ and getting called by Martin Trela with pocket Jacks. The hooks held and we’re sad to see Caruana go, cos he’s a top guy, and always brings a smile and a great character to the tables.

Phil Pearson goes from starting the day as chip leader to elimination in 25th place after opening A4 from the cutoff, getting a call from the button and a large 3bet from Tomasz Brzezinski in the big blind. Pearson was convinced that Brzezinski “could not have it every time” and 4-bet jammed, hoping to close it off right there. Unfortunately for Pearson, Brzezinski had it this time, and snapped the 4-bet with AK.
AK held and Pearson was outta there.

Lvl 15 – 1.2k/2.4k/200 – 24 players remaining

Marek Kovac eliminated in 24th place.

Esa Kostet eliminated 23rd place.

Dario Pace Taliana and Ellie Biessek

Dario Pace Taliana and Ellie Biessek

Dario Pace Taliana eliminated in 22nd place.

Tsvetelina Pavlova eliminated in 21st place.

Xylon Cassar eliminated in 20th place – he’s not too wounded as he won a satellite ticket to the event for €11 on redbet poker online; clink here to join up and open your redbet poker account now!

BREAK – 15mins

Chip Counts at 1st break

Chip Counts at 1st break

Lvl 16 – 1.5k/3k/300 – 19 players – av stack 118700

Ibrahim Caner eliminated in 19th place.

We are now down to two tables in our Day 2, and so nine players from the money. The photographer, Joe Hall, has just arrived, so expect some cool photos soon!

Sascha Manns eliminated in 19th place and Marco Magistro in 18th place.

Jonas Larsson has just had a cheeky double up against Emilios Loizou when his AJ won a preflop race with Loizou’s pocket sevens.

Lvl 17 – 2k/4k/400 – 17 players

James Holah busto in 17th place.

TD Paul Kelly is crushing his role as Disc Jockey, pushing out some fantastic tunes. Most everyone is gently bopping along to the great vibe; now, if we can just teach him how to run a tournament everything will be great.

Emanuele Lentini

Emanuele Lentini

Everyone’s having a light preflop pop at Tomasz Brzezinski today!
Brzezinski once again called a 4-bet jam with a dominating Ace after Emanuele Lentini went at him hard for 70k with A4. Brezezinski flipped A10, but a four on the turn shook up Brezezinksi’s stack and gave Lentini cause for celebration.

“I was hoping you’d fold,” said Lentini after the hand; Brezezinski was diplomatically silent on the topic.

Lvl 18 – 2.5k/5k/500 – 15 players – av stack 150400

Average stack around 30 bigs, and players can smell the money with 6 eliminations to go, so we expect play to become a bit more serious and intense from now on.

That said, we just saw Jamet Clement 3-bet jam 55k into Ivan Stefehev’s 14k open. Stefehev tank called with QJ and Clement turned over QJ!

The pot was chopped and Stefehev said that he was happy to have his original raise back!

Jonas Larsson

Jonas Larsson

No-one here is playing scared poker, that’s for sure!

Jamet Clement eliminated in 15th place.

Jonas Larsson eliminated in 14th place.

DINNER BREAK – 30 mins

Chip Counts at Dinner Break 17:45

Chip Counts at Dinner Break 17:45


Lvl 19 – 3k/6k/600 – 13 players – 171k

Reza Haack

Reza Haack

Sick hand immediately after the dinner break as Lentini finds AA and gets two players all in, Brzezinski holding pocket nines and Haack with pocket kings.
Christmas gifts are still coming for Lentini as his cards held against the contenders to allow him to scoop a massive pot and the rockets zoomed him into chip lead.

Reza Haack eliminated in 13th place.

Tomasz Brzezinski eliminated in 12th place.

2 more eliminations until money o’clock.

Emilios Loizou eliminated in 11th place. We are now on the bubble.

Emilios Loizou - 11th place

Emilios Loizou – 11th place


Fabio Isolano eliminated in 10th place. We are now into cashing positions.

Sudarat Bonello eliminated in 9th for €248 when she flopped top pair and rivered two pair, she got all her chips in in what may have looked like a nice spot.
On this particular occasion, not so much, because Marcin Trela had casually flopped quads and quickly called her all in.

Bonello brings a great character to the table, she makes you happy because she’s happy!




Lvl 20 – 4k/8k/500 – 8 players – av stack 282k

The average stack is nearly 40 bigs, so there is plenty of action, with Markus Larsson getting involved in two big pots, one against Alexander Koops which he lost, and one against Lentini, which he won.

There are some good players left, and with decent stacks in play, there is room for some game.

Lvl 21 – 4k/8k/1k – 8 players – av stack 282k

Very little movement. Small pots are being played, and we’re not seeing many turns or rivers.

Larsson and Koops seems to be the most aggressive players at the table, with Lentini fighting back in a few spots, but not over committing his stack.

Markus Larsson

Markus Larsson

Larsson gets rewarded for his aggression as he three bets an open from Stefehev in early position after Pacholik called.
Stefehev folds to Larrson but Pacholik 4-bet jams for around 110k with A2. Larsson calls with Jacks.

The board runs out 3s4h6cAd9s – So Larsson was rewarded pre-flop, but was punished by the cards. We’ve all been there, Markus, unlucky.

Pacholik pleased and relieved after his double up, play continues 8 handed.

Larsson now a short stack is in ship of fold mode but Stefehev won a large pot after he opened and it went 4 ways to the 5s6cAd flop.
Stefehev continued with his lead and bet 27k.
Trela is the only call to the turn of 6d which both player check; Trela checks the 5d river and Stefehev bets 47k into a 140k pot.
Trela folds fairly quickly.

The flow of the game is great, players are making quick decisions and the poker is good.

Alexander Koops eliminated in 8th place for € 373.

Alexander Koops - 8th Place

Alexander Koops – 8th Place

Markus Larsson eliminated in 7th place for  € 621.

BREAK- 15mins

Lvl 22 – 6k/12k/1k – 6 players – av stack 375k

Big pot between Stefehev and Maffiene Cricchiola after Stefehev flopped two pair.
A paired King on the river slowed down the action, and both check, but Cricchiola mucked when he saw Stefehev’s cards.

Stefehev currently chipleader.

Lvl 23 – 8k/16k/2k – 6 players – av stack 375k

Average stack creeping down towards 20 bigs, there is still play to be had, but one misstep at this stage probably means goodnight.

No-one wants to bust next, cos the money jumps are getting bigger.

Emanuele Lentini  - 6th place

Emanuele Lentini – 6th place

The most active and aggressive players at the table over the last blind level has been Cricchiola and Stefehev.

Emanuele Lentini eliminated in 6th place for €745.

It’s been a long day and the players are tired as we come into the time of the toughest battle.

Guiseppe, the dealer, is on hand to provide massages and the occasional sexy dance. We’re not sure what sort of cardroom he thinks this is to be honest!

Guiseppe, the dealer. Be careful where he puts his thumbs up.

Guiseppe, the dealer. Be careful where he puts his thumbs up.

Lvl 24 – 10k/20k/2k – 5 players – av stack 451k

Solid play here as nobody wants to die now.

Stefehev is playing the most pots and remains in the position of chip leader.

The shorter stacks are fighting back!
Cricchiola 3-bet jammed 13 bigs into Stefehev’s open and found himself in trouble with Q10 against KQ. Luckily for Cricchiola the flop found him a ten and the rest of the cards extended the middle finger to Stefehev.
Cricchiola doubles and the game continues 5 handed.

Martin Pacholik - 5th place

Martin Pacholik – 5th place

Martin Pacholik eliminated in 5th for € 994, he was eliminated by Stefehev.

BREAK – 15mins

Final Four Chip count at break

Final Four Chip count at break

Lvl 25- 15k/30k/3k – 4 players – av stack 526k

Marcin Trela eliminated in 4th for € 1,366.

Ivan Stefehev eliminated in 3rd for € 1,863.
He was eliminated by Maffiene Cricchiola after Cricchiola flopped a set of fives against Stefehev’s pocket AA.

Lvl 26 – 20k/40k/0 – heads-up play – av stack 1.25milly

Battles commence after Berti doubles up after getting it in as 4/1 dog with AJ against AK.
There was a jack and a queen on the flop, but Cricchiola’s gutter never came in and now the two remaining soldiers are almost exactly even stacked.

Lvl 27 – 30k/60k/ 0 – headsup play 

After nearly two hours of heaads up play the two boys decided to even out the prize money with both gtd €3k and an extra €250 and the trophy for the winner.

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Maffiene Cricchiola!

2nd € 2,484 *€3000
1st € 3,726 *€3250
(€ 12,420)


redbetLIVE at Dragonara: January 2018 Day 1C

Lvl 1 –  25/50 – 12 players

Off we go again for the third and final flight of the 1st redbetLIVE event in 2018.
Starting bang on time with 12 players, just as 1B wraps up. GL everyone!

Lvl 2 50/100 – 16/16 players

Action picking up here as players come in to register for Day 1C. Late reg is open until 00:30 for this flight, the end of level 9.

Lvl 3 – 75/150 – 23/24 playersredbetLIVE Malta Dragonara Jan2018 Day 1C

Guarantee is broken as we have already had 24 entries for this flight, with 7 30 min levels to go. 1 re-entry has already happened, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

BREAK – 15 mins

Lvl 4 – 100/200 – 26/29 players

Plenty of action here as this turns into of one of the busiest flights we’ve had so far!

Lvl 5 – 100/200/25 – 27/30 players

redbetLIVE Malta Dealers KatRedbetEveryone having fun here, the chips are flying about.
If you fancy playing tonight, plenty of time to join us. If €200 is too much to buy in for you, make sure you join up to redbet poker online and keep your eyes peeled for our €5.50 satellites to this event, the next one is planned for March 2018.

Lvl 6 – 150/300/25 – 27/30 players

Really good atmosphere here at the moment, lots of laughing and needling. FUN!

Most importantly the dealers are getting in on the action. Guiseppe (shocking name for an Italian, I know) is full of classic Italian comebacks that only 4 players at the table understand.
Here at Redbet we like to think of ourselves as the United Nations of Poker (Trademark Pending), with players from over 13 nationalities currently playing, but with probably more drinking! Still 2 hours left of registration time to come down here and join the best Saturday night on the Island in January!

Ahhh… we just got a lovely neck massage from Antonio Intravaia; man has skillz. It’s amazing the things that poker players can do, huh?

BREAK – 15mins

Lvl 7 – 200/400/50 – 26/30 players

Just over an hour to register to flight 1C!_d3_7870

Lvl 8 – 250/500/50 – 26/30 players

Not much movement in the last hour. It’s the stage of the tournament where blinds are big enough to create decent sized pots, but not so big that people are forced into action because of the large starting stack in relation to the structure.

Lvl 9 – 300/600/50 – 25/30 players

Into the last level of entry for the day, and players can see the end in sight.

We have a couple of complaints today that players are not allowed to enter the tournament until the start of day two, but the reasoning behind it is, we believe, sound; as a recreational player, it feels better to know that entry is closed, and know how many opponents you have to beat from the start of Day2.
redbetLIVE is proud to be a poker brand that is focused heavily on recreational and inexperienced players, and we don’t like the idea of experienced players rocking up on Day 2 and causing carnage. You wanna make Day2 in our tourneys? You grind your way there!

BREAK – 15 mins

Lvl 10 – 400/800/100 – 24/30 players

We lost Andrea Stellato in the last hand before the break when he bluffed  with AQ on J84J and was picked off by Phil Pearson holding pocket fives. Unlucky Stellato!

Lvl 11 – 500/1000/100 – 17/30 players

Messy last level with a few eliminations. Day 2 is getting closer, and busting now is painful!

Lvl 12 – 600/1200/100 – 13/30 players

13 players made it through to Day 2 from Day1C. Day 2 starts at 1pm Sunday 7th January.


redbetLIVE at Dragonara: January 2018 Day 1B

Lvl 1 – 25/50 – 6 players

Clock started exactly 1pm with 6 players.
Here we go again folks with redbetLIVE. We play 12 levels of poker in Day 1, with late reg/re-entry for the flight closing after level 9, which is around 18:15.
Flight 1C starts at 19:30, so plenty of opportunities for action today!

_d3_7718Lvl 2 – 50/100 – 9/9 players

Players are slowly dripping in and the photographer has arrived to take some pro quality shots of the players.

Lvl 3 – 75/150 – 9/9 players

Nice friendly game running here, with good tunes and one valet for nine people! Chilled out action for a Saturday afternoon. Come and hang with us!

BREAK – 15 mins

Lvl 4 – 100/200 – 9/9 players

Small pots happening at the moment, with few rivers being seen. There are some good players here today, and decisions are being made fairly quickly.

Lvl 5 – 100/200/25 – 10/10 players_d3_7746

Two tables with 10 players means that the play is 5 handed, and this allows for more hands to be played as the value of the hand you hold is higher against less people. With deep stacks and a very gentle structure, it’s a good opportunity to hone one’s short handed skills and get involved in more pots.

Lvl 6 – 150/300/25 – 10/11 players

1 re-entry later and we cruise into level 6.

BREAK – 15mins

Lvl 7 200/400/50 – 10/11 players

Lvl 8 – 250/500/50 – 10/11 players

Lvl 9 – 300/600/50 – 10/11 players

 Through to the last level of entry for Day 1b.
The play is solid and there is only one short stack in the field with 6k currently.

We had a short break from blogging to teach a couple of people how to play poker!

Hendrik Koops showing us how it’s done by late regging lvl 9, playing two hands and doubling up after flopping a set of sevens against James Holah’s pocket Aces. Brutal action!

BREAK – 15 mins

Lvl 10 – 400/800/100 – 10/12 players

_d3_7797Just three levels to go and it’s a tough slog with two tables 5-handed. Seems to be a good vibe and even a few adult lemonades being consumed.

Lvl 11 – 500/1000/100 – 9/12 players

Lvl 12 – 600/1200/100 – 8/12

Last level of the day! Day 1 C just about to start.

6 players made it through from Day 1B, Day 2 starts at 1pm tomorrow, Sunday 7th Jan:

redbetLIVE at Dragonara, Malta: Event #6 Day 2

Day 2 starts at 13:00 on Sunday 29th October.
25 players remain and the prizepool is €10800.


Lvl 13 – 800/1600/100 – 25 players

Clock starts bang on 1pm with 25 remaining players.
One player started the day on a two hand penalty for being a very naughty boy on Friday after having a few beers.
Stacks are deep and blind levels are 45 mins on day 2, so we don’t think a couple of hands is going to punish him too hard.

Gaetano Caruana

Gaetano Caruana

Three eliminations in short succession here, with Gaetano Caruana, Santina Spedazeeri and Paul Chopin taking early exits.

Anna Colley exits in 22nd place after rocking up with, in her words, “a tiny, cute bag of chips”. In event five she turned ten big blind Day 2 starting stack into 2nd place and a €2.5k cash, but this time it was not to be.

 Lvl 14 – 1k/2k/200 – 20 players

Down to 20 players as we lose Reza Haack in 21st place.

There may be some friendly sparring happening between two larger stacks on table 2 as Mark Vella and Ryan Spittles tango with each other. Spittles just managed to get a sick little value bet paid on a messy river, and best Vella in a pot, but we’re pretty sure the battle’s not over.

Bogdan Lempew eliminated in 20th place after getting into a preflop race with Ellie Biessek.
Lempew held AJ and Biessek’s pocket fives stayed ahead until the river. Biessek’s on a rampage, so we advise staying out of her way.

Michael Jensen and Tortomasi Domenico have been eliminated and the TD has reduced the field to two tables.

Lvl 15 – 1200/2400/200 – 17 players

Arei Bidedersen has been eliminated in 17th place.

Arei Bidedersen

Arei Bidedersen

He worked hard today after being very jolly when he qualified on Friday.

Nice guy, great beard.

Despite starting the day with a top five chipstack, Daniele Coromeo has just been eliminated in 16th place.
On the flip side, Stian W. Danielsen, who started the day as the shortest stack in the field is still hanging in there.

BREAK – 15mins


Lvl 16 – 1.5k/3k/300 – 15 players

Simone Romano and Vinsent G Pariya have been eliminated leaving us with 13 players.

Lvl 17 – 2k/4k/400 – 13 players – av stack 150k

Final table thoughts approaching, but there is still a long way to go given the depth of the stacks.

Nick Case has just been eliminated in 13th place. Now two tables of six, final table is nine handed.

Marco Le Grutta exits in 12th place.

After Ellie Biessek is eliminated in 11th place we are one player away from hitting final table. We are not playing hand for hand because 9th is not a cashing position, but Paul, the TD is keeping an eye out for any stalling shenanigans.

Lvl 18 – 2.5k/5k/500 – 10 players – av stack 195k

Players battling it out hard to get to the final table.

Final table started at 17:20.

Ryan Spittles

Ryan Spittles

Ryan Spittles busted in 9th place after finding a good spot with A10 and losing a flip against Totti Lind’s 99.

Romano Calogero busts in 8th place. All remaining players are now in the money.

Mark Vella busts in 7th place for €432 and Stephane Matias busts in 6th for €648.

The final five take a 20 minute break.

BREAK – 20 mins

 Lvl 19 – 3k/6k/500 – 5 players av stack – av stack 390k


The levels of concentration are quite intense.

Lvl 20 – 4k/8k/500 – 5 players – av stack 390k

The five remaining players are not letting anything go. They all want the top prize, egos are at stake now!

Mats Karlsson

Mats Karlsson

M Karlsson eliminated in 5th place after making an aggressive bluff into Roland Boothby who had turned a straight and felt he could not pass. Boothby now has over 500k in chips and is making a run at chipleader Totti Lind.

Lvl 21 – 5k/10k/1k – 4 players – av stack 500k

Memola Giampaolo has been eliminated in 4th place for a cash of €1080; Boothby scooped the chips and now Kevin Price has to do more than climb a ladder to mount either of his two opponents’ stacks as Lind and Boothby have him seriously outchipped.
Unless Price can pull a miracle out of the bag, we’re most likely going to see heads-up play soon.

Price was eliminated in 3rd after an unlucky run out against Boothby, and he cashed for €1620.

Totti and Boothby remained and debated an epic heads-up battle 200+ blinds deep.
In the end they decided to chop it, with Boothby taking the trophy as he had the chip lead.

Well played everybody!


redbetLIVE at Dragonara, Malta: Event #6 Day 1C

Lvl 1 – 25/50 – 7/7 players

_00a8398Clock starts bang on time with 7 players.

Lvl 2 – 50/100 – 9/9 players

Field is growing with a couple of lurkers close by.

Lvl 3 – 75/150 – 13/13 players

BREAK – 15mins

Lvl 4 – 100/200 – 13/13 players

Players return to their seats after a leisurely break.

Lvl 5 – 100/200/25 – 15/15 players

Players still joining us, and why not, late reg is open here until midnight.

Lvl 6 – 150/300/25 – 16/16 players

Despite the gentle structure, it’s still been unusual in these events to reach level 6 with no bustouts!
Will everyone make it through to day 2??? Probably not. There’s 7 levels of play left._00a8507

Late reg open for two more hours, come down and join us!

BREAK – 15mins

Lvl 7 – 200/400/50 – 16/17 players

All is calm again after a minor dispute about a potential angle shoot.
Having looked at the situation from all angles, and seen no benefit for either player involved based on any of the action that took place, we say no angle-shooting happened.
We love a bit of drama though, petticoats knee-high, ladies!

Lvl 8 – 250/500/50 – 18/19 players

_00a8570Nice and peaceful here as the blinds go up. The cannoli have come out; and what is life if one cannot consume high sugar and fat content snacks late at night among poker playing friends.
Excuse us. We need to eat cannoli. It’s so creamy.

Lvl 9 – 300/600/50 – 19/21 players

Couple of late entries and a re-entry later and there’s magically three tables with 30 mins of late reg left.
Register now and play with 50 big blinds.

BREAK – 15mins

Lvl 10 – 400/800/100 – 19/22 players

Last minute stealth entry in the break brings the total entries for this tournament to 60 players and a prizepool of €10800.
14 players are confirmed in Day 2 so far, and the remaining players from Day 1C are still battling to see who can stay alive and join the final fourteen tomorrow.

Lvl 11 – 500/1000/100 – 17/22 players

Two levels to go. At the moment more players remain in Day 1C than have made it through already!_00a8578

Lvl 12 – 600/1200/100 – 13/22 players

We’ve made it to the last level of the day with 13 remaining, potentially almost doubling the field tomorrow. However, there are a couple of short stacks knocking about, so 30 minutes of play can feel like a long time for some.

11 players made it through to Day 2 from Day 1C: