redbetLIVE at Dragonara: November 2018

Registration is open, the staff are ready and the clock is due to start in 10 mins!


Lvl 1 – 25/50 – 11/11 players

Clocked off at 19:32 with 11 players! 30 min levels for Day1 and reg open till level 9 here.

Lvl 2 – 50/100 – 15/16 players

One re-entry and a bit of swearing and we’re into level two!

Lvl 3 – 75/150 – 15/16 players

Nice and relaxed here, and still warm enough to have the roof open a crack in November! Gotta love Malta!

BREAK – 15mins

Lvl 4 – 100/200 – 15/16 players

Sascha and Tomasz lolling

Sascha and Tomasz lolling

We roll on here as our chilled out tourney continues.
Some of us feel old as one of the dealers, David, has “Something About Mary” hair… but he’s too young to get the reference.
He’ll google it on his next break and come back looking horrified.

Lvl 5 – 100/200/25 – 15/16 players

There’s a bit of a rumble happening over the fact we are still using a standard ante on this tournament.

The primary reason for this is that the brand manager and the TD are old skool poker heads and hate change, the second reason is that every other tournament this year in the series has been standard ante and we didn’t want to switch on the last event of the year just because everyone else is!

We’re thinking about whether we make the switch for next year, we’re not “anti” it! #comedygold

Lvl 6 – 150/300/25 – 14/16 playersperfect redbetlive malta dragonara

There are some heated chats going on here, not arguing, just discussions on a wide variety of topics from sports to ham and cheese sandwiches. Most people know eachother here and this is reflected in the atmosphere.

BREAK – 15 mins

Lvl 7 – 200/400/50 – 13/17 players

One of the players has unfortunate been taken quite ill and has had to go home. Get well soon!
The player’s stack will remain in play and be blinded into the tournament pool.

Lvl 8 – 250/500/50 – 14/18 players

Lvl 9 – 300/600/50 – 15/19 players

Now into the last level of registration for flight 1A.

BREAK – 15 mins

Lvl 10 – 400/800/100 – 14/20 players

_d3_9622Registration for 1A is now closed and there are three more levels of play today before the remaining players bag up.

 Lvl11 – 500/1000/100 – 13/20 players

Lvl12 – 600/1200/100 – 10/20 players

Couple of short stacks clinging on/trying to double up as we creep into the last level of the day.

7 players made it through after a double elimination by Onno Vrijburg on the very last hand as he took out a short stack and Ina Pavlova when his pocket Kings held up against both.

Play resumes on level 13 on Sunday 25th November at 14:00.


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