UCOP: €1 MILLY GTD Tournament Series on redbet

The Universal Championship of Poker is back on redbet and it’s bigger and badder than ever with €1million of gtd prizepools across the series.

As is traditional with UCOP, there is extra value for players in the form of a leaderboard; grinding this series could see you net a wedge of prizes, including live event packages and cold, hard cash.

The UCOP tournaments can be viewed in the poker client, and satellites to larger buyin events are running NOW!

The full schedule for UCOP is here:

As an extra for low-stakes players, there is a freeroll on Sunday 23rd September for everyone who plays at least 10 satellites to higher buyin UCOP events.

You can check out the prizes and the leaderboard point scoring formulas below, along with the promotional terms and conditions.

Contact Kat Redbet on Facebook if you have any queries, otherwise, see you at the tables!




UCOP Terms And Conditions

  • All terms and conditions of redbet membership apply to this promotion.
  • All times stated are GMT.
  • Promotion begins at 00:01 on 9th September 2018 and runs until 23:59 on September 23rd
  • This promotion is open to all players over the age of 18 who are registered for real money play and reside within a jurisdiction where play on redbet is authorised.
  • Leaderboard points, bonus points and prizes are detailed (Link to
  • The leaderboard positions will be finalised the day after the Promotion Period closes. The winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes will be contacted by redbet within 5 business days of this date and notified of their win. The winners must respond and accept their Prize within 10 calendar days of being notified, or their Prize will be forfeited.
  • The winners of the 4th to 20th Prizes will have their Prizes credited into their redbet accounts. These Prizes will be awarded by no later than 1st October 2018.
  • Each player can earn 1 ticket for the UCOP Main Event Freeroll on 23rd September 2018 if they play in at least 10 UCOP satellites with a buy-in of €11 or more until 13:00, 23rd September 2018. 3x€110 seats will be awarded to the UCOP Main Event on Sunday, 23rd September in the Main Event Freeroll.
  • Players need to register themselves for the UCOP Main Event Freeroll. If you fail to register, no alternative value will be offered.
  • redbet reserves the right to hold void, cancel, suspend, or amend the Promotion where it becomes necessary to do so.
  • The Prizes are subject to availability. redbet reserves the right to substitute any Prize for another of similar kind or value without giving notice. The Prizes are non-exchangeable and non-transferrable.
  • The availability of this Promotion should not be construed as an offer or invitation to use the Promotion in any country or jurisdiction where such use is not permitted.

redbetLIVE at Dragonara: Event #4 Day 2

39 players are returning in total for Day 2 for event 4.
With 80 entries, the prizepool is €14400 and the prize breakdown will be publish shortly.

Day 2 will start in 30 minutes.

Seating Draw:

Seating Draw Day 2

Seating Draw Day 2

Lvl 13 – 800/1600/100 – 39 players

Clock starts at 13:02 with 39 stacks… a few players running a bit late, maybe celebrating the football result last night?

Early bath for Micheal Thomas who started the day with 32k and got 99 in preflop against AK. Thomas couldn’t win the flip and he’s our first casualty of the day.

Two eliminations in one hand as Santina Spedalieri and Martin Vltavsky got it all in with 88 and 1010 respecttively against Patrick Sundstrom’s AK.
Ace flop, never got any better for either pair. We’re down to 36 players.

Sascha's Annals Of Time Face

Sascha’s Annals Of Time Face

As the tables broke, a lonely shout of “lost one” was heard across the field of noise… that ‘one’ was Sascha Manns; maybe no-one will ever know the bustout hand, it will disappear into the annals of time like a wisp of smoke.

Lvl 14 – 1000/2000/200 – 35 players – av stack 68k

Online qualifier Micheal Edge found QQ with 25 bigs and got it in preflop.
Sadly, he got it in preflop against other online qualifier, Reza Haack’s AA and the poker Gods weren’t in the mood to slip a Queen out there.

Edge is eliminated in 35th place, but since he qualified for €5 in an online satty with 85% of the prizepool being generated by house overlay, he didn’t seem bothered. He’s off to find a cash game.

We lose Event #2 final table player Konrad Abela in 34th place.
Domenico Tortomasi exits in 33rd place.
Teemu Hietala bites the dust in 32nd place.

Teemu Hietala

Teemu Hietala

Anna Colley leaves us in 31st place.
Andrea Stellato gone in 30th place.
Leo Osterberg eliminated in 29th place.

BREAK – 15min

Lvl 15 – 1500/3000/300 – 27 players – av stack  88.8k

We lost Kinno Keinanen in the last hand before the break and return to level 15 on three tables of nine.

Marcin Trela was eliminated in 27th place after 3bet jamming 17bigs from the big blind over Andre Grech’s middle position open.
Grech called the bet and flipped As6s against Trela’s KdJd. Three four on the flop left Trela with 6 outs, none of which fancied coming to the party.

Shortly after redbet online qualifier Oskar Johannesson was eliminated, but we’re sure he wasn’t bothered because he did not even turn up to play Day2. We like to think it’s a chilled tournament, but you probably need to at least turn up if you want to win!

Sorting a dispute over a raise

Sorting a dispute over a raise

Markus Larsson joined the eliminations list in 25th place leaving 8 players on each of the three remaining tables.

Michael Jenson joins a growing queue of Scandis that are busting this tourney. He found AK and got it all in preflop against the very hung-over Miraj Patel.
Patel had pocket nines and the runout held him good.

Christoph Kohen busted in 23rd place.

Lvl 16 – 1500/3000/300 – 22 players – av stack 109k

Cyril Sievet leaves the field in 22nd place.
Guilio Spampinato eliminated in 21st place.
Gregor Abymar exits the stage in 20th place having fought well to stay alive for so long as he started the day with only 12500 chips; unlucky!
Kevin Lee down in 19th place.

Miraj Patel

Miraj Patel

Lvl 17 – 2k/4k/400 – 18 players – av stack 133k

No movement in Lvl 17. Stacks are deep and players were hungry, so they all hung in until the dinner break.

Break – 30 mins

Chipcounts at the dinner break:

Lvl 18 – 3k/6k/500 – 18 players – av stack 138k

We have just lost Lena Teuha in 18th place.

David Hodgkins

David Hodgkins

Lvl 19 – 4k/8k/600 – 15players – av stack 160k

We’re 6 players off the cash and we’ve just lost David Hodgkins and Aleksander Jensen.

Fabrizo Naselli eliminated in 15th place.
Gaetano Caruana eliminated in 14th place.

Lvl 20 – 5k/10k/1k – 13 players – av stack 184k

Jonus Larsson hits the rail in 13th place so it’s two tables of six players remaining, with 3 more eliminations before the money.

Break 15 mins


Lvl 21 – 6k/12k/1k – 12 players – av stack 200k

Lots of short stack allins and calls, but no eliminations as the poker deities seem to be smiling on the underdogs here tonight!

Miraj Patel hits the rail in 12th place after openinng from the button with K5s and then calling the 3bet show that had him covered from Andre Grech.
Grech had A9 and it held.

Lvl 22 – 8k/16k/1k – 10 players

Mark Adams was eliminated in 11th place and Ina Pavlova was unfortunately the bubble.


9th Reza Haack €288
8th Patrick Sundstrom €288

Lvl 23 – 10k/20k/2k – 7 players

7th Henning Flick €576
6th Mark Berman €864

Break 15 mins


Lvl 24 – 15k/30k/3k – 5 players

5th Stian Danielsen  €1296.
4th Marc Schembri €1728
3rd Daniele Coroneo €2160

Now heads up between Jackie “pokermamma” Cachia and Andre Grech who is a young Maltese man who just turned 25 and this is his first live tournament in his own country!

Pokermamma has a 5/1 chip advantage against the young buck, but she’s got years of experience to throw back at him!

2nd Jackie Cachia €2880

1st Andre Grech €4320

9th€ 288
8th€ 288
7th€ 576
6th€ 864
5th€ 1,296
4th€ 1,728
3rd€ 2,160
2nd€ 2,880
1st€ 4,320
€ 14,400


redbetLIVE at Dragonara: Event 3 Day 2

DPlayers are arriving, ready to open their chip bags to start play in just under ten minutes.

Lvl 13 – 800/1600/100 – 24 players – av stack 80k

Charles Bishop

Charles Bishop

Off to a banging start as we lost Charles Bishop. He started the day as the short stack and he took the punt and could not get there. Frustrating, but he’s on holiday and having a jolly time, so we’re pretty sure he’s not crying too hard.

Another man down 20 minutes in as Yosi Dolev played the game and lost…

Sucks to bust so early in Day2, unlucky guys! See you at the next one.

Davide Fazio is our next victim. He started Day2 with just over 20 bigs and is now heading home. The short stacks are getting destroyed early on here!

Lvl 2 – 1k/2k/200 – 20 players – av stack 95.5k

Harsh times for Aleks Radev as he started Day 2 with the second largest stack. He had an expensive misread situation that cost him 70k of his stack when he read the flop for all spades and put his opponent to it with As in his hand.
The flop actually contained one heart and Radev nearly celebrated the spade on the turn before realising his flush was a phantom.
With a destroyed stack he eventually flopped 2 pair but was outrun by an opponent’s turned straight. Harsh turnaround for Radev, at least his qualified by grinding up his bankroll from the redbet online freerolls.
€500 gtd today for €0 on redbet online, no entry criteria other than joining the site.

We’ve just lost Pablo Lizio (as in, from the tournament, not down the back of the sofa).

Lvl 15 – 1200/2400/200 – 19 players – av stack 100k

Down to 17 as we lose Jack Barrett and Vince Calenti.

Fabio Berti

Fabio Berti

Grably Yair and Fabio Berti hit the rail after running into big hands.

The prizes for the tournament have been announced as follows:

1st€ 3,780
2nd€ 2,376
3rd€ 1,620
4th€ 1,080
5th€ 864
6th€ 648
7th€ 432

BREAK – 15 mins



Lvl 16 – 1500/3000/300 – 15 players – av stack 127k

Matthew Vella eliminated in 15th place, leaving two tables of 7.
This tournament will have a nine-handed final table.

Lvl 17 – 2k/4k/400 – 12 players – av stack 160k

Manuel Lopes

Manuel Lopes

We have just lost Giorgio De Cillis and Manuel Lopes (the Play2Care representative).
Lopes tried a creative shove all in against two preflop  limpers who both called him off with AJ. Manuel’s 56 could not find purchase against the twin opponents and he seemed a bit annoyed about it when we caught up with him in the smoking area.

Lvl 18 – 3k/6k/500 – 11 players – av stack 174k

We lost Oles Smyrnov towards the end of lvl 17. He’d been playing short stack ninja for a while, but eventually got collared and finished in 12th place.

2 eliminations to go until the final table and 4 to the money.

Down to 10 after Kristoff Van Der Stichel was eliminated in 11th place.

BREAK – 30 mins

Players elected to have their 30 min dinner break early after Tal Revivo was eliminated in 10th place.

Tal Revivo

Tal Revivo – 10th place

The will return to lvl 18 with 35.08 mins on the clock.

The final table chip counts are as follows:

Final table chip counts

Final table chip counts

Lvl 19 – 4k/8k/500 – 8 players – av stack 238k

Lee Barto eliminated in 9th place; we are now on the money  bubble.

Maciej Rachwaniec

Maciej Rachwaniec

Maciej Rachwaniec is the bubble and the 7 remaining players are gtd €432.

Lvl 20 – 5k/10k/1k – 7 players – av stack 273k

BREAK – 15 mins

Lvl 21 – 6k/12k/1k/ – 5 players – av stack – 382k


7th€ 432 Teemu Hietala
6th€ 648 Ellie Biessek
5th€ 864 Marco La Grussa
4th€ 1,080 Paul Chopin
3rd€ 1,620 Roy Zimmer
2nd€ 2,376 Joseph Smith
1st€ 3,780 Bruno Vizzinisi
Marco De Grussa

Marco De Grussa


Paul Chopin

Paul Chopin

Lvl 22 – 8k/16k/1k – 3 players – av stack 676k

The players discussed a chop at 4 handed and looked at the ICM numbers, but could not reach a deal and agreed to play on.
Shortly after, Paul Chopin was eliminated in 4th place taking away €1080.

Lv23 10k/20k/2k – 2 players – av stack 825k

We have a winner! After a heads-up match to the death the final victor is Bruno Vizzinisi! Congratulations to Joseph Smith on 2nd place.

Bruno Vazzinisi - WINNER!

Bruno Vazzinisi – WINNER!


RedbetLIVE Rozvadov: Event Statistics

After a busy, fun and exciting week at The King’s Casino Rozvadov, the RedbetLIVE Festival left its mark by attracting 2215 players, creating total prizepools of €464278 and making twelve 1st place trophy winners!

Everyone who attended was looked after with free food and drink and entertained with games and free to enter prize draws to win merchandise (everybody wanted a hoody!) and packages for future RedbetLIVE events.

It was a fantastic week of poker, and we’re very sad it’s over… although we have RedbetLIVE Malta to look forward to now! Make sure you’re following us on FaceBook and Twitter to stay up to date with event details and satellites.

Here’s a full breakdown of all the events and the top three players.
For full lists of cashing players in each event, check out the HendonMob Database.

RedbetLIVE Mini 3rd-5th May
409 entries
€165 buyin
€60255 prizepool

1: “AP” – €7467
2: Sebastian Lohunko – €6120
3: Milan Dohnansky – €6200

RedbetLIVE Main Event 5th-9th May
836 entries
€350 buyin
€285115 prizepool

1: Florian Geiger – €30450
2: Karol Radomski – €29215
3: Gregor Gosk – €23284

RedbetLIVE Adventure 4th May
103 entries
€80 buyin
€8000 prizepool

1: Adam Markiewicz – €2019
2: Ahmed Ibrahimi – €1402
3: Anthony Piacentino – €927

RedbetLIVE Team Event 5th May
22 entries
€110 buyin
€2090 prizepool

1: Kenny Szarka – €732
2: Johannes Franse – €731
3: Michal Kowalski – €418

RedbetLIVE One Day Special 6th May
277 entries
€100 buyin
€23683 prizepool

1: Gert Abildskov – €3200
2: Norbert Jansen – €3400
3: Marcin Zan – €3000

RedbetLIVE Holdem Championship 7th May
230 entries
€110 buyin
€21850 prizepool

1: Jakub Mielcarek – €4839
2: Morton Markvorsen – €3376
3: Dawid Kreczmanski – €2358

RedbetLIVE All-In Or Fold 8th May
62 entries
€45 buyin
€2356 prizepool

1: Oliver Heppchen – €742
2: Poitr Sadowski – €536
3: Jakub Grzadkowski – €342

RedbetLIVE Irish Holdem 8th May
58 entries
€60 buyin
€3030 prizepool

1: Fehmi Murtaza – €908
2: Jonas Farnum – €658
3: Lieven Van Hoof – €424

RedbetLIVE High Roller
48 entries
€1100 buyin
€45600 prizepool

1: Walid Abdi-Ali – €10500
2: Amir Alamdari – €8500
3: Alexander Bachmann – €8500

NL Holdem Deepstack 8th May
85 entries
€110 buyin
€8075 prizepool

1: Boubker Abchrim – €1760
2: Kamil Szklarkowski – €1700
3: Krzysztof Slusarczyk – €1700

NL Holdem 6-Max 9th May
55 entries
€60 buyin
€2086 prizepool

1: Pekka Lamberg – €526
2: Robert Obrtlik – €526
3: Piotr Zochowski – €274

RedbetLIVE CoolDown 9th May
30 entries
€85 buyin
€2138 prizepool

1: “Anon” – €790
2: Maria Kostidou – €666
3: Anatolity Vasiliev – €408


RedbetLIVE Rozvadov Main Event Final Day Round Up


Jan Przysucha

Today started with 16 players at blind levels of 50k/100k/10k and the average stack at 2.77m.

As the short stack, Jan Przysucha was the first to be eliminated for €2271.


Dennis Olsson

Very shortly after Dennis Olson got his 13 big blinds in pre-flop with AK against 77 and couldn’t out race his opponent to find himself eliminated in 15th place for €2530.

Not long after the blind level increased to lvl 29 (60k/120k/10k) Kenneth Frederiksen got his chips in pre-flop as a slight favourite with 1010 after he opened and then called the 3-bet from Spanish player “gometzgera” who held AK. The Ace landed on the flop and Fredriksen landed on the rail with €2530 in his pocket

Kenneth Fredrikson

Kenneth Frederiksen

After not playing much in the first hour, Peter Šubík 3-bet all-in fro the button after “gometzgera” opened from the cut-off. “Gometzgera” tanked and called with 4d4s, claiming that “four is my lucky number”.

Šubík turned KdKc; there was no appearance of a lucky four, and the cowboys held good on 2s 2c Jh Jd 6c, doubling Šubík up to 2.5mil.

Michael Kircher was eliminated in 13th place after tangling with the chip leader Karol Radomski. Kircher got it in with A-10 on A – J – 2 – Q -K  and Radomski turned QJ to send Kircher on his way with €2891.

Just ten minutes later, Andrej Desset open UTG and then Jacek Pustula 3-bet shoved for 1.6mil. Aleksandar Dordevic re-shoved from the big blind, pushing Dessat out the pot. Pustula turned 99 which was in trouble against Dordevic’s JJ… trouble he never got out of as the board offered him no salvation and he finished in 12th place for €2891.

Michael Kircher

Michael Kircher

Jacek Pustula

Jacek Pustula

Dessat was the next to leave the field after complaining of a prolonged period of being card dead he open shoved from the button for 1.5mil with K-high into chip leader Radomski’s big blind.

Andrej Dessat

Andrej Dessat

Radomski made the call with A-high and it held good to bust Dessat in 12th place for €3459. He clearly wasn’t happy, but as all poker players know, being card dead is pretty tilting!


Gosk opened from UTG for 250k and Peter Šubík 3-bet shipped from the small blind for 1mil with 8h8c. Gosk made the call with JsQh and instantly flopped a King high straight.
The board paired the K on the turn, giving Šubík a glimmer of hope, and he crossed his fingers for a K or an 8; neither put in an appearance and Šubík was eliminated in 10th place for €3459.

Peter Šubík

Peter Šubík


After just two hours of play, the final nine were decided as the blinds went up to 80k/160/20k with the final table av stack being 4.6mil.

The FT line-up looked like this:


seat 1: gometzger (SPA)
seat 2: Uwe Dietzinger (GER)
seat 3: Karly Yebua (SUI)
seat 4: Peter März (GER)
seat 5: Baran Özyenen (TUR)
seat 6: Grzegorz Gosk (POL)
seat 7: Aleksandar Dordevic (SER)
seat 8: Florian Geiger (GER)
seat 9: Karol Radomski (POL)

There was a little bit of dancing for nearly an hour as players passed chips back and forth with a couple of double-ups and losses, but mainly pre-flop aggression without showdowns.
Shortly after the blinds increased to 100k/200k/20k Baran Özyenen got his whole stack in pre-flop against Gosk with JJ v Gosk’s 88. It looked good for Özyenen when the flop displayed a Jack to give him top set; unfortunately for him, his top set was crushed by a cold run-out of four diamonds to give Gosk a four flush with the 8d.
Baran Özyenen cursed the card gods and collected €4207.Baran Özyenen

Just 30 minutes after 9th place was eliminated the player discussed and agreed an 8 way deal, with the decision to not play on for trophies; the deal was arranged as below and the trophies were awarded to the top three stacks.
After three hard days of play and with a large prizepool on the table, the players clearly thought there was enough profit in the carve up:

  1. Florian Geiger (GER) – €30.450*
  2. Karol Radomski (POL) – €29.215*
  3. Grzegorz Gosk (POL) – €23.284*
  4. Karly Yebua (SUI) – €17.829*
  5. Uwe Dietzinger (GER) – €17.050*
  6. gometzger (SPA) – €15.257*
  7. Peter März (GER) – €12.532*
  8. Aleksandar Dordevic (SER) – €10.666*For all photos of the final eight check out our FaceBook photo album, and if you want to get involved in the next RedbetLIVE Festival, like the page and stay up to date with all the satellite action.

    See you there!
    Let’s Paint The Town Red!


RedbetLIVE Rozvadov Mini


The RedbetLIVE Rozvadov Mini Event concluded last night after a tough Day 2.

There were 47 paid places and the difficulty of securing one was proven by Damian Porebski from Poland who looked to be in a commanding position with 608000 chips, but failed to make the money.

The €165 buyin event, as part of the RedbetLIVE Rozvadov festival, went to the final table after nearly nine hours of play on Day 2, and the top five players agreed on a deal based on chip counts which guaranteed them all in excess of €5000.

The final winner of the tournament was “AP” from Germany (pictured) who took €7467, the trophy and the glory.
Due to the chip stacks when the deal was made, Claudio Stachura from Poland took slightly more money with his score of €7676.

Jan Hájek (Poland) took €5406, Milan Dohňanský (Czech Republic) claimed €6200 and Sebastian Tomacz Lohunko (Poland) pocketed €6120.
Not a bad couple of days work!

Congratulations to all winners.

NoNameFirst NameNationPrize €Deal
1APGermany€ 7.467€ 7.467
2LohunkoSebastian TomaczPoland€ 6.120€ 6.120
3DohňanskýMilanCzech Republic€ 6.200€ 6.200
4StachuraClaudioPoland€ 7.676€ 7.676
5HájekJanCzech Republic€ 5.406€ 5.406
6AsmowidjojoGilbertNetherlands€ 2.722
7KotlowskiTomaszPoland€ 1.999
8PustulaJacekPoland€ 1.469
9WiecekPiotrPoland€ 1.205
10SUPER_MARIOBelgium€ 1.012
11Seballo FaldalargaGermany€ 1.012
12FRANK17Germany€ 891
13SosovickaJurajSlovakia€ 891
14ČamajMatejSlovakia€ 801
15KarayilanMuzafferGermany€ 801
16SaizuClaudiu-OvidiuRomania€ 711
17SchnelzerErnstGermany€ 711
18FranseJohannesNetherlands€ 620
19MillerThomasGermany€ 620
20BudaPiotrPoland€ 620
21KrawczykKrzysztofPoland€ 560
22YakovBarelIsrael€ 560
23GrodekArtur PiotrPoland€ 560
24BláhaRomanCzech Republic€ 500
25HansGermany€ 500
26BelyaevViacheslavRussian Federation€ 500
27CinitasBariskaanTurkey€ 500
28RadomskiKarolPoland€ 440
29GoodLuckCzech Republic€ 440
30WichlaczZbigniew AndrzejPoland€ 440
31mizlGermany€ 440
32ZimmlováAliceCzech Republic€ 385
33N.N.Turkey€ 385
34WesierskiRadoslawPoland€ 385
35KowalskiMichalPoland€ 385
36GenevičiusAurelijusLithuania€ 385
37TrybaGrzegorzPoland€ 385
38StephanMüllerGermany€ 385
39Turrisi PizzeriaGermany€ 385
40TangWingNetherlands€ 343
41KondraszukMaciejPoland€ 343
42AbildskovGertDenmark€ 343
43Stonewall JacksonGermany€ 343
44HeiderAndreasGermany€ 343
45ZukowiczMonikaPoland€ 343
46BartoszewiczMarekPoland€ 343
47KowalskiBartoszPoland€ 343


Redbet LIVE – Rozvadov!

The Redbet Live hype has never before been at this level! With 1156 entries to Redbet Live in Rozvadov the estimated prize pool of €200.000 was completely smashed and raised to the astonishing amount of €300.000! The winner, coming all the way from Spain to this little town on the Czech/German boarder, was David Perez Sanches and the 1st place prize was the massive amount of €54.359.

It wasn’t for anyone to notice that this in fact was the first larger live tournament that David has ever played, as he kept his chiplead from day one throughout the whole tournament. David surely knows how to play those cards!

Players from all over Europe came to participate in the tournament, which made the owner of King’s Casino- Mr. Leon Tsoukernik so impressed, he felt the need to end his visit at EPT in Monte Carlo to congratulate Redbet Live on the fantastic event we managed to throw. Arriving in his private helicopter, he sure made the glorious entrance he always does, and we were pleased to greed him! Handshakes and an interview later, Mr Tsoukernik walked around smiling, pleased with what Redbet had achieved.

Redbet LIVE! October 2014

One of the first event that would mark the beginning of Redbet’s successful series: Redbet LIVE! In October 2014 we decided to occupy the Card Casino in Prague to host a live poker tournament focusing on two things, a low buy-in and a high guaranteed prize pool. This is exactly what we did with a €175 buy-in and a €50,000 guaranteed prize pool, the event was well appreciated and 303 players decided to join us! When it was all said and done, and the 303 players had been reduced the Redbet LIVE champion emerged: Grzegorz Tryba who brought home €13,403!